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  1. Hi, You mean replace the ckeditor-4.4.3 folder with my own version? I tried but it seems not working. I have to go with 3.6.x. Gideon So
  2. Hi, How can I upgrade / downgrade the ckeditor version?? Just download and upload it seems not working. i need an old version to work with. Thanks. Gideon So
  3. Hi all, Thanks guys for all your precious input. I got an solid idea now. Gideon
  4. Hi Kongondo, Thanks for the reply and I read them all before I post this. I still don't get an idea on the pagetable field. I tried it on my testing site. Is it normal that everytime I add a table, a new page is added and the content in the child page shown on the pageTable feild. Is it the way it works?? If someone can write an tutorial or a example would be greate to us. Thanks. Gideon
  5. Kongondo, There is no respond at all. I think the form is not submitted at all. And there is no comment saved. Gideon
  6. Hi all, Do anyone can explain Page Table fieldtype? I have tried a few times but still have no idea about it. If anyone can show me the way, I am very grateful. Gideon So
  7. Hi all, I added a comment field into a template and use this template for a page. I put the $page->comments->renderForm() into the template file. Then the form is rendered but I am not able to post a comment with the form. Every time I hit the submit button, there is no response and nothing happens. Anybody has a clue about it?? I will be very grateful for any little hint. Thanks. Gideon So
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