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  1. Is there a membership module or something that can be added on to Processwire? I am looking into creating a site that would be like a community/information site for disc golf. And it would keep track of the members and if they are up to date on their membership fees/and their membership id number and etc. Any ideas/feedbacks will be appreciated.
  2. I just did the latest install on an Arvixe Windows Hosting IIS 8.0 - so far it looks like it is working okay. Still more testing to come. I take that back..lol!
  3. Just curious what IDE does the PW community utilize for their development purposes? I have used PHPStorm, Sublime Text, as a few - (Tried to search this first before I created a topic and apparently either my searching skills is or there wasn't one.
  4. How difficult is it to move Processwire lets say I am doing like client.mydomain.com and then when done and the client is happy with it then move it to their root domain myclientdomain.com
  5. BillyKoch

    Hello Everyone..

    Awesome! Will have to look when I get home! Unfortunately my work has your site blocked for "Games" LOL! But I will definitely look into it. I would love to find a way to integrate both the CMF/CMS and Forums into one single registration and etc. Thank you for all you do! Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to PW like you folks do once I get my noobiness out of the way and totally understand the "Big Leagues" and be a real
  6. BillyKoch

    Hello Everyone..

    Thanks! I will give that a whirl! I have used phpBB and SMF both have their pros and cons..
  7. Haha! Yea they do that then complain how slow the site is, and how cluttered it is. And once they touch PW it will be like what was I complaining about again? Again - I am just as much of a hatchling as you are Gray - After only discovering it the other day! Coming from doing a bit of Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco, MODX, and now looking into PW (Which I don't think I will be disbanding at all and start using for future projects). I can say that I like the flexibiity that PW offers. Granted I can see I have a learning curve ahead of me - but I'm gonna hammer it and us lil hatchlings gotta stick together and get through this. Hang in there!
  8. BillyKoch

    Karena Savannah Cramer

    Congratulations! Nothing brings a smile to one's face more than a child.
  9. BillyKoch

    Hello Everyone..

    Holey Smokes! Where have I been! Now I can see why a bunch of MODXers have been jumping over to ProcessWire! I have been playing around with it and going through the tutorials! I have to say so far I LOVE IT! This is going to make my life so much easier! Thanks for making a great product! So got a goal to finish one site by this weekend! Keep up the great work! *But I know I have so much to cover and go through but heck I love what I see so far* One small question though - this forum - is this also an add-on to ProcessWire? *I have a community site I would love to build and if I can add on a forum that would be absolutely SPLENDID*
  10. BillyKoch

    Hello Everyone..

    Hello Everyone - I am pretty new here - came across this CMS based on a friend of mine who has indicated she used this CMS and loves it. So when she says she loves it then I take her word for it - you might know her as Eisteinboi or Mary. I have been a long time MODX user (and I see there has been other MODX users who have jumped over here as well - so that helps me) Did an install of ProcessWire for one of my Personal Projects I am doing here for the Deaf Community here in Houston. So I am looking forward to my Processwire Journey. So now just need to jump in and figure out how everything works. I'm excited about this Processwire journey, and hopefully if I like it - then maybe more projects to build with it. Thanks for making an awesome product! Have a great one! Billy Koch
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