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  1. TL;DR postmarkapp.com looks like a fabulous drop-in replacement for Mandrill now the proposed pricing for Mandrill looks like a price gouge (for low volume users like me). I have just completed initial testing with postmarkapp.com, the service I very nearly went with over a year ago. It's fabulous, almost identical to Mandrill in how to connect (via SMTP at least) and I was able to get my first two sites converted in very little time. I have just asked their support people to confirm what I have read, that the pricing model is perfect for low volume, transactional email of the type I need (around 300 to 500 per month across all the sites I work with). The pricing is NOT the same as the proposed new Mandrill pricing but is like the 'old' Mandrill pricing, awaiting confirmation but it looks like I will use less than 5,000 credits a year and that will cost just $7.50. So for me that's $7.50 rather than the proposed Mandrill/MailChimp pricing on 12x$20: $240. As soon as I have completed the conversion of my other sites I will post here with tips on what I needed to do to use Postmark as a near-drop-in replacement for Mandrill (it's east but I found a few steps that helped). PS: Looks like the first 25,000 emails are free too.
  2. @gebeer Thanks for the tip, yes, sorry, I should have noted, I get <li class='Inputfield InputfieldFieldset ui-widget' id='InputfieldFieldset2'> I checked your link and Googled and tried variations around $form->setMarkup(array( 'fieldset' => "<fieldset {attrs}>{out}</fieldset>" )); along with using Ryan's example: // // Fieldset $fieldset = $modules->get('InputfieldFieldset'); $fieldset->label = 'About You'; but an HTML fieldset tag is never rendered. Maybe your reply to @LostKobrakai means I can't do this; sadly the Soma code you linked to and using forms via the API is not familiar enough for me to work out how I can use an HTML fieldset tag as it's intended. Thanks very much all the same and if I find the way to do this I'll be sure to post back here.
  3. Sorry @felic and @jmartsch for not having some help for your answers :/ Anyone know why when I use Ryan's code from P1 of this thread to add a fieldset to a form: no HTML fieldset tags are rendered?
  4. Hi @kixe I know @kongondo or others will probably be better able to help you but I just wanted to say that the good news is that: is incorrect as far as my experience goes—I just installed it on a fresh PW v2.7.3 and it worked perfectly, no errors. To begin to help, perhaps, check you have debug turned on in config.php `$config->debug = true;`, then there is this post. Sorry if you have already done this and good luck; it's worth it, the @kongondo's Module(s) for the blog make a very professional, complete solution. I was greatly impressed when I tried it.
  5. Just in case you didn't see, the (fabulous, super-helpful and extensive) docs and examples @kongondo provided are here. Current status: reading with a grin
  6. @kongondo Finally got an opportunity to look at this Module(s). Deeply impressed and grateful to you (Ryan et al), this is fabulous, looking forward to building this in
  7. >_< DOH! I tried that and it didn't work. So I went back to check, and, of course, it's working! Thanks, must have been I refreshed too little or something (weird, I had the alternate toolbar only visible when clicked into field, but it scrolled out of view before).
  8. Perchance, does anyone know how to change the position type of the CKEditor toolbar to 'fixed' so that as a page of copy is scrolled and edits made, the author does not need to scroll away to use the toolbar? Tks for any tips
  9. Thanks for the fix @justb3a and glad this helped your site also @horst
  10. Fixed the problem where WireMailSMTP is being bypassed in favour of WireMail... @justb3a I would usually leave module code 100% alone, but comparing how mail is called in another site I noticed it was different, so I edited `SimpleContactForm.module` around line 478 like this: // Below original module code bypasses WireMailSMTP // $wireMail = new WireMail(); // Below does not bypass WireMailSMTP $wireMail = wireMail(); and email is then sent via WireMailSMTP. If I edit it back to the original then it bypasses WireMailSMTP and I can switch back and forth depending on how I leave the code around line 478. If this is this something you would like me to log on git etc then please let me know as I would love to have an official (unedited) copy of your excellent module that used WireMailSMTP. Sorry if I explained that all badly and thanks again for this module, cheers, -Alan
  11. @horst I checked and SCF is 0.1.2 which is the latest at the moment = ✔ header says "...X-Mailer: ProcessWire/WireMail..." = ✖ so my setup (WireMailSMTP ver 0.1.13 on a PW 2.7.0 site and SCF) seems to be working AOK but emails are bypassing WireMailSMTP @justb3a and/or @horst : if there is anything I could do here to help fix this for me (and I assume others) then I would be happy to try stuff and report back/thanks for any suggestions you may have
  12. @horst Thanks for the suggestions, I will check and report back in case it's of any help to others.
