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  1. @Adrian, thanks for you suggestion. But I need the redirect option found on the maintenance mode module. In my understanding this is not an option that your module provides ? Am I rigth ? Thanks
  2. ok... I am answering my own (stupid) question in case it's of any help to somebody. To add a class in the ul of each submenu. Use the 'submenu_css_class' in the $option array.
  3. HI there, Very nice module thank you. I would like to put a class in each of the ul of the sub menus I have in my menu. It seems that through the admin interface or the $option of the render() function I can't achieve this. Is this correct ? Then would the only way to do this is the getMenuItems() function and coding the menu's markup ? Thanks
  4. antpre


    Thanks a lot Wanze, I actually thaught I was running this site on php 7 but it was not !!! Thanks again have a great day
  5. antpre


    Hi, thanks for the module that look spromising. I have a error after installing the module on a fresh install of PW 3.0.1232 (latest master) with php 7.0.3 Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '?' (line 50 of /var/www/vhosts/XXXXXXXX/httpdocs/site/modules/SeoMaestro/InputfieldSeoMaestro.module.php) And there is a warning message : SeoMaestro - Requires module "PHP>=7.0.0" before it can be installed Which I am not sure what it means. Any idea what's happening. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Thanks szabesz That's clear. I was just looking at the zip file that had been uploaded to the S3 bucket (in my case) and i was not finding the installer. thanks I have one question. Imagine your site is corrupted or innacessible for any sort of reason. Then you cannot access the admin on your site. You will have the backup package (the .zip) but how how will I get the install file if the site down ? How to restore your site in this senario ? Sorry if my question sounds stupid.
  7. Hy Flydev, a big thanks for this module that is offering a nice backup/duplication solution. That's realy helpfull. In 30 minutes I was up and running uploading the backups on an S3 buckets. Great. I have one question though. What about the restoring process. I am a bit confused about it. I saw the post were you put that animated gif showing it. But now that package are not the same (meaning they are both zip files and i dont see the installer.php). Could you sum up the process please. and eventualy add it in the module description page. Thanks again
  8. Hi Flydev, Thanks again, it looks very promising. One question, would there be a way to have some sort of package profiles. I mean for example, may be I want to have a package profile that backups every day on the server excluding some large media files and an other package profile that backups everyweek with all the file on a S3 bucket. Does that make sense (for me it does ;) ? Regards
  9. Take care of yourself. Hopping everything gets better for you soon.
  10. Hi, Looking forward to use this module. Thanks for the work
  11. Thanks for your answers. pages was not active ... The selector was with the template=... What is confusing me is that when the english language page name was not active, getting the page with a $pages->get would work properly for both default and english. Any way problem solved. Is there a way to toogle the active check box by default (at the template level maybe) ? Thanks a lot
  12. Hy there, I am starting a multilanguage site (multi language is just for frontend) using alternate fields and Multi-language URLs and page name. It works very well as long as I use fields with the $page-> call or a $pages->get and I can switch bettween the two languages nicely. However when I try to get a bunch of pages with a $pages->find . When I try to display the content of the pages (with a foreach loop) It does only display the fields with their default language values. As a result when I switch to the second language it display nothing. Sorry but i couldn'd find an answer to this in the doc and threads I read. I guess must be an obvious thing. Thanks
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