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  1. So we had this awesome little fireworks display right outside our building. That said, they were ten minutes early. Hehe! But quite nice nonetheless.
  2. Overcast here in Johannesburg, SA - about 22C, and fairly windy. But have a great view for fireworks! Hope you all have a great new year. I'm looking to build some great sites with PW, and release a new module in Jan.
  3. I'm one to prefer simplicity - which is what the current admin environment provides. That said, perhaps you'd like to check out Process Dashboard?
  4. Quick one: I'm not fully sure how the hooks system works. Will there be conflicts with my module and the original if both are installed, and calling the same hook? I understand there's a priority attribute - does that mean they'll work comfortably together?
  5. I'm on the latest dev, but, for some reason, it didn't auto-[un]install. Here's the code of the init method in Process.php: public function init() { $class = $this->className(); $info = $this->wire('modules')->getModuleInfo($this, array('verbose' => false)); $version = (int) isset($info['version']) ? $info['version'] : 0; if(is_file($this->config->paths->$class . "$class.css")) $this->config->styles->add($this->config->urls->$class . "$class.css?v=$version"); if(is_file($this->config->paths->$class . "$class.js")) $this->config->scripts->add($this->config->urls->$class . "$class.js?v=$version"); }
  6. I'll investigate further to see what may be happening on this end... (There's a slight chance I may be deluded - but on the chance that I'm not, I'll double check what happened.)
  7. Nico, I really like that idea. Crazy simple. But wait, before I do that - will it interfere with a conditional install? In other words, I'm checking to see if the original redirects module is installed before installing my module... Edit: However, I've always used parent::init()... Didn't do the [un]install automagically...
  8. Ah! My bad - didn't move parent::___uninstall() over when I started again... lol
  9. @Nico - there is an easier way. One can now define the pages in the info, which can also be in a JSON file: "page": { "name": "the-name", "parent": "setup", "title": "The Title" }, So I know I can manually uninstall the page - but it should do this automatically. Haven't checked out the source though...
  10. Don't want to open up a new thread about this small issue: Why is that if I define an admin page in the module's info, it won't delete at uninstall-time?
  11. @Ivan: Glad you like that one. I'm going to try and work on the new module a little now. I have a feeling it needs to be re-written, but I'll decide shortly. (Not a Christmas-person, so any form of work is not a problem - does feel good to have no obligations, however.)
  12. @Soma - thanks indeed, I'll work with it that way then. That said, I may attempt to modify the module to my needs - specifically, I care only for the duplication of parents into their children at the root level. The data-current issue is no biggie - it's really just specific to the site I'm working on now.
  13. Okay, so I'm playing around with this module to see if it'll work for my sites. First glance, looks good to me - very simple; easy to use. That said, I have two queries (and sorry if they have already been mentioned - but 19 pages is a bit much for me today): 1. How can I copy first-level links into their children, if they have any? Ex: I have: - Home - About Us - Certification - Management Board - What We Do - Etc. I'd like to have this: - Home - About Us - About Us (using alternative title specified in editor - in my case, "Overview") - Certification - Management Board - What We Do - Etc. I know I can do this: "inner_tpl" => '<ul id="{name}" class="theDrop"><li><a id="{alt_name}" href="{url}">{title}</a></li>||</ul>', but that'll break showing current links... (Any way I can import tpls into this one?) 2. How can I highlight parents of active/current links? So, if "Certification" is current, then "About Us" should be current as well. This should apply to the links, and not the list items, as parent_class does. In fact, I want to add data-current to the parent link of the current page. These are the two things that I need the most (I hope they can be done easily...) - everything else is perfect; thank you for that.
  14. It would be really cool if we had a module that blends this one and Template Notes, so that we can make custom tips for customers... What do you think? Reason I bring this up: Template Notes is cool, but I prefer tips to be just above whatever is being edited. Also, would love to be able to customise the tips on the page tree, and other areas of the backend.
  15. I'm thinking that there's some JS in there messing with the links, considering that base tags (if there is one in this case) won't interfere with absolute references. So yeah, please could we see the code?
  16. Not to worry - found the solution here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25766737/where-to-find-php-imagick-dll-for-php-5-5-12-for-windows-wampserver-2-5 Turns out I didn't have all the binaries. All working now. Thanks for the module - it's really great to have!
  17. I'm having huge problems with ImageMagick on my local setup. I get the following error in the backend: NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat `C:/usr/local/domain.local/public_html/site/assets/files/1037/testfile.pdf' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/555 As I understand it, this has something to do with image formats. Doing a var_dump(Imagick::queryFormats()) yields an empty array. I have the php_imagick.dll extension installed, along with the necessary binaries, all in my System PATH. The only version that works with my PHP 5.5.11 (installed with XAMPP 1.8.3) is ImageMagick 6.8.8-4 Q16 x86. The Windows installer is the same version. Every other version causes PHP to skip loading the extension. No errors in php_error_log. Any ideas? Update - If I run convert -list configure, I see that there is no pdf delegate listed. How do I install that? And why isn't it included with IM? Update - seems this has more to do with GhostScript... I've always had it installed, so I don't know where the problem is. Note - Have also asked on SO here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27382843
  18. @benbyf - I don't think Tom did it that way. I do hope to get my module (which will fully support such redirects) up soon - still got a bit to do on it... Sorry for the delay guys... I'm sure that there are a few people who need it. Will get to it as soon as I have the time.
  19. You're welcome. I switched over to Magnific the second FancyBox changed their livense. Works like a dream.
  20. KG60 Have you tried using another plugin, like Magnific Popup? If so, does the same thing happen?
  21. As said by @yellowled, best to use modules only when needed. In my case, I don't use AIOM, as my assets are pre-compiled. Mine are: Redirector (also making my own, enhanced version - though, no time these days - you know how it goes...) Database Backups Diagnostics (all) File Manager Sitemap XML Upgrades For me, these are a must-have. I would add ProCache to that list, but I haven't purchased it as yet, as the built in cache system has been adequate for my sites. Keeping track of it though - looks like something I may need in the near future. @yellowled: isn't Language Field Tabs part of the core now?
  22. gebeer: I'll definitely be turning it into a wizard, preferably one that assists in showing what to expect. There are a few questions I may remove as well - we'll see what those are when I get to re-organising everything. Thomas108: I'm tending to agree more and more with the responsive website question - I think it can be removed. If the client doesn't want it to adapt, then they can say so. I should explain why it's good to have one - this will appear in the quotation (proposal) itself. Soma: Yeah, I'm using a masking plugin - only because I think it's cool. But perhaps I should remove it for mobile... Or completely? Jan Romero: I see the problem there. It all boils down to instinct. Naturally, because I installed the plugin, I know to type over the @ sign with an @s sign. Others will probably be different. Essentially, I use plugins like these because so many people enter incorrect data - I have seen it so often with my old websites. So, I'll need to rethink this plugin. There is another, where the End key works, and your data isn't thrown away when you exit an incomplete field. I'll probably switch over to that. Peter: Your input is quite constructive indeed - I like the idea, quite a bit! I think I may merge your idea with the wizard idea. In a nutshell, the first part of the wizard would ask the basics. Two buttons would be present in this part - "I have project details ready, let's continue", and "Submit Now". I foresee only two parts to follow the initial part - just to keep things simple. Do you agree with that? Thanks for all the input everyone Much appreciated
  23. I think I need to get myself a Mac. I'll work on that too, thanks
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