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  1. I choose to have the 'From' as noreply@example.com (the domain the site is on) and I ensure that domain is valid (good SPF, DKIM etc) then one validation and you're done.
  2. In case using Google for SMTP is the problem (perhaps Google is or may one day, restrict use?), a new account with Postmark gives you 25,000 'credits', but more importantly they are great for transactional emails.
  3. +1 to finding if there is a way to do this?
  4. @kongondo and @BitPoet, thank you guys VERY much for this—v3 compatibility, brilliant!
  5. This is happening again this Black Friday / Cyber Monday https://www.sitepoint.com/premium/2-years-for-1/
  6. Thanks all. I should have said, these are invariably .mp3 files. I'm (slightly) stuck re the PW version as I am using @kongondo's brilliant Blog module which when I developed the site was not spec'd to run on v3 PW. I will return to this issue since I want to solve it (and understand it), but for now my two workarounds have been; upping the memory enough so the upload completes (albeit seems too high a limit) and the other solution that seems to work is the client uploads a small file, I FTP the large version over the top—not ideal but in this case very workable. I am sure using a form to upload a large file is not the best choice going forward, for very large files. If I had time I'd love to see if I could spec' out a sort of 'lazy upload' module for PW; making this up as I type, but perhaps something like a GUI to identify the upload and 'register' it to happen and a one-time cron-type job that grabs the file from perhaps a Dropbox or Google Drive like location. PS: Although I said I am pretty certain that on one of my tests I had to leave the screen for 20 minutes and when I came back it HAD completed, w/o needing a save to make the GIF disappearing process complete... I will test this again.
  7. I've hit this a number of times and it's one of the very few things that makes me uneasy in the PW world. Why? Because in the past I've felt like I just threw resources at PHP until the problem went away and the step change I had to make in settings always seemed both illogically large and also so big as to make me worry it might mean I am impacting the operation of the site (or other sites when shared hosting). So when a site recently hit this problem I tried a little more to see where the limits were and see if I really had to be so disproportionately generous with resource settings before getting it to work. It seemed so ?:/ Essentially I have some clients who often want to host files of 100mb, 200mb, etc size. I know I should explore using some other space for heavy lifting of files and perhaps thats THE problem, but I would love to know (is using the PW Admin to upload files of 150mb, 200mb, 250mb unreasonable and it's always going to be an uphill struggle?). For example, a 166mb file. After making various php changes that I completely understand such as post_max_size from 16M to 200M upload_max_filesize from 20M to 200M memory_limit from 128M to 200M max_input_time going from 60 to 180 max_execution_time from 30 to 180 Essentially it looks like I need to move from these settings that make sense to memory_limit 655M before a file load would 'complete'* (memory_limit at 647m or less still fails). *When it works, at 655m, what actually happens is the load bar reaches 100% and the activity GIF rotating on the LH side stays visible, never disappearing and the File Description field never appears—unless I click Save, once I click save then, with the 655m setting, I'm all good and the upload is complete and the File Description field is visible - twice now it HAS completed AOK (the GIF disappearing and the 'Description' box appearing aok), it looks like I just need to leave the page longer, not timed it as both times it's happened when I've gone off to do something else. Will post a reply if/when I find more in case helps anyone. PW is 2.7.3. I'm posting this as much to document it as seeking answers, but I would love to know why I appear to need such a disproportionately large jump in settings to allow larger files. For example, I had the exact same error when using a 256mb file and to get its upload to 'complete'* (*all good but need to click save to loose the GIF) I needed to set memory_limit to 850. Seems a lot and I don't understand why... Hope this helps someone, if I find more I'll post here (though I spent a couple of hours+ already experimenting & think I am running out of ideas ATM).
  8. I've got a persistent case of this: I can login AOK if I use an incognito window sessions are stored in the db I've tried clearing out my browser history, cache etc, but clearly PW is now remembering something about my normal browser and not liking it. Is my only option to permanently change "CSRF protection" and "session fingerprints" settings (which is sad as I used to login here AOK and didn't need them changed before), or, is there something I can do on the hosting or in PW to clear out PW's memory of my browser (assuming that is the problem), as noted, I *can* login with incognito. Thanks friends and sorry if I missed something obvious (and hope the answer helps someone else :)) EDIT Even though sessions are stored in the PW database, I checked /site/assets/sessions and found two session files o_O Deleted them and now can login OK. Confused but happy
  9. alan

    react.js anyone

    I may be interested if I get into vue.js (not had time to look at it yet sadly).
  10. alan

