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  1. Hello PW community, A website redone for a friend in my hometown. after hours and hours research in the forum, struggling with the API, answers from nice and competent people I hereby present one of the things I've created with Processwire. I've seen nicer websites, but so far we're happy with the result. Used modules: Thumbnails Text formatter BB code [just for fun - the smileys] Page Tree Childs Reserver Customn Upload names VideoThumbsmodule the whole site was originally done in another CMS, so I've used the import pages modules too.... Comments, critics, always welcome, but please be nice Thanks in advance http://www.belaey-trials.be Regards.
  2. @pwired 'never seen', I'm not so sure, it looks pretty much OpenCart to me, they sure got the idea from over there IMHO. Nevertheless, it looks pretty good, but I see some things missing - Wishlist [paid option, not much, agree, but still] - compare options I do see some pro things, like generate SEO title, easier category choosing... It seems the folder structure is even similar to Opencart. I haven't been looking to the source BTW... Maybe I'll install it later, so far, not sure.... I have a cart system in mind for my own, maybe I'll use it and report back... Still, useful link I must say....
  3. Still had to report back... Everything works as expected... thank you for that! Regards!
  4. Funny, today I stumbled on a similar issue.... "show me 15 messages where end date is greater then today, or if there's no end date, give me the ones created at least month ago" in another cms you could do something like this: $events = $pages->find("template=event,(date>=$today)|(created>=$lastmonth,date=''),sort=-created,limit=15)"); seems 'date' in this case is not unique, which results in an error... IF that would work, pagination should work as supposed, no?
  5. As soon as I have time I will test the update, it works anyhow for the moment. Once the site I'm working on is done and online, I will test on the dev one. Why you may wonder... it's almost done and I don't want to break things for the moment [you never know]... and on top of that, this is the only 2.4.1 version running atm, so you'll be up-to-speed also. I had the same assumption btw, but in September/November last year I found out that actually worked... and if it's working, no need fixing things, right? Will report back ASAP. Thank you already!
  6. Well, while we're at it.... Not as much as a problem, something I noticed. I also use the module 'Images With Cropping' [inputfieldCropImage]. I have a field called 'images' and if you select in the 'basics' 'CropImage', the module 'Get Video Thumbnails' doesn't recognize the created field 'images'. Of course I choose 'images' in the 'basics' and in 'details' I choose Inputfield type 'CropImage'. I haven't examined both modules [the coding I mean], again, I'm already happy everything works as expected... Could be 'CropImage' shouldn't even be selectable in the basics. But since I'm in reporting/noticing modus... lol Again, big appreciation for the work you've done!
  7. Wow, quick response and action! Actually I just wanted to report, @the moment it wasn't a very big deal for me. Kinda heads up for future reference. But because of your quick modification I've tried it out... and it seems to work just fine, so :ThumbsUp: [there should be a emoticon ] Kind regards!
  8. I'd like to report this module in addition with Customn Upload Names obviously result in strange things Cheers!
  9. YW, the 2nd install did have multi-language features installed... and that's about it... no other third modules installed... plain and simple. the pages I'd like to clone don' t have children btw... Regards, - I.
  10. Interesting... the discount is done/page? Mark? any chance you might set-up the bags shop as demo somewhere, so we can browse the back-end how you've done things? Nice job both! - I.
  11. If you're using foundation, Orbit Slider isn't that bad either... ánd responsive too.... - I.
  12. Thank you for your time and your answer. Sorry for the little delay in my answer... browsing this forum is time consuming Multi-language fields are indeed in order here. Title [global] and name are multilangual [three languages in total]. The pages don't have children. I did notice the last time I tried to install the clone module the permissions didn't appear. I've added them manually. Installed modules: CropImage, Pages2Pdf,MarkupSitemapXML and PageTreeAddNewChildsRevers. Third party Teflon Theme. I did have another 2.3.0 dev-site without 3rd party modules installed. I've upgraded that one to 2.3.2, then to 2.3.7, using the default admin module. Installed clone module on 2.3.2, worked fine. Un-installed the module, upgraded to 2.3.7 en re-installed the clone module. The same scenario as I did before. Unfortunately the same result: "Unrecognized path". Sometimes I don't have that error, the default 'clone this page' is reloaded. Kind regards!
  13. Funny.... I've been digging this forum like hell and I stumbled on this one... just after I finished a car site LOL. Still interesting and it seems I was on the right track from the beginning.... Great TUT
  14. Hi, it seems cloning a page is not working. Sometimes I get a message 'Invalid path'. Tried with Opera and Chrome. After hitting the 'send' button the 'You will clone...' is loaded again. Processwire 2.3.7 and Clone 1.0.1 I was using version 2.3.2 and I thought 'upgrading' could be the solution, but the problem remained. Greetings.
