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  1. Just WOW!!! My jaw is on the floor! Great work indeed!! Congratulations @bernhard ! Stupendous accomplishment!
  2. Is German your default language? What do you call "pages overview" is the page tree?
  3. It's easy to import an XML and populate the fields via PW's great API. You can create a module, or a simple script that can run in a template or via command line. Take a look on the source code of the MarkupLoadRSS module: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/MarkupLoadRSS/blob/master/MarkupLoadRSS.module I think you can adapt it to your needs very quickly.
  4. An approach you can use is to create a Page field referencing pages with that template. Add this field to the User template. Thus, if you add property X to the user "Mary", you can check that in your code when Mary requests page X.
  5. Hi @szabesz! Yes, it works! I'm running it on PW 3.0.57 right now, in production. I have two actions: 1 - "Generate Short URL on adding a page" - On page save, it calls an API on another server (mine too) that runs an installation of https://yourls.org 2 - "Set end date on events, if empty" - the name is self explanatory.
  6. Thanks for the module, @Sipho! It also can be done using the approach described in this blog post: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/introducing-iftrunner-and-the-story-behind-it/#iftrunner-release This module has a broad, generic usage, so that's why you didn't find it when searched for you needs, I guess.
  7. See if the template's "Name format for children" field is setup to output a date (Family tab)
  8. Very nice! It will be extremely useful in some scenarios. Thank you, @Robin S!
  9. Hello, zaib! Welcome to the forums. To add a language to PW's admin, you need to: Install language modules ->https://modules.processwire.com/modules/language-support/ Add a language pack, that is nothing but a bunch of json files contaning already translated strings. But I'm afraid there is no Arabic language pack available. Which means that no one created one yet. As there's no language pack, you need to translate the strings yourself. Check the language forum: https://processwire.com/talk/forum/14-multi-language-support/
  10. Did you set autoload to true? I was getting the same problem with a module and I read somewhere that it will only invoke the ready method if autoload's true.
  11. Hi, @skovar! In the end, I decided to not use the module on the project I was working on because some requirements changed, but I think it's working, but I didn't try it with the latest version of PW. What I mean is that with my pull request, the module can upload the image variations.
  12. You probably set your publish_date field to automatically set a default date (NOW()) on page save.
  13. Yes, it is. Go to the Input tab on the field settings and add a value to "Columns of Checkboxes". I forgot to say that the options are going to be divided automatically, you cannot control the column order like you mentioned.
  14. Maybe this gives you ideas: http://foundation.zurb.com/emails/inliner-v2.html
  15. Very cool project! That's a great use case for PW you got!