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  1. I am struggling to show the $page->path in as a <li> right after all the other actions like new, edit, et cetera. The reason for this is that a client has to copy a lot of his urls and it sames him some time being able to see them. I can get it to work as an action, but I'd would really like to just have an <li>. As an alternative a place after the closing <ul> is also great. Thanks in advance! This is what I have right now: <?php /** * PageListPath 0.0.1 ProcessWire module * * @author Arjen * @created 22/11/2012 * * ProcessWire 2.x * Copyright (C) 2010 by Ryan Cramer * Licensed under GNU/GPL v2, see LICENSE.TXT * * http://www.processwire.com * http://www.ryancramer.com * */ class PageListPath extends WireData implements Module { /** * getModuleInfo is a module required by all modules to tell ProcessWire about them * * @return array * */ public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'Page List Path', 'version' => 001, 'summary' => 'Adds the path to the page', 'autoload' => true ); } public function init() { $this->addHookAfter("ProcessPageListRender::getPageActions", $this, 'hookPageListActions'); } /** * Hook into ProcessPageListRender * */ public function hookPageListActions(HookEvent $event) { $page = $event->arguments[0]; $actions = $event->return; $actions[] = array( 'cn' => 'Copy', 'name' => 'Copy path', 'url' => "#" ); $event->return = $actions; } }
  2. Yeah, secured pagefiles. No more fiddling with passthrough pages. Thanks!
  3. I've learned most things (and beyond) are possible in PW, but don't except a plug-and-play solution. What do you mean by entailed? Could you provide some links to the WordPress plug-ins you are referring to?
  4. If I remove the domain from the module setting I can browse the root site normally. If I browse: http://www.maindomain.com/www.seconddomain.com/ it loads the seconddomain homepage. The 404 error is generated by PW. It doesn't redirect when I try to reach: http://www.seconddomain.com/testpage/ I am using this with some subdomains. Could that be the issue here? The root site is located at: http://clientdomainname.clients.mysite.com/ I will PM you in a short moment.
  5. Currently I'm trying to get this to work, but I'm seriously questioning if I'm using this right. What I initially thought that had to do the following steps: 1) Make sure all the traffic from www.seconddomain.com points to the home directory of the www.maindomain.com. (checked) 2) Install the module and make sure that www.seconddomain.com is added to the textarea. (checked) 3) Create a new page with the template 'home' with the title matching the domain - in this case www.seconddomain.com. Status of the page is published and hidden. (checked) Then I thought I have to add another page to make this work: 4) Create a page with a template underneath the 'second' homepage called 'Testpage'. Status of the page is published. I can reach the page using the following URL: http://www.maindomain.com/www.seconddomain.com/testpage/ But I can't reach the page using this URL: http://www.seconddomain.com/testpage/ Things I've noticed 1. When I try to reach www.seconddomain.com it displays a 404 error. 2. The other items (like the primary navigation) on rootlevel are changed to www.seconddomain.com. Thinking Then I starting thinking (just about then ): is this supposed to work like this? The idea I got a very simple site with three pages and the client really liked to the idea to create some landing pages using other domains but using the same structure. Hence I thought apeisa's Multisite could be used here. Many thanks for any thoughts!
  6. arjen

    Houghton Academy

    I'm looking at it a lot more in depth now. This must have been a great project to work and plan on. Were you also involved in the information architecture part? There seems to be many pages. Nice work, since nearly everything feels really natural and well-thought through. Also, great to see the ProcessWire logo in the footer.
  7. Works great! Nice updates wanze! Also, updating is a breeze thanks to soma's wonderfull Module Manager.
  8. arjen

    FYI :-)

  9. You can download Processwire (including the default profile) or the blog profile. Those are really good starting points.
  10. @netcarver and @diogo: thanks. Too easy actually. Works fine here. I tested links with or without classes, with or without titles, with or without images and all seem to work fine. I think it's way more readable than Markdown. It's humane. From my experience people (including developers and designers) coming from wysiwyg editors seem to be scared at first seeing Markdown or Textile. When it comes to learning, Textile is easier adopted than Markdown and by most even prefered over wysiwyg editors. So indeed it's really great to have Netcarver here!
  11. Depending on your set-up there are some files (1000 or something). Using FTP it shouldn't be so long. I usually tar all files and extract them on the server. That's a lot quicker.
  12. I use textile in all my projects. Perhaps a newbie question: how can I test this?
  13. Me neither. Tested on Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac.
  14. You're welcome. I read most anything in the API and watched most video's. Also check out the cheatsheat. It's made by soma and is very handy when you quickly need to find something.
  15. If I understand you correctly is this possible using a repeater. Check out the video and if you have any questions please report back!
  16. You're right mike77. It doesn't mean you're allowed, but since it's technically possible it can be done.
  17. It is possible. The ProcessWire cms is basicly running on ProcessWire. There were some discussions about this topic a while ago.
  18. Soma, I use this all the time, because it's such a timesaver. Just stopping by to say thanks!
  19. Just bought it. It works marvelous. Great module! When I buy a one year license can we use it for one year or can we download upgrades and recieve support for one year?
  20. Depends on the situation. I think for a status/time POV like Twitter or Facebook an infinate scroll is a very good solution, but one has to think very carefully how to implement this. I've seen this being used on newspages and mostly it's just a fancy solution for a problem that's doesn't exist.
  21. Could it be possible that you set the limit on of the files field is set to 1? I think in that case there isn't a loop, but a single file.
  22. Looks nice renobird! Could you point out how to start making columns? From there I can figure it out myself, but at the moment I haven't got any clue! Thanks!
  23. I think you need to loop twice. First, through the related pages (it seems you're already doing this) and then through the files. But this depends on how you set-up your files fieldtype.
  24. Perhaps you could look at Ryan's blog profile. The way he uses pages to create tags in the blogpost is very taglike. In fact from a backend POV it couldn't get any taggier. I've used his example in a gallery and the client really liked it.
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