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  1. Try this: $gallery = $page->f_multi_image; foreach($gallery as $image){ echo "<img src='{$image->getCrop('gallery')->url}' alt='{$image->description}' />"; }
  2. The name of my imagefield is 'images', I never use upper case, all my fields [regardless type] are lower case. I remember I had a similar set-up with following specs: PW 2.5.18 FieldtypeCroppableImage 0.8.2 InputfieldCroppableImage 0.8.2 ProcessCroppableImage 0.8.4 Guess what, the problem isn't there... Maybe tomorrow or somewhere soon I'll upgrade this one to 2.5.19 see what that gives... Or if you suggest something else? Other set-up PW 2.5.19 FieldtypeCroppableImage 0.8.3 InputfieldCroppableImage 0.8.3 ProcessCroppableImage 0.8.4 Maybe this gives you some insights...
  3. Acutally it's an upgrade from 2.5.6 to 2.5.19 because I wanted to use Croppable Image. Deleted index.php and wire folder --> replaced them with 2.5.19 dev In my config there are no imageSizerOptions, so for this purpose I've added it. 'forceNew' => true ---> resulted in your suggestion: forceNew is on 'forceNew'=> false ---> forceNew is off Even with 'off', thumbnails are being regenerated on front-end... [didn't check back-end]
  4. Serious might be a bit too much, but on the frontend getCrop('small') is being regenerated each time the page is called. In the back-end uploading goes as expected. This is in a local set-up, not tested on live server. Hope this helps a bit.
  5. Same here... Any reason why the thumbnail suffix is different then the original Thumbnail module. I'm using 2.5.19 atm and instead of rolling back a version I'm using now $imgUrl = 'site/assets/files/'.$pageId.'/'.$basename.'.-small'.$extension; if, in my case, 'small' was added before the $basename, no hassle with extension stuff... I confirm Marty Walker, it's OK for me, for the moment I set half the thumbnail size I actually want to use Overall... I'm very happy with this module...
  6. +1 for this idea... On topic: Very nice job!
  7. I have good experiences with sendy.co... I use the api to subscribe users & email creation goes automatic for one site I did... I'm pretty happy with the result... BTW sendy 2.x has a template option now, which is a big step forward.
  8. Personally I'm not using the SEO module, I set it up in my _init.php, and when using URL Segments I add it in my templates. Correct me if I'm wrong, but using URLSegments you actually have to edit the template, since it's not an actual page and doesn't have a title and/or meta_descriptions can't you create some default fall-back when URL Segments are used? Then in the template itself: SeoModule->fallback_string(__('%1$s is part of %2$s and contains %3$s subpages'),$URLSegment1, $page->parent->title, count($page->children)); or as matter as fact any default outcome when a $page->name/$page->core.title doesn't exist at all...? BTW above "code" is just fiction, but I guess you know where I'm going... Now we're at it, URL Segments aren't included in the current sitmap xml module either, which is not ideal on a SEO point of view.
  9. Hi, in my case I wasn't really concerned about the UI interface... more on how to integrate... Should I use repeaters [or pageTables - maybe better?] and edit the movie + adding dates/hours when the movie is played or create a page [eg. program], add each day and then select the movie [in this case pageTables is probably advised]. Nevertheless, I'm really interested on how this topic will grow.... Greetings...
  10. I did have the same thing, seems my upload picture had the same width as set in max-upload... coincidence... maybe but changing max upload solved my upload problem... [using 2.5.10].
  11. Very NIce... Good Zurb Foundation use... just a pitty there's no Opera < 15, or other older browsers, fall-back [this has nothing to do with your design of course].
  12. I had the same warning with the thumbnails module... Fieldtype: Images with cropping 1.0.3 Inputfield: Images with cropping 1.0.1 The simple fix for me was to change the template. Tab basics: type -> CropImage Tab Details: Inputfield Type -> CropImage [all at the bottom] In details mine was 'image'. Hope this helps...
  13. Really? I have a template called 'options' but I can't find that in the 'advanced' tab [using 2.5.1 dev]
  14. Hello, is it wise to install Soma's or Apeisa's version on pw 2.5.x? Thanks
  15. Oops... sorry.... I've heard/seen a lot of buzzing about the PageTables [and extended] but I haven't found the time to try it out... Soon... so don't worry about it... it's fine...
  16. on a side note... if you're using zurb foundation, a similar solution is build in http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/components/clearing.html Personally I'm still fond of PrettyPhoto. - V.
  17. This IS weird LOL could be the 'big' image stretched something so it seemed everything was OK... so the $page->main_image has a limit [1]?
  18. Actually me too I have a feeling, like this was addressed before: open div [or similar] somewhere
  19. so, if I understand correctly, something like this you'd like to have in your page/sub-page: http://www.forul.be/zurb/ ? btw you're right, click_on_true is default...
  20. In that first template you have offcanvas : { close_on_click : true, } in the second you haven't... BTW, delete the comma after 'true', that might result in an error.... [some browsers] Edit: I think Reems has indeed a valid point...
  21. Hi, I think I found another little thingie. Yesterday I've decided to use an image-field in a repeater, custom name was enabled. I think you already know where I'm going The image didn't get saved, disabling did help. Greetings.
  22. Any chance you could post the <aside></aside> code? Maybe wrap your resized <img /> in <div class="row"><div class="small-12 columns"></div></div>
  23. videokid


    Just Back from there... nice city.... If you read this, the 'El Born' quarter is nice... Boqueria [next to Rambla's] where you can taste nice things, Picasso museum [if you're into that], Park Güell, Montjuïc, Sagrade Famila, and as I saw somewhere here, for eating and drinking, pick the side streets, cheaper and [most of the time] better service... Certainly try 'patatas bravas'... Didn't have too much time and had to work, but I'd like to go back! Off Topic: is there a processwire.tv topic somewhere? Anyway, have fun!
  24. For what it's worth, voted I just hope they understand my English... bed-time!
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