  15. I wanted to test out your theme... I think I found a bug... When cloning a page I get following error: Unrecognized path otherwise it looks nice ---------------------------- Edit: ignore this, it seems it has nothing to do with the theme... sorry. ---------------------------- Greetings
  16. I presume module 'Sessions' has to be installed then? If not... $u = $user->isLoggedin(); is enough just for checking if a user is logged in?
  17. Hi Arjen, thanks for the pointer, I was going that direction... but I couldn't figure out what I missed... now I did Well, I think at least.... $spamField = $form->get("sendanemail"); $spamAction = ''; $spamAction = $spamField->value; Actually I mostly use two hidden fields Greetings from the Southern Neighbours
  18. Due other obligations personal things are on hold, but this has been flagged as followed... when time comes I'll update this with my 'solution' [not the right word probably but can't think of anything else atm]... your suggestion is of course dearly noted!
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  20. Hi to keep this thread alive lol... I noticed the following // create a text input check for bots $field = $modules->get("InputfieldText"); $field->label = "Veld niet invullen"; // make it multilangual for the future $field->attr('id+name','hmntxt'); $form->append($field); // append the field to the form and then error check var_dump(trim($hmntxt)); if($hmntxt !== ''){ // attach an error to the field // and it will get displayed along the field $hmntxt->error("Opgelet, lees goed, het veld onder 'Veld niet invullen' dan ook niet invullen!"); } results in an error the dump actually works... changing the line to: $email->error("Opgelet, lees goed, het veld onder 'Veld niet invullen' dan ook niet invullen!"); also works [error line shows up under the E-Mail label Did I miss something somewhere... Oh, it's the good old 'honeypot' idea btw Grtz
  21. I've been experimenting with something similar. For now I use the prependTemplateFile and I've changed my homepage fields/template set-up. Actually my homepage is my 'settings-page'... In the _init.php I use: $sitename = $pages->get(1)->site_name; $telephone = $pages->get(1)->site_tel; $siteslogan = $pages->get(1)->site_slogan; that way I did some facebook stuff etc... image etc... if ($page->get('news_mainImage') != ''){ $thumb = $page->news_mainImage->getThumb(thumbnail); $fbImage = 'http://'.$config->httpHost; $fbImage .=$thumb; // $fbImage =$page->news_mainImage->httpUrl; doesn t work? }else{ $fbImage = 'http://'.$config->httpHost; $fbImage .= $config->urls->root; $fbImage .= 'site/templates/styles/images/logo.png'; } That way I can use whatever I want whenever I need and if I made a mistake [e.g. phonenumber has to be changed], only one field has be corrected in the back-end... <title><?php echo $page->get('pagetitle|title'); ?> :: <?php echo $sitename; ?> :: <?php echo $siteslogan; ?></title> the only thing I was wondering... since I'm using it in my "init" file, maybe I should use 'auto join' fields... but that's for later... still experimenting... Am I on the right track, or am I overdoing it? Grtz!
  22. Hi, I'm thinking of creating a website for showing movies. My idea so far was: - movies ---> All Movie Titles - program [or calendar as you like] ---> wednesday 7th of August - Movie 1 ---> Friday 9th of August - Movie 2 @ 10.00 ---> Friday 9th of August - Movie 2 @ 15.00 ---> Sunday 11th of August - Movie 1 @ 21.00 but then I was wondering, maybe inputting a whole week at once might be better... Kinda grid input calendar in the back-end from Wednesday till Thursday. Wednesday is always the first day of the latest releases, more then one movie can appear on one day but never on the same hour, and when 'latest show' is ticked somewhere [should be in the back-end], the latest movie_show_date should be updated under 'movies'. Actually that last one I something I still haven't figured out in PW... Ideas, suggestions, would be very welcome... Thx in advance!
  23. There are no 3rd party multi-language modules installed [actually pretty basic installation], I do however have a little code snippet in my _init.php file if ($modules->isInstalled('LanguageSupport')) { $lang = ($user->language->name == 'default' ? 'nl' : $user->language->name); }else{ $lang = 'nl'; } I've replaced the LanguageSupportPageNames.module with the one provided and the error seems to be gone. Hence my question somewhere if I could change the name 'default', now it makes more sense to me why it's unchangable... I wanted to make my life a bit easier on future installations and get rid of the language thingie, if I need a multi-lang website, I just install one [or more] languages and call the '$lang' when needed Again, thanks for the follow up and the quick response!
  24. Hi Ryan, I was using 2.3.0 [the stable version]. I did what you suggested, but the error remains: Recoverable Fatal Error: Argument 2 passed to LanguageSupportPageNames::getPagePath() must be an instance of Language, boolean given, called in ......\wire\modules\LanguageSupport\LanguageSupportPageNames.module on line 504 and defined (line 288 of ......\wire\modules\LanguageSupport\LanguageSupportPageNames.module) Regards!
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