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  1. Hi @Michael Lenaghan There is no "Mark as solution" button here as far as I know. You have to edit the post title and add "Solved" or whatever you think appropriate. Gideon
  2. Hi @biber I don't think the sort() function is available to pageimages because pageimages is not WireArray. The result of the below line returns nothing. $images = $page->images->sort("iname_".$order, SORT_NATURAL |SORT_FLAG_CASE); Then foreach($images as $image) Give error because the variable $images is empty. Gideon
  3. Hi @Tyssen You can add a hidden field to the template and then update the field whenever the page is saved by using a saveReady hook. Then you can use this field in the showif setting. Gideon
  4. Hi @DV-JF Unfortunately, count is not a field. You cannot use your_reapeater.count in the showif setting. Gideon
  5. Me too. Very good description to Unpoly which is grestbfun to use. Gideon
  6. Hi @Paschalis It will be more helpful to get help if you can post your template code here. Gideon
  7. Hi @KG60 $config->debug $config->debug = true Can you add the above to the config.php file to see if there is any error show when you login? Gideon
  8. Hi @KG60 Go to site/assets/logs and check the error log to see if there is any useful information for you to investigate the problem. Gideon
  9. Hi @ayz Yes, Seems that the mysql server doesn't start. You need to check the mysqld error log to see if there is a clue for you to solve the problem. Maybe check if mysql has the read/write right to /var/run/mysqld ? Gideon
  10. Hi @ayz Just login to the Digital Ocean control panel and restart the droplet should fix the error. Gideon
  11. Hi @mcollean I wonder why you ask a question about installing Moodle in this forum. I don't think you will get the answer you want. Gideon
  12. Hi @JerryDi, Try the follow code: <table border=1> <thead> <tr> <th>Opponents</th> <th>Venue</th> <th>Points for</th> <th>Points against</th> <th>Result</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <?php $countymatch = $pages->find("template=county-match-result, year={$page->title} "); foreach($countymatch as $match): ?> <tr> <td><?php echo "<a href='$match->url'> {$match->title}</a>"; ?></td> <td> <?php if ($match->home_away->title == 'Home'){ //echo $match->home_match_venue->title("<a href='{url}'>{title}</a>"); // I don't really understand this line, so I comment it and see if you get more results } else{ echo $match->away_match_venue; }; ?> </td> <td><?php echo $match->cheshire_points; ?></td> <td><?php echo $match->opponent_points; ?></td> <td><?php echo $match->match_result->title; ?></td> </tr> <?php endforeach; ?> </tbody> </table> Gideon
  13. Hi @JerryDi Is the field "year" a page reference field? If so, how do you set up the field? Gideon
  14. Hi @François Lacruche, Just move the processwire-master out of the webroot folder of https://www.domain-name.com. Then move EVERYTHING inside the processwire-master folder to the webroot folder of https://www.domain-name.com. This should work. Gideon
  15. Thanks @ryan. Thanks everything you have done. Happy new year to you and this amazing community from afar. Gideon So
  16. @stefan1981 If it is possible, show us the content of home.php file. Gideon
  17. Hi @Krit65 I don't use LoginRegister module but if you want to translate a string in your template file. You can try: <?php echo __("Your String"); ?> And then find the file in the backend translate tool (setup --> Languages --> Your Language --> Find file to translate --> find your template file) to transfer the string to other language. Gideon
  18. Hi @Krit65 Try $terms = wire('pages')->find('template=term-translation'); Gideon
  19. Hi @webdecker Thanks. I did it with the ProcessWire way. Gideon
  20. Hi @da² I am using 3.0.231. I will test again with 228. Gideon
  21. Hi @da² I don't know what is the difference between your settings and mine. The selector returns nothing at all even I set the file field to single file. Gideon
  22. i @da² Look like this only works when the page file field is set to single file. Gideon
  23. Hi all, Just come up to this need. Is it possible to find a page or pages by pagefile uploadName? Seems this is not working: $pages->find("file_field.uploadName%=sometext") Error: Exception: Property 'uploadName' not recognized in file_field Gideon
  24. @Robin S Wow!! What can I say. How great is this community and how helpful everyone here is. Thanks Robin. I can wait longer until the final solution comes. Gideon
  25. This is really impressive. A very nicely done piece of art work. Great job, @bernhard. Gideon
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