    react.js anyone

    Thanks, just listening to Jeffrey Way there now
  11. alan

    react.js anyone

    Thanks @LostKobrakai for that insight. I will certainly look at vue.js and I'm glad I asked the Q. Edit: Nice, mostly free intro vids.
  12. alan

    react.js anyone

    Does anyone have strong views about react.js and ProcessWire? I don't know react.js, I am considering using https://reactforbeginners.com/ or similar to learn more but I wonder; if react.js is arguably the V in MVC, does that mean it's not an ideal 'Lego' piece for ProcessWire? Does it by definition tread in the space occupied by ProcessWire templates? Or can/do the two work beautifully together? Sorry if my lack of knowledge about react.js means some of the above are poor questions, I'm just curious to see what I might learn from others on this matter.
  13. @szabesz I am pretty sure the docs don't say "We can just provide the hanna code itself", I saw that part of the docs and was looking for that exact type of phrase, but even though I couldn't find that, it was enough for my trial and error to work it out, so all's well that ends well
  14. In case anyone else* (*so that would be the future me then, when I've forgotten o_O) wants to know how to do this, I worked it out, it's probably in the docs but for the life of me I could not find it (sorry doc writers). You have a hanna code called my_hanna_snippet and you want to output it from within a template, not from the Admin i/f. $hanna = $modules->get('TextformatterHannaCode'); echo $hanna->render("[[my_hanna_snippet]]"); Hope this helps someone/me in the future
  15. +1 (I am seeing this error once a day (I think) on a site). I assume it's when my hosting are doing a backup and SQL is momentarily offline - no reason, other than a hunch. I was about to (using jumplinks) point /http404/ at / in the hope it cured it, but I suspect it would not.
  16. Thanks @horst and @deltavik for your help and suggestions. I will check both routes (I'd not cleared sessions folder as I use the db to store sessions and I'd assumed there would be none, but will check). Cheers!
  17. I didn't @deltavik but I too am puzzled why the problem came up. My hosting is a fixed IP, so am I. I wonder if there is somewhere a way to 'clear' existing fingerprint 'expectations' so I would then be able to return the setting to default and all would work. It seemed really odd that my Android would: # fail to login # fail even though I cleared all history (etc, all items all time) # quit, Chrome, rebooted phone # BUT would work if I used the same device, same app (Chrome) in incognito mode Clearly my device in non-incognito mode is fingerprinted on my PW install and when it's seen won't work - I wonder how I clear that..?
  18. Thanks Horst. I know it's happening for one iOS device and as noted on one Android. If I test and all can login AOK with sessionFingerprint=2 or 4 or 8 then presumably that is better (than 0) since at least some extra security is added, do you think? PS: Wow, never realized config.php could have dynamic statements, I suppose it's .PHP so why not; tks for the tip!
  19. I have a site where Chrome on Android, with all history removed, on a re-booted phone, will not login and I am seeing User 'admin' - Error: Session fingerprint changed (IP address or useragent) (IP: xxx) in the session log. If I open an incognito window it will login. If I login to Android as a new user (and so virgin chrome) it will login. (the delete all history not fixing it surprised me) I was able to fix this with: $config->sessionFingerprint = 0; in /site/config.php Is it 'safe' to leave this set this way? There's no danger of two users logged in getting their sessions 'mixed up' with this set to 0 is there (i.e this isn't the only thing that keeps the identity of a client to their session 'understood' by PHP/PW is it)? Thanks for pointers and sorry if I missed answers to these points from other threads. Cheers, -Alan
  20. Hi @Wanze, I'm doing a 2.7 site (that can't currently go to 3.x), do you think your GA module will become 2.7 (or 3.x?) compatible one day? Tks again for this great module Cheers, -Alan
  21. Immediately useful to me, thank you very much for sharing Pete
  22. Understood, makes sense—thanks for letting me know.
  23. Thanks Pete, love the newer feel and grateful (again) to you for the work. I noticed in my profile it says I have no 'Friends' <--insert joke here-->. I assume that's just some data that their migration process was not able to include, or should I start to worry o_O / change my brand of toothpaste etc?
  24. @Ipa I've been using it for years too (on one site) and it's been AOK, no reconnect needed, sorry that doesn't help much :/
  25. Hi kongondo, thank you very much for the super-helpful answer and NO sweat re time gone by. I wasn't sure I'd written the post very clearly anyway so felt bad for maybe not being clear enough. Thanks again! Cheers
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