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  1. +1 Well, we all know that Ryan is not interested in attracting hordes of developers to ProcessWire, and I agree, as I also prefer quality over quantity. However, making sure he keeps the current community he already has is vital to ProcessWire. If his standpoint is something like "Guys, I am not much interested in what you think is one of the most important things in order not to loose you by turning you towards other systems, but I am here to help to make mods to the core when you need them." than that approach will hurt ProcessWire, I think.
  2. Sure, I did it a few times but clients always have to pay the price :) Just kidding... Yes, it can sometimes be a real issue for sure. Anyway, I work solo and my projects/clients are somewhat "special" and most of the time clients just rely on all my decisions. Still, thanks for your insights! You have clearly explained your motivations which are more than reasonable, I think. I would be more than happy to join a crowd funding initiative if YOU were the one to lead it, but first someone needs to make Ryan firmly believe he also needs this... Sounds impossible, but never say never.
  3. I was explaining the very same needs above, I think. I think we can all agree that this would be dead useful. Ryan does the same but manually, as he enjoys redoing manual clicking work in production. While I can imagine that it can be fun for him, I always avoid this, as it is boring to do it IMHO. That is why I make changes to templates/fields in production, clone the db to local afterwards, and work in code in local staging. When all is ok, I just need to apply the code changes to production because the production db is already up-to-date in the first place. While it works for a one man show, starts to be an issue for a team. Still, even a solo developer would be better off if our feature request could become reality one day.
  4. Personally, I'm not after versioning, I have never ever reverted back my code/database to any previous state, anyway, as I only sometimes copy some useful lines from a few hours ago and that's it. I painstakingly test all what I implement, so in the end there is no need to revert to anything. What I am after is being able to edit templates/fields in the admin on my local machine and when I am done (and has already thoroughly tested all my work), I would like to push all the changes to the production site with a single click. That's it.
  5. I firmly believe that Ryan should be the one to do it, even thought he does not (yet) need it for some reason. I would only be willing to add money to the "pool" if he is the one who implements AND maintains it. So why don't we just pledge that we collect the amount he asks for its initial development and ask him to do it? New features for ProDevTools perhaps?
  6. That would be great! Please also make it "FormBuilder friendly" becasue - just as you suggested – it makes perfect sense.
  7. FYI: " Google Analytics Now Illegal in Austria; Other EU Member States Expected to Follow The Austrian Data Protection Authority ("Datenschutzbehörde" or "DSB" or "DPA") has ruled that Austrian website providers using Google Analytics are in violation of the GDPR. ... ...all Google Analytics data can be imported into Matomo so no historical data is lost. " you can read more: https://matomo.org/blog/2022/01/google-analytics-gdpr-violation/?mtm_campaign=newsletter_2022_01_21
  8. Well, editing YAML is easier, that's what YAML is about, after all. However, most PHP developers are probably more familiar with the PHP syntax than the YAML syntax and since the recorder would generate the text file, a developer would just read the file and not edit it anyway (at least that would be the point, wouldn't it?) So yeah, PHP looks a lot more feasible than YAML.
  9. For anyone interested, I have created a set of placeholder images to be used for webshop projects and such. Should be useful for fellow Padloper 2 testers :) Download it from over here: https://szabesz.hu/_dl/pw/shop/dummy_webshop_images_v1.0.0.zip Note: some items have color variation images included as well.
  10. A picture (meaning a few lines of example code) is worth a thousands words :) Thanks for caring and sharing guys, btw.
  11. Thanks for the showcase @bernhard! What I would personally still need is ProcessWire "recording" my manual modifications in the admin, so that I do not have to remember too much, as I can't. At least not this sort of thing, becasue I do not have to do it on a daily bases. In fact, often I do not work with PW on a daily bases, PW is "just" – albeit a very important – a tool for me, which I use from time to time. So the more I don't even have to memorize the better.
  12. @kongondo Thanks, yesterday I was assuming the wrong thing and just enabled URL segments on the home template. Seeing so many TBDs I have not reached the end of the read me, sorry for that. Now I also see that you mention this topic over here too: https://docs.kongondo.com/frontend.html As for the About page, I did not even notice that yesterday. I just created a product, wondered why the product page is 404 then went to bed. BTW, this starter profile is really useful even though it needs more work, but quite enough to learn the basics.
  13. Will we also be able to use it as a "shopping cart" (provided it is coded/setup that way, of course), perhaps?
  14. @kongondo I have installed Padloper 2 along with your Starter frontend demo, see: http://padloper-starter.szabesz.hu/ I wonder why going to the product page leads to 404. Any ideas?
  15. The good thing that the most important bits needed by native migration features are there. The bad thing is that it is not completely automated. If you already spotted the missing bits, maybe you (including Horst, since he does something similar) could cooperate with Ryan on implementing the "rest"? I am asking this because I am planning to apply this method as well in the future.
