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  1. Hi @Roych Did you remove the page reference field in the gallery template and create another page reference field in the event template? Otherwise my code above won't work. Gideon
  2. I. Hi @Roych I see. I believe there is an individual event template. I think it is better to create a page reference field in the individual event template link the past event to the corresponding gallery page. Then in the event-list template: <?php $ events = $pages->find('template=event'); ?> <?php foreach($events as $event): ?> <?=$event->title ?> <?php if($event->event_gallery->count()): ?> <a href='<?=$event->event_gallery->url; ?>'>Event Gallery</a> <?php endif; ?> <?php endforeach; ?>
  3. Hi @Roych <?php $galeries = $pages->find("template=gallery-album"); ?> <?php foreach ($galeries as $galery) :?> <a href="<?=$galery->select_event_gallery->url; ?>">View Gallery</a> <?php endforeach;?> Gideon
  4. Hi @Lumi There is no ctime field in processwire. Please follow my example or Bernahrd's example and use created instead. Gideon
  5. Hi @jon9china Nothing special to switch domain. Just remember to edit your config.php file and change $config->httpHosts to your new domain. $config->httpHosts = array('yournewdomain.com'); Gideon
  6. Hi @Lumi You can use the sort function. https://processwire.com/api/ref/fieldtypes/sort/ Something like the following I believe would work. $your_repeaters = $page->your_repeater_field->sort('created'); foreach($your_repeaters as $your_repeater) { //Your stuff goes here } Gideon
  7. Hi @bbeer Maybe you need to check your MYSQL / MariaDB version. Gideon
  8. Hi @Robin S You are right. The output formatting is off if pages are pulled from another ProcessWire instance. I am not sure whether it is intentional or a bug. For me it is not intuitive to use. Gideon
  9. Hi @Jennifer Stock I am not sure I understand your situation. Do you have 2 ProcessWire sites which live in different folders. You want to access site B web data in site A? Do you set up ProcessWire multi-instances in site A? Gideon
  10. Hi @Michael PW Dev Welcome to the forum. The LanguageSupportFields Module is a core module that you don't need to download. Just click the install button will install the module and other required modules. Gideon
  11. Hi @wishbone Glad that you sorted it out. Keep happy coding with ProcessWire. Gideon
  12. Hi @wishbone $form[email] should be $form['email'] Gideon
  13. Hi @wishbone Try change the following line to "Reply-To:" . $form[email] . "\r\n" . Gideon
  14. Hi @Vincenzo If the folder permission without the execution bit then the affected user cannot enter the folder. Yes. You need to make the /var/www/html folder with the execution bit for user www-data. Gideon
  15. Hi @cosmicsafari If I remember correctly, The dropdown value MUST match the the field's settings in FormBuilder. Otherwise FormBuilder won't process the form. I think you have to process the form with one of the formbuilder hook. https://processwire.com/store/form-builder/hooks/ Gideon
  16. Hi @wbmnfktr Welcome to the TailwindCSS party. It is fun and the new always JIT and standalone CLI is awesome. Gideon
  17. Hi @Thromisios Welcome to the PorcessWire community. I came from non coder background, too. I first started learning ProcessWire basics by following this tutorial. Gideon
  18. Do you check if the form is submitted to avoid double submit of the form?? Gideon
  19. Look like it is related to MySQL 8.0.17
  20. Hi @Fuzzy No screenshot found and is there any error message you can find from the log? Gideon
  21. He needs a A 13-field form and a 13-field form is not a simple contact form IMO. Gideon
  22. Hi @neophron I think the findIDs function only returns the IDs of the found pages but not full wire page objects. https://processwire.com/api/ref/pages/find-i-ds/ You should try using: <?php foreach ($pages->findMany('id=1223|1224|1225, sort=-created')->children as $item) : ?> or <?php foreach ($pages->find('id=1223|1224|1225, sort=-created')->children as $item) : ?> Gideon
  23. Hi @wishbone I fully understand your feeling. I came from a non coder background, too. If you are willing to pay for a working contact form. I suggest you to buy Ryan's FormBuilder. Gideon
  24. Hi @wishbone Maybe you can take a look at this module. Gideon
  25. Hi @benbyf Read the following post to solve aiom error with php8. Gideon
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