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  1. Hi Ivan, Like Asian characters in the page name field and display it in the url. Gideon
  2. Hi, It would be great to have non alphabet page name and non alphabet urls. Gideon
  3. Very useful tutorial. I would to display all the events in the month under the calendar. How can I do this?? Thanks. Gideon
  4. Hi all, worth the buy. Antti provides world class support. I testify it. :lol: Gideon So
  5. Hi, The output values are decimals. Can I have output like Shutter Time: 1/60?? Gideon So
  6. Hi Horst, I installed this module and follow the instructions in the video but I am not able to get it work. I am using the lastest Image Manager and image manager meta data and PW 2.6.18. Can you give me some advice?? Gideon
  7. Hi, I install the module and test it on a 2.6.17 system. I get this error: Error: Call to a member function count() on null (line 555 /path/to/the/module/ImagesManager.module); If I change the line 555 and 557 like the following, it works as expected. if($res->myimagefield->count()){ $imageUrl = $res->image->first->url; $thumb = $res->myimagefield->first->size(120,0)->url; } Any clues for me?? Gideon So
  8. Hi Juergen, Finally track down the problem. The button is there but it is invisible if you choose any of those colour profile. Gideon
  9. Hi Reno, I am using this fantastic admin theme and I like it very much. Thanks for your great work. I found an issue regarding using pagetable with this theme. The close [X] button is missing in the modal window editing content of a page. I can see it in the default theme. Gideon So
  10. It would be great to have this feature. Gideon
  11. Hi Adrian. You are fast. And it works as expected. Don't know that there is a "start" selector at all. I can't find any document mention about it. Thanks a lot. Gideon
  12. Hi all, I have a page which use MarkupPagerNav to generate a pager. It works fine. I have made a menu with the following code to generate the sub menu: $grandChildren = $child->children("limit=5"); It works find in the 1st page but when I click to the 2nd page, the $grandChildren array return an empty array and the sub menu doesn't show up. I have tested with this code: $grandChildren = $child->children; It works everywhere. Any hints for me? Best Regards, Gideon So
  13. Hi Macrura, I have all my CSS files in a sub-folder in the templates folder. Is this reason I can't edit them? In fact, I can see all of them in the templates editor. Gideon edit: File permission problem. I change the permission of the CSS folder to 774 and it works.
  14. Hi, Can I use this module to editor CSS and JS file?? I tried to edit CSS files with this module but it keep saying that "template file not found".. I am using Processwire 2.5.29. Gideon So
  15. NorbertH,I get the same error as well. Can anybody help to fix this error??? Gideon
  16. Hi, You mean replace the ckeditor-4.4.3 folder with my own version? I tried but it seems not working. I have to go with 3.6.x. Gideon So
  17. Hi, How can I upgrade / downgrade the ckeditor version?? Just download and upload it seems not working. i need an old version to work with. Thanks. Gideon So
  18. Hi all, Thanks guys for all your precious input. I got an solid idea now. Gideon
  19. Hi Kongondo, Thanks for the reply and I read them all before I post this. I still don't get an idea on the pagetable field. I tried it on my testing site. Is it normal that everytime I add a table, a new page is added and the content in the child page shown on the pageTable feild. Is it the way it works?? If someone can write an tutorial or a example would be greate to us. Thanks. Gideon
  20. Kongondo, There is no respond at all. I think the form is not submitted at all. And there is no comment saved. Gideon
  21. Hi all, Do anyone can explain Page Table fieldtype? I have tried a few times but still have no idea about it. If anyone can show me the way, I am very grateful. Gideon So
  22. Hi all, I added a comment field into a template and use this template for a page. I put the $page->comments->renderForm() into the template file. Then the form is rendered but I am not able to post a comment with the form. Every time I hit the submit button, there is no response and nothing happens. Anybody has a clue about it?? I will be very grateful for any little hint. Thanks. Gideon So
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