  16. Thanks for the example! I think this weekend will be the earliest when I have the time to actually install it. Can't wait :)
  17. Also, what kind of upgrade/support policy and price can we expect? Also, as I stated in the other post, in order to use Padloper 2 at all, I will surely need: Discounts + Stripe + Invoice generation (but not management). For all of this, a developers "API" is enough at the beginning, adding admin management can come later, as that is not a dealbreaker for me. Generally, I think you can make better progress, if you do not spend too much time on admin features but instead on the docs and features that we developers can use to roll out our "custom" solutions, so that we can fill in the gap for ourselves until you get there with your own implementation...
  18. Just a quick question: I cannot see any sign of promotional coupons/discounts in the screenshots nor in the text of the docs. When do you think you might be able to start working on it in the future, the earliest? Regarding the projects I need to work on, coupons/discounts and Stripe payment is the only major missing bits I could spot so far. It would be great to see them being implement during the beta period. As far as coupons/discounts are concerned, first and foremost I am thinking of a developers' API (and/or hooks?) upon which we can implement virtually anything we might need to. Usually my clients do not even want to touch this area in the webshops I manage, so for me there is no need for an admin GUI at all. Sure, being able to manage coupons/discounts in the admin will be a must for many, but to start with, a versatile way to tap into the calculation of the Total price would be preferable as most of the time I am asked for promotional methods which often not pre-made in any system out there at all. And this also includes adding gift items to the cart, and sometimes such gifts are not even sold in the store, being promotional gifts only. So I am mainly interested in an API which allows us to modify the Cart / Coupons / Subtotals / Shipping / Insurance / Total based on any custom requirement. Meaning adding any customs cost as well, when required. I hope this makes sense :)
  19. Probably my method is in the dinosaur category, but it still works without spending too much time on migrating a database: If I do not mix up production with local then it is fool proof. It takes less than 15 secs from start to finish to clone a small database including all the keystrokes I have to perform at the beginning. Sure, it is the other way round regarding migrating, but for a one man show it is not a big deal. When modifying settings in production, I sometimes have to do the cloning more than once but since the whole process is so fast, for me it is a non-issue. "I am still waiting" for an official automated migrating solution included in the ProcessWire core :P
  20. That's a relief! I almost started to wonder how you would deliver the ladies some people might imagine to order ;) Happy new year Francis, I'm looking foward to it all as always.
  21. Thank you! All the same to you and to all of us! It will be nice to take a closer look for sure, thank you in advance.
  22. For each operating system one needs to find the right utilities to bend it to one's needs, at least doing it is a must for those who care... If you want to give your Mac another try, then browsing lists like these can help: https://github.com/jaywcjlove/awesome-mac https://github.com/serhii-londar/open-source-mac-os-apps I am somewhat biased of course, as I have never worked on anything else than a Mac. The most powerful tools I use to solve almost all of my UX issues are these: https://www.keyboardmaestro.com/main/ https://manytricks.com/butler/ https://www.stclairsoft.com/DefaultFolderX/ https://www.trankynam.com/atext/ https://rectangleapp.com/ https://www.thnkdev.com/QuickRes/ They have some overlapping features as well and in such a case I always use the app that seems to be able to better solve the UX issue in question. What I would no longer like to work without is Keyboard Maestro. For example, among other things I also use Keyboard Maestro to create shortcuts for features which would otherwise be impossible as it can even be used to "simulate mouse clicks" if a GUI element is in a fixed position relative to (for example) the main application window because Keyboard Maestro "can click" on it for me, and I can just assign a keyboard shortcut to that macro.
  23. Thanks, since it is not so intuitive to look there (and AOS has probably spoiled me, and I often hide/disable Tracy anyway...) I keep forgetting it. Also, I do not work on PW projects these days too much, so my memory is fading, but I'm trying to keep it fresh by reading all the forum posts that look "interesting". Side note: I could have just implemented my own module like this one as it is not rocket science to do it but I do not have free time these days I'm afraid, so I am happy to see that someone deals with these features, and puts those links into the positions where l would look for them.
  24. Hello, Thank you for sharing your module. I used to install AdminOnSteriods on all of the sites I work on, which module (among lots of other features) can do the same. However, since AdminOnSteroids might not be maintained in the future, I started not to use it. What I am really missing without AdminOnSteroids is this feature you implemented, and a similar one, which is a link to the edit template page. So my first idea to improve the module would be to add an "Edit template: templatename" link next to the title of the page (H1 id="pw-content-title" in the html source of the page). BTW, I installed it and the cog icon does not show up, because you hardcoded the admin url into the module. Could you please us $pages->get($config->adminRootPageID)->url instead? Yeah, it involves PHP, but: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/8343-access-page-and-pages-variables-from-inside-a-javascript-file/ Or maybe some knows that the admin URL is already provided by the PW admin on the JavaScript side as well?
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