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A module which helps including Photoswipe and brings some modules for rendering gallery markup. Feedback highly appreciated :)

(Also pull requests are appreciated ? - have a new Job now and don't work a lot with ProcessWire anymore, yet, feel free to contact me here or on GitHub, Im'm still "online"!)


Modules directory: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/markup-processwire-photoswipe

.zip download: https://github.com/blynx/MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe/archive/master.zip

You can add a photoswipe enabled thumbnail gallery / lightbox to your site like this. Just pass an image field to the renderGallery method:

$pwpswp = $modules->get('Pwpswp');
echo $pwpswp->renderGallery($page->nicePictures);

Options are provided like so:

$galleryOptions = [
    'imageResizerOptions' => [
        'size' => '500x500'
        'quality' => 70,
        'upscaling' => false,
        'cropping' => false
    'loresResizerOptions' => [
        'size' => '500x500'
        'quality' => 20,
        'upscaling' => false,
        'cropping' => false
    'pswpOptions' => (object) [
        'shareEl' => false,
        'indexIndicatorSep' => ' von ',
        'closeOnScroll' => false

echo $pswp->renderGallery($page->images, $galleryOptions);

More info about all that is in the readme: https://github.com/blynx/MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe

What do you think? Any ideas, bugs, critique, requests?


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Hey Blynx,

Thanks for the nice module :)

Not sure, it's probably just me, but to get this working (local MAMP setup) I had to use the full module class name (MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe) (not the alias Pwpswp) and the css/javascript etc paths were incorrect , so instead of MarkupPwpswp/path-to-files within the .module file, I had to change these to MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe/path-to-files 

After this all worked nicely :) 

Thanks again!

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Update is out: https://github.com/blynx/MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe

Also removed the Pwpswp class alias, because it was pretty pointless. Processwire does not recognise it as a module and I don't really use static methods in that class.

0.5.1 - 2017/07/06, fixes

removed: Removed pointless shortcut alias class  
fixed: Use of correct module/class name for file paths  
fixed: Configuration instructions for file paths  
other: Updated readme  

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Yay, update: https://github.com/blynx/MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe

Now has some simple 'themes', cooler ones later ...

$pwpswp = $modules->get('MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe');
echo $pwpswp->renderGallery($page->nicePictures, ['theme' => 'h-scroller']);

// available themes: plain, flex, h-scroller

0.7 - 2017/07/11, themes

fixed: Size option correctly adopts height value
added: Theme functionality
added: Simple themes 'plain' (previous default), 'flex', 'h-scroller'
other: Updated readme
other: No notice on undefined photoswipe options
other: Refactoring

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Hey @blynx,

It is voluntary to make this module only compatible with PHP 7 ?


I wanted to give a try to your module for a website I am building right now - using PHP 5.6 - but calling the module with :

$pwpswp = $modules->get('MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe');
$gallery = $pwpswp->renderGallery($page->gallery, ['theme' => 'masonry']);

give me the following error (due to scalar type arguments) :



Anyway, already loving it, thanks for making this module. I am using it with InstagramFeed, IsotopeJS and InfiniteScroll in a custom theme - Masonry - based on the Plain one :




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so there is the new version out now which includes a gallery type like the ones in the medium articles.

The whole module has been rewritten and I changed the way the galleries are rendered. Instead of weird template files the galleries are now modules which extend the MarkupPwpswpGallery module. Have a look at the readme for some more info.

Everything should work just fine when updating despite the code changes. I build a gallery module which should ensure compatibility in case anyone was using her/his own template file.

This is the new gallery type „Petersburger Hängung



The inspiration for that type: https://github.com/SiteMarina/guggenheim

The linear partition problem:
https://github.com/crispymtn/linear-partition/blob/master/linear_partition.coffee#L11 (coffee script)

Yet, I implemented a simplier and I guess faster algorithm: https://stackoverflow.com/a/6670011/3004669
Maybe I will implement the original algorithm, too, at some point. ... 


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This is weird - but it looks like a permissions problem on your side? I guess you can fix this by setting the file/folder permissions.
I couldn't find anything wrong here at my place - is the folder name of the module correct?

How did you install it?

Sorry for the trouble - will have a closer look later the week

Maybe try a fresh installation of the module for now -

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Mh can't really tell from that screenshot.
One thing I noticed by myself already is, that it doesn't seem to work when caching is turned on - but I can't find the time to work on it right now. : |

Can you have a look into the markup and see what actually was appended, also which actual paths/urls are used which are failing here?


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I have used your great module on my PHP 5.6 installations.  I am working on a new website and would like to use this module.

I am getting the following error on installation:


Any help you can provide with how to get this installed would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I am getting a similar error when trying to upgrade from your version 7.2 to 9.2.2 (whether using PHP 5.6.x, PHP 7.0.x or PHP 7.2.x)

PHP 5.6.x 


PHP 7.0.x


PHP 7.2.x



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