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  1. Solved.... Seems an old module, which was not installed BTW, called TextareaCounter interfered... renaming or deleting will do the trick. Just if someone runs into the same problem. Kind regards, - Igor
  2. Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function className() on null in wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeTextareaHelper.php:41 #0 wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeTextarea.module (338): FieldtypeTextareaHelper->getConfigInputfields(Object(Field),Object(InputfieldWrapper)) #1 wire/core/Wire.php (417):FieldtypeTextarea->___getConfigInputfields(Object(Field)) #2 wire/core/WireHooks.php (951):Wire->_callMethod('___getConfigInp...', Array) #3 wire/core/Wire.php (485):WireHooks->runHooks(Object(FieldtypeTextarea), 'getConfigInputf...', Array) #4 wire/core/Field.php (1110): Wire->__call('getConfigInputf...', Array) #5 wire/core/Wire.php (414): Field->___getConfigInputfields() #6 /wire/core/Wir (line 41 of wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeTextareaHelper.php) Hello everyone, recently I stumbled on this error when trying to edit a textarea field... Running php 7.4 and PW 3.0.201. Has anyone by chance encountered this problem? Kind regards, - Igor
  3. Hello @adrian No worries, I thought that was the case, but I'd wanted to inform you.
  4. Hello Adrian, today I did an upgrade an I have following error: Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '?' (line 52 of site/modules/ProcessAdminActions/actions/ConvertFieldsToMultiLanguage.action.php) FYI, kind regards.
  5. Indeed, installed on a 3 0 131 version and it works... however, only 20 images are saved, no more... I tried with 21, 30, 50 .... but only 20 are being saved, although the minimum default is 50... Anyone an idea what could be the problem?
  6. Hi, I was wondering if there is a reply option too, not only in the back-end... $mail->sendSingle(true)->to($toEmail, $toName)->replyto($repEmail, $repName) similar to: $headers.= "Reply-To: $emailFrom\r\n"; Thanks!
  7. @netcarver No problem... This is an upgrade from PW 2.7.2 and is now PW 3.0.114 [latest dev] FieldtypeStreetAddress version 1.0.6 I do NOT have Form Builder installed.
  8. Hi, I decided to try this module ... so far no luck Compile Error: Default value for parameters with a class type hint can only be NULL (line 74 of /home/public_html/site/modules/FieldtypeStreetAddress/StreetAddress.php) Also, I got this notification: Failed module dependency: InputfieldStreetAddress requires JquerySelectize However, after installing jquerySelectize the error didn't go away... I hope this is somehow some useful information.
  9. Somehow this URL leads me to https site, but all my browsers are saying: not secure.... This server could not prove that it is www.manifoldjs.com; its security certificate is from *.azurewebsites.net I've added an exeption, but then I got a 'Page not Found' :-/ Edit* - never mind... -> https://www.pwabuilder.com/
  10. Check file in attachment, that should rename all your existing files to the new [please do read instructions carefully, make sure you have a back-up] BTW, I didn't write it, but I have used it a few times, with success. also, new syntax is + ->url So, I guess in your case: <img src='{$child->overviewimg->eq(0)->getCrop('thumbnail')->url}' alt='$child->title'> Hope this helps.... cropupdate.php This is because, when changing from 'CropImage' to 'CroppableImage3', you actually have to re-enter the Crop Settings, in your case 'thumbnail'
  11. Hi, WireMailSMTP was working fine, but somehow it stops, now all I get it this: ERROR: SMTP settings did not work. could not start TLS connection encryption protocol tried with google and yandex, same error.... Regards,
  12. Well I don't see anything wrong.... But it is your default description indeed [MarkupSEO isn't picking up body/description field?]. Personally I'm not using MarkupSEO, I have everything in my _init.php configured and, so far at least, it is working.... It's a pretty old website, still running pw 2.7.1/2..... Haven't tried it on pw 3.x yet, but I guess this has nothing to with pw... I had a strange experience once where FB wasn't picking up any opengraph whatsoever, and I actually had to create a facebook app id for that site, but so far I've encountered it only once.... that was very weird too.... Sorry I can't be more informative....
  13. That is weird! You have a link I can check out....?
  14. It works for me... Did you have opengraph in your header? Check your page here.....
  15. Is this module still be maintained? btw, this module seems to work on the latest PW version, but I can't install on a https site... PW keeps logging me out.
  16. Yes, I left the ' namespace Processwire ' and added the backslash, and that did the trick! Thank you!
  17. Hi, first I couldn't install the module on a 3.0.47 installation, I've added namespace ProcessWire;, which did the trick, but then I have this: Error: Class 'ProcessWire\RecursiveDirectoryIterator' not found (line 658 of /public_html/site/modules/AllInOneMinify/AllInOneMinify.module) Kind Regards!
  18. @kongondo Thanks for the response.... Back-end, sure, I'm not looking for a front-end solution.... Of course I haven't used your module, but my gut feeling says that indeed the 'relationships'-thing might be it... Thanks already for putting some thought into it....
  19. Hi @kongondo, well, currently I have this set-up: - brands |--> Alfa Romeo |-> 159 |--> Volkswagen |-> Golf in the back-end two page-reference fields, option autocomplete: [ brand ] [ brand_type ] So, I was thinking, after choosing the eg VW, a list of models would come up.... and if there's a new model, just type it in [autocomplete] and it would be added as child under the brand.... Does it make any sense what I'm trying to explain here? In my case ' page title ' would be sufficient. Thank you already for your answer!
  20. Hi, Nice module, but I'd like to be sure. If a value isn't available, there's no way to input into the database, right? [cfr autocomplete]. Kind regards.
  21. Sundaraijal Children's Home [s4ch.org] is a small project founded by a wonderful guy named Ram, whom I've met during my stay near the roof of the world. Abandoned, addicted to glue kids are being given a second chance. www.s4ch.org Used modules: CroppableImage AIOM Markup Sitemap XML Page Rename Custom Upload Names Google Analytics RandomImages There are still some minor issues to resolve, but mainly it works... Most content is being added by David [a Spanish volunteer]. Ideas and/or improvements are always welcome!
  22. Any chance you would export the whole thing and make public.... always interesting to see how you did things.... Nice design, crisp and clear!
  23. Your absolutely right! I'm already using Admin Custom Files.... I guess sometimes the obvious isn't obvious enough...
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