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The default theme wouldn't be nicer even if it had such login page :) Do you need that?

Actually I find the default admin-page with the multi-hierarchy popup submenus a little bit quicker to use.
So I leave the default for the admins and use the Reno theme (with full beauty power) for the editors.

But with the AdminOnSteroids is getting better every day, that view might change. :-)

b.t.w.  I wonder why ASMtweak "move delete button to the left" is the default setting. The trash is now very close to the dragging handle, where selections can get removed easily inadvertently. That can pass unnoticed if ASM lists are very long, I think.

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I am using the default theme and want to send a small feedback.

a) if I select "sticky header" the tabs have not background any more (they float freely). I thought they where easier to read before. Why not having the background from the sticky header also there (as it was before) or a lighter variant of the background?

Or a "pills" menu design could look fancy there - opposite to tabs they look nice when floating.

b) I find the color and  place for the description and hints tooltip hard to find, but I want editors to take that information seriously. I switched that feature of but wanted to send a feedback anyway.


Bildschirmfoto 6.png

... or the tabs could be moved down?

Bildschirmfoto 7.png


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Thanks for the feedback! I don't see the issue with tabs, they doesn't have the gap at the bottom here:


Are you sure it's not cache? I checked with Chrome-Firefox too.

As for the tabs background, AOS doesn't "know" the colors of the theme, it just fixes things here or there with an additional CSS. So making bigger adjustments that would require bigger changes would be too error-prone (like making pills from tabs). The only colors I use is white and (shades of) black, and I use "inherit" where it's suitable. Otherwise theme colors would go out of control, especially if one sets a different theme color set (at the theme's module settings).

AsmTweaks delete icon: well I haven't thought of this before but it makes sense. I have never deleted an asmField accidentally, and probably never moved any by dragging at the "drag" icon, I usually start somewhere in the middle :) Anyways, I've removed it from the default settings. Sometimes it's hard to decide which way to go: support power users or stay on the safer side :)

I agree that tooltips/description icons are hard to find this way, but I couldn't find a better placement, and it's for power users so they usually doesn't need them. That's why it has an option to disable for non-superusers.

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Actually you're right :) Just tweaked AOS so both themes will have centered login. Say hello to the second checkbox in AOS for the default theme :)

Edit: download v050 to log in centered :)

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that's interesting why I see the default admin page differently.

OK, I see, the gap is coming from the "Prev/Next Tabs module (which is normally another of those cool admin additions). Those "prev"/"next" tabs have a css float-right, which is causing the gap here.

The gap goes away if the UL (tabs container) has overflow hidden.

Edited by ceberlin
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Thanks for figuring this out @ceberlin! I've set overflow: hidden as you suggested, haven't found a better way. This will be included in the next update.


I thought adding such feature too but I wouldn't like to re-create existing modules, especially if I don't have something in mind to improve. In case of @bernhard's Pagelist unselect module I had some UI additions and a "restore" feature, that's why I thought it would deserve a chance. In this case (PrevNextTabs) I thought adding a big right-left sticky arrows (like in sliders) but I'm not sure this would be better than the existing module. Anyway, if you have a better idea where should these prev-next links go, please share.

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@bernhard thanks, I've fixed the submenu gap in the main nav.

I also managed to fix the "hoverSaveDropdown" issue (flicker on hover). It's only CSS and I have to test a little more but it's promising. The solution is to hide the "dropdown" part of the button and add the down arrow with :after. Plus I had to add pointer-events: none to the span inside the buttons as they also caused flickering. 

I underestimated this issue because it wasn't as noticable in the Reno theme as in the default. Now it seems fine in both of them.

As for the centered logo in the login page: I'm not sure about it. I like that it sits in the corner but if there are others who vote for it, then let it be.

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Hello tpr,

here is a new z-index issue :-[


On th right side - the dropdown of the usermenu will be overlapped by the PW messages. Not a big problem. You can click them away, but if you have time....:)

Data: PW 3.0.30, Reno Theme, AdminOnSteroids 0.5.1

Best regards from the z-index man

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Thanks @Juergen, this should be fixed in v052.

There's a new feature to FileFieldTweaks (named FileFieldToolbar before v052) that allows downloading assets - images or files. To keep things simple I've used the "download" HTML5 attribute which doesn't work in IE, at least in IE11. I don't plan to fix this because the download link will open in a new window if it's unsupported so it's still usable.



