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  1. I was thinking about an optional "help" link next to a field in a template. For example: create a folder with the template name "basic-page" and put in a file with the fieldname "sidebar" + md. Then when the content edit form in de admin is rendered, every field can look in that /templatenamefolder/fieldname.md ( html, txt or md) if there is a "help" file, create a link to it. This way we are free to explain what markdown is or to explain what is important for SEO, or what ever we want to tell the editor of the site. Another option: provide only a link in the text file then after pressing the help button wil popup the url specified.
  2. did you set "AllowOverride All" to enable the .htaccess ? <Directory "/path/to/folder/"> Options MultiViews AllowOverride All Order allow,deny Allow from all </Directory>
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