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  1. No. They can see but not edit the page that they are not allow to edit. In other words, users are limited to edited the branch that assign to them. tpr is right. It is configurable. Gideon
  2. Hi @henri, Add your new server ip address to your doamin DNS setting. I can't tell how to do it because I don't know where you host your site. If you want to have more advice, please provide more info to us. Gideon
  3. WOW. Amazing. Impressive. This community is incredibly talented. Gideon
  4. Oh. No. Let me try and see. But I think the template file is compiled if I don't add Processwire namespace to it? Gideon
  5. No one? If this is a bus then I will open an issue in github. If not allow to use __( ) function then how can I do the translation?? Gideon
  6. I have this error when I put __("some string") to a repeater matrix template file. Error: Call to undefined function __() (line 17 of /path/to/site/site/templates/fields/contents/staff.php) Is it not possible to use __( ) function in repeater matrix field?? Gideon
  7. Maybe you need to check if the .htaccess file there in the server folder? Gideon
  8. Hi @theo, WOW. Surely will give it a try. Nice job. By the way, why not update the first post so that others can find the package easier?? Gideon
  9. Hi @theo, Nice work. Glad to see some progress. Gideon
  10. Hi, Maybe a dumb question. Shouldn't $file->url works like $image->url that both of them return path with filename?? Gideoon
  11. When does the public beta come out and we can give it a try?? Waiting for it eager ly. Gideon
  12. Hi @Robin S, Thanks for the tip. Never seen that. It works. Gideon
  13. Hi, I built a login form for user to login to the web. There is a case when a user login with incorrect user name or password and he /she login again immediately that causes an internal server error. Then I checked the system session log: And then I checked the system exception log: Look like the system think that the guest user logged in to the system twice in a very short period and causes a 500 internal server error. The workaround for now is uninstall the LoginThrottle module. Is there any way to remedy this?? Gideon
  14. Hi @mattcohen, Welcome to the forum. The code should look like this <?php $set_page = $page->title; $count = $pages->find("template=prices, title=$set_page")->count();
  15. The idea of PageTableExtented is brilliant itself. But your work takes a step further and makes Processwire even more attractive to non developers i.e. editors. In my humble opinion this function surely will take Processwire to the next level. Keep up the good work. I am eager to see how this concept inspires other awesome developers here we have In this wonderful community. Gideon
  16. Hi @theo, This is really impressive. Any update on this project??? Gideon
  17. Hi @theo Thanks. I think it works but still want to know whether we can have the image plugin back along with PwImage and make life easier. Gideon
  18. Hi, Anyone knows if it is possible to prevent the ckeditor add width to the image and how can I add class / width="100%" to an image?? Please, I know I can do this with a piece of JS but I don't want to do it with JS. Gideon
  19. Hi @henri, Welcome to the forum. 1. Processwire itself is very fast. It must be some other reasons that cause the slow loading. We cannot help without further info. 2. After you add a field to the template in the backend, you have to add some PHP code to the template file. This is a good starting point to learn the basics of Processwire. Gideon
  20. This community is so awesome and helpful. Gideon
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