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On 20.8.2016 at 10:26 PM, tpr said:

As for the centered logo in the login page: I'm not sure about it. I like that it sits in the corner but if there are others who vote for it, then let it be.

then i vote for a checkbox: "center logo on login-page" ;)

just checked the new version and the fixes seem to work, thank you :)

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5 hours ago, ceberlin said:

Maybe obvious, but I just realized that a checkbox field without a headline does not show it's convenient field-edit popups.

Thanks, good spot. The label in this case is hidden so the tooltip won't be shown (though it's already there). I'll find a way to fix.


Ok, I'll see - I think the checkbox would be too much in this case.

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hi tpr,

maybe if you find the time it would be awesome if you could fix/report/pull request the issue with the flickering dropdowns in admin as well as you just fixed that at buttons. maybe it's the same issue?

although i think that should be considered to be a bug and should not be something you need steroids for... maybe you can make an issue on github and talk to ryan what is the reason for it?

thank you :)

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I may not understand this entirely - now the admin have button dropdowns that are shown on click, not on hover, and they don't seem to flicker here.
Or do you talk about other dropdowns?

The current fix in AOS is only a workaround and not really applicable elsewhere.

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I may found the culprit: the top positon of the dropdown is 46.5px. It's calculated by JS, but I guess it's safe to hardcode as 47px. Try adding this with devtools and see if it helps:

.topnav.ui-menu.dropdown-menu {
	top: 47px !important;

Works here in Chrome. In Firefox I couldn't see the flicker at all. In Chrome I see it very rarely, but if you zoom out the page it occurs more often.

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Thanks, I haven't notice this because I have the ToolTips submodule always ON and that sets overflow: visible on the element. This will be fixed in the next release, which will be released a bit later because I have modified how HTML classes are added to the page. Now this happens entirely in the backend and not with JavaScript, which has several clear benefits, eg. much less DOM modification and because classes are present immediately, there's no need for the loader. I kinda liked the loader though but without it the admin feels faster. I have to check all settings again to see if everything is in place.

I'm also experimenting with a feature that allows selecting pages and add them to the sidebar/top nav. So far so good, I took the simplest route that requires a bit of JavaScript but I think it's OK in an admin. Otherwise I would have to add/remove pages on module install/uninstall but I wouldn't really like that way.


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      Same goes for image description fields. Multi-language SEO friendly images are good to go.

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      No "translate page" - Translating multiple fields can be done by clicking multiple translation links on multiple fields at once but engineering a "one click page translate" is not feasible from a user experience standpoint. The time it takes to translate one field can be a second or two, but cumulatively that may take much longer (CKEditor fields are slower than plain text fields). There may be a workaround in the future but it isn't currently on the roadmap. See a solution below... No "translate site" - Same thing goes for translating an entire website at once. It would be great, but it would be a very intense process and take a very (very) long time. There may be a workaround in the future but it isn't on the roadmap. No current support for Inline CKEditor fields - Handling for CKEditor on-demand hasn't been implemented yet, this is planned for a future release though and can be done. I just forgot about it because I've never really used that feature personally.. Alpha release - This module is in alpha. Releases should be stable and usable, but there may be edge case issues. Test the module thoroughly and please report any bugs via a Github issue on the repository or respond here. Please note that the browser plugin for Grammarly conflicts with Fluency (as it does with many web applications). To address this issue it is recommended that you disable Grammarly when using Fluency, or open the admin to edit pages in a private window where Grammarly may not be loaded. This is a long-standing issue in the larger web development community and creating a workaround may not be possible. If you have insight as to how this may be solved please visit the Github page and file a bugfix ticket.
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      File issues and feature requests here (your feedback and testing is greatly appreciated):
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      Field that stores one or more references to ProcessWire pages with additional data in field context.
      Values are editable via page edit modal of the referenced page provided from the field if module AdminPageFieldEditLinks is installed and "Enable link to create new pages?" is checked in field settings.
      Requirements: AdminPageFieldEditLinks >= 3.1.4
      Use case example:
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      The conference consists of a conference part and an exhibition. The planning is done via a separate frontendless PW instance. There, all companies (pages) that are active at various events are kept in a pool. Changes (address, logo) can always be done there. For the exhibition of the current conference in November, the exhibitor-companies (pages) are selected via a page reference field. A stand number must now be assigned to each selected company (page). We had originally solved this using the Profield FieldtypeTable. However, this had the disadvantage that each entry again made all companies available for selection and did not recognize which were already selected in a previous table row. The new field type now allows the value (company's stand number) to be assigned to a Company (page) in context to a specific Pagefield living in a specific page.
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