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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, We have 'Seminar_Schedule' repeater field in the template (One of the Admin Control Panel Page) Inside the 'Seminar_Schedule' repeater field (parent), we have 'SS_Datetime' repeater field. Inside the 'SS_Datetime' repeater field (child), We have 'SS_Startdatetime' and 'SS_Enddatetime' fields. How to do validation for 'SS_Startdatetime' and 'SS_Enddatetime' fields for below cases. Disallow creating duplicate items with the same date and time The 'SS_Startdatetime' value must not set within the range of existing items 'SS_Startdatetime' and 'SS_Enddatetime' fields. Similarly, The 'SS_Enddatetime' value must not fall within the range of existing items 'SS_Startdatetime' and 'SS_Enddatetime' fields.
  2. Hello all, I've been using repeater fields for many purposes. Mostly I use it to store multiple entries of similar kinds of data in a single page. A while ago Ryan answered one of my questions related to repeaters here. That is when I started wondering if I'm misusing the repeaters and probably will have to pay for it later when the site grows. So this question is just to understand the Do's and Don'ts about repeaters. I hope this will be informative for everyone & useful for not so bright people like me. Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, I have a peculiar issue: I am using a repeater which contains an image field. I can upload and then edit (crop, resize...) an image, but after saving the page once the editing function is no longer available. The crop icon completely disappears. Does anyone experience the same problem?
  4. It would be great to add limitiations (f.e. output 7 repeats without the possibility to add or to remove a repeat) to the repeater fields (like permanent repeats) This can be used for example for opening hours (output 7 repeats each for one day). The customer has no possibility to delete or add another repeat. The limitations should be placed under the details tab.
  5. I added the repeater field to my page. In the php template I added : <?php echo $page->my-repeater-area; ?> When I display the page in a browser - it's showing "1011", not the text and images from what I input in the admin area. What am I missing here? (The sub fields in the for each "my-repeater-area" are: building-description, building-image, and building-text.) Thanks in advanced: Ben
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