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how can add custom field in front-end user login or register.


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Dear processwire community,
i have a problem in loginRegister module, i could not add custom field in login and register page.
i read from plugin documentation. they are saying.
" By default, the email and password fields are required for both forms. You may want to add more fields. To do this, you’ll need to add fields to your “user” template. You can add fields to your user template in the admin by going to “Setup > Templates > Show system templates > user”.

but i could not find similar scenario like “Setup > Templates > Show system templates > user”
i can see just "Setup > Templates" not seeing "Show system templates > user" in my admin panel.

Please help me in this case that how i can add custom field in these two page.

Regards AbdulQayyum


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Sorry, but I have added several fields to the user template.

I am then using:

$loginRegister = $modules->get('LoginRegister');
echo $loginRegister->execute();

But still I only get the email address and 2 x set password boxes. Have I forgotten something?

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