  13. @justb3a Thanks, yes the token is there and since I undid the reindenting of code it works AOK. Also thanks I have used the log to see what was wrong (very helpful, I also spotted that my test emails had hit the IP address limit per day so I upped it for testing @horst Thanks, yes I assumed that it was used. But I am pretty sure it's not being used... History: I installed and used SCF to send email (via PW built in wiremail I assume). Then I installed WireMailSMTP and set it to use my Mandrill credentials. But email is arriving without showing Mandrill as the sender (view email headers also shows no mention of Mandrill.com) and based on all my other uses of WiremailSMTP+Mandrill I assume (where Mandrill is listed) I assume this mean Mandrill and therefore WireMailSMTP are being bypassed (I guess?). Env: • WireMailSMTP passes it's connectivity test. • I have debug turned on. If there's anything I can do to help test what may be happening I'd be happy to test and report. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  14. Thanks @Christophe, perhaps that is it. If I find more/get to test that then I'll post here. @all Right now all is good and I am just trying to work out how to have SCF use WireMailSMTP rather than native PW transport.
  15. I began editing simple_contact_form.php and found I was getting [FAILURE] CSRF Token validation failed. I back-tracked and found that, apparently, reindenting the code of the original form file with a Sublime Text plugin caused the errors..? I tried to diff the original versus the reindented one but as far as I could see nothing was 'wrong', just differently indented. No time now to do stuff like try an alt diff tool in case the first missed something, but I thought I'd share in case this helps anyone else. @justb3a if a copy of the indented-and-broken code would be helpful just let me know and I'll publish it on Dropbox or similar.
  16. Thanks @justb3a for your module, I am finally getting to use it TL;DR Is there something I need to configure in SCF to ensure it uses the WireMailSMTP module to send mail rather than in-built/default methods in PW? Thanks for any comments. Background I would like to sent mail via Mandrill and so as I have in the past with the PW Forms module I have installed WiremailSMPT; I noticed you said SCF now supports WireMail. I assumed that this meant when email was sent from the SCF if WireMailSMTP was installed it would automatically go via that module (and it's settings (Mandrill in my case)), but so far I am finding emails are arriving AOK but not via the WireMailSMTP module (as Mandrill is not listed in the route).
  17. Perhaps try ports 2525 or 587 in case they work? It's worth the effort, this module + Mandrill is a superb combination. Good luck.
  18. Thanks a lot for sharing Mike. Very tempting to forget brunch and try the above...
  19. Thanks Mike, I am relieved to hear it's not just me that can see the confusing in brunch.io's offering (particularly if like me you are focussed on front end and have relied on CodeKit in the past). I've read a few posts where people are going that route, sounds good though outside my skill set at present.
  20. +1 for SASS. Like Martijn I also like to separate out functionality into SASS 'partials' (files prefixed with '_' e.g. _navigation.scss). I also used to use (may continue to use) CodeKit and also loved that it found naughtinesses (weak syntax, errors, etc) in my jQuery. My problem with CodeKit is that on a big .scss file it seems to miss tiny edits sometimes and so I may adjust a colour, check if I like the result but the compile-on-file-change failed to happen so I have to force it by adding a newline with a comment etc. Very distracting and annoying, and hence finally part of the reason I am adding to this thread, to say I am trying to replace CodeKit with brunch.io. But it's "doing my head in" (confusing me). Would be interested to know if anyone else is using brunch.io (will try to remember to start a Pub thread if I get it working).
  21. +1 what cstevensjr said re Github. Re the problem, it sounds like the module assumes some authentication will be required (not surprised that it assumes this, surprised there's SMTP services which don't require auth). On a general note, this module providing as it does a way to send mail via Mandrill.com, has been a life saver for me. No more lost emails due to recipients email systems assuming an email from a tiny unknown host is spam (as Mandrill delivers millions of emails their reputation is superb and so emails invariably get to their destination w/o getting rejected).
  22. Sorry for perhaps not understanding the above Soma (and others) post, but does anyone know if there is, ideally, a best practice way to have SessionLoginThrottle setup so it redirects to somewhere where a friendly error may be displayed, like the Maintenance Mode module can? Context: I have a site on PW dev 2.6.17 and when it hit a session throttle problem (me logged in on one computer logging in or out too quickly on a 2nd I think at almost the same time (I wasn't trying to break it—honest)) the result was the generic empty white "Website has encountered an error it has been logged" type message.
  23. Sorry if this is mentioned well elsewhere, but just in case not and in case someone else might find it handy, this example helped me, in a few minutes, get emails sent out, with custom messages, when certain pages were saved. https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/extending-page-save-process/ I am repeatedly amazed by the elegance and power of ProcessWire... To Ryan and all fellow PWers—THANK YOU.
  24. I can't believe I've not thanked you Horst for this module. I've been using it for about a year, linked to Mandrill, a match made in heaven and no false-positive spam rejected emails. Thank you again, cheers, -Alan.
  25. Thanks bramwolf, yes it does help I had the usual thing happen: I worked it out after I'd posted but v.helpful to have it confirmed. Cheers!
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