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Need help with multisite


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Hi all

I've built a website that contains 3 OnePagers. The structure is:

- home (landingpage with links to sites a, b and c)
-- site a
-- site b
-- site c
-- other pages...

Home has the main domain, let's call it main.com. the three pages are main.com/site-a, main.com/site-b and main.com/site-c. 

I'm looking for a way to have site a to c with their own domains, like site-a.com, site-b.com, site-c.com. these domain names should be visible in the url-bar of the browser (not main.com/site-a). Is there a way to do that? I want to keep it a single Processwire installation, not having three different ones (I know how to do that).

Your help is very much appreciated.


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Thanks for your answer @elabx, but I can't get it to work..

I used the following settings in config.php:

$config->httpHosts = array('rootpage.ch', 'www.rootpage.ch');

$config->MultisiteDomains = array(
    "site-a.ch" => array( // domain name is used to map to root page
        "root" => 4886 // page id

$config->httpHosts = array_unique(array_merge($config->httpHosts, array_keys($config->MultisiteDomains)));

the domain site-a.ch points to the same hosting as rootpage.ch (I guess there should be no redirect on the domain)

but no luck...

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