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  1. Hi Horst, With your instructions and help, I got it to work. Thanks again for working with me in understanding proper methods for rendering the values I needed. For Future reference for anyone else(including myself if I forget )... There are two methods for rendering data from Metadata EXIF module. Array Method: // output the value for one key of the returned array $firstGalleryImage = $page->galleryimages->first()->getExif( array('FNumber') ); echo $firstGalleryImage['FNumber']; Object Method: // if you have choosen the result as object, you woul
  2. Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/photography/site/modules/MetadataExif/MetadataExif.module on line 44array(5) { ["FILE"]=> array(6) { ["FileName"]=> string(12) "apc_0046.jpg" ["FileDateTime"]=> int(1511813872) ["FileSize"]=> int(1160717) ["FileType"]=> int(2) ["MimeType"]=> string(10) "image/jpeg" ["SectionsFound"]=> string(30) "ANY_TAG, IFD0, THUMBNAIL, EXIF" } ["COMPUTED"]=> array(9) { ["html"]=> string(26) "width="2797" height="3496"" ["Height"]=> int(3496) ["Width"]=> int(2797) ["IsColor"]=> int(1) ["ByteOrderMotorola"
  3. returns - int(2) Returns - nothing. returns - string(36) "/photography/site/assets/files/1031/" returns - array(2) { ["apc_0046.jpg"]=> NULL ["img_0335.jpg"]=> NULL }
  4. Yes I can confirm all of this. The multi-image field has two images. Using your example array from the first post of this thread I can see Exif information being returned for both. Both files are jpg type files. See array information returned from your working example code below.
  5. returns NULL
  6. Blank, nothing is returned.
  7. echo $page->galleryimages->first()->getExif('FNumber');
  8. Hi, Thanks for the great module. I'm trying to use this for a single image, however, i'm unable to get this to work for just the first image in multi-image field.
  9. Yes, This worked. Thank you for the great module. I noticed a small typo just FYI.
  10. I tried to update my installation with the new updated version and still failed to update safely.
  11. Updated to the new version and it completely broke my site on my local machine. see attached image.
  12. Unfortunately, no it isn't. Local webdev development on my machine.
  13. yes i did. Didn't work. Yes, it is. I applied your code and doesn't work. I'll attach a screenshot of what I see.
  14. No, That's the confusing part. loginform.php <?php namespace ProcessWire; echo $loginForm; _main.php <?php namespace ProcessWire; /** * _main.php * Main markup file * * This file contains all the main markup for the site and outputs the regions * defined in the initialization (_init.php) file. These regions include: * * $title: The page title/headline * $content: The markup that appears in the main content/body copy column * $sidebar: The markup that appears in the sidebar column * * Of course, you can add as many regions as you like, or choose
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