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  1. Hi @adrianmak, This is indeed a much better way to white list all the Chinese characters. And seems that it is feasible to implement into the core. Gideon
  2. Please check your mail log to check what are the reasons of those bounces. Gideon
  3. Looks very interesting and good. Gideon
  4. Simply edit your web server config file to point yourdomain.com to the directory that your subdomain.yourdomain.com reside. Then edit the config.php file in the sub-domain directory to change config.httpHost to yourdomain.com. Restart your web server. Done. Hope this helps. Gideon So
  5. Hi, Do you mean that you want to merge two site into one? If yes, take a look on ProcessWire multi-instances support which enable you to load content from one site to the other. https://processwire.com/blog/posts/multi-instance-pw3/ Gideon So
  6. Take a look at the .htaccess file and look for the rewritebase directive. Read the comments there. You may find some light. Gideon
  7. Hi, This module is the best solution for user based access control. I highly recommend it. Gideon
  8. Hi, I don't think this is a good way to do it either. Seems other CMSs get a more simple way. Gideon
  9. Hi Adrian, I found a 5000- word list and copy all the characters to the config.php and don't forget copy them to the .htaccess file too. But from time to time I need to add more. Gideon
  10. Hi, @Robin S Learn something new today. Thanks. Gideon
  11. Hi @xxxlogiatxxx, There is no $page->find(). You may want to find all pages which use template "item". The syntax should be: $fields = $pages->find("template=item, sort=item_type"); Gideon
  12. Hi @Neveroff, I started my journey with this one: Gideon
  13. Just replace the css file and js file and you have the latest bootstrap 4 version. Gideon
  14. I read Medium everyday but not a blog. Medium indeed is replacing blogs. Gideon
  15. Very impressive. Why not post in the modules main forum? Gideon
  16. Hi, Maybe you should try using a full URL. Gideon
  17. Hi @Macrura Thanks for your advice. I will take a look. Gideon
  18. Hi @kixe, Thanks for your suggestion but I am not looking for logging. I need to show some message in the backend while a user edit a page. Gideon
  19. Hi, I have a field (page reference field) that allows user to choose news category. I want to show some message if the user choose certain category as a reminder. How can I do that? Gideon
  20. Hi, $page->child already select the first child of the current page. I think there is no need to add any selector to it. Gideon
  21. Sort or search by field other than system field like id, created, etc is not possible because all the custom form fields are saved as one array in the database. Gideon
  22. +1. Much better to have it in field settings. Gideon
  23. Hi, The solution is simple. $pages->find("my_repeater_matrix.my_repeater.my_textarea_field%=$q"); I think I messed up with field name before. Gideon
  24. Hi @Robin S, I have tried this syntax. Here is my line of code. $pages->find("repeater_matrix_field.repeater_field.textarea%=$q"). it seems that it does not work in repeater in a repeater matrix context. It still return no results. Gideon
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