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  1. Me too. This may be true from a marketing POV, but to me - and I guess others here - you are great with words on this forum. This seems very logical, but sometimes Google indexes really weird stuff like breadcrumbs. I have to say this only happened to me with some e-commerce solutions like Magento and Opencart. Since then I never really relied on this. Also I think that a good written text always contains an introduction and I usually make sume that such an introduction is in the meta description automatically, so that it can be edited later on.
  2. On a housing detail page I am tempted to click the +. But it's not clickable, maybe this is confusing to others as well. Otherwise: looking good MadeMyDay!
  3. You can just create users through the API. It's very easy, just make sure you assign the proper roles. You can read more if you like at the user page.
  4. Sure, here (dutch) and here (dutch). Sorry about the Dutch only, but Karel is a highly recognized SEO expert. I also seen some blogs by Matt Cutts announcing this back in 2009, but can't find the links. I didn't say the meta description isn't important, but the Google algorithm seems to be changing slowly. For visitors coming from Google a highly attractive description does result in a better click ratio. As Matt Cutts always said you should write for visitors not for Google. That's why an automated description is great as a fallback, but you shouldn't use it, lay back and forget about creating unique, attrictive descriptions.
  5. Soma's tip is seriously good. I use it all the time. 100x better than the search feature on the forum itself.
  6. Dealing with images I usually output the url of the image first and when it works I wrap it around the <img /> tag.
  7. According to the latest seo standards Google is using less and less importance with the title and meta description. But that's another discussion
  8. That's very true, but sometimes SE's don't get the right content. I use this all the time if the meta description is empty. But, then again, I always make sure they are filled over time. When you launch a new site it can come in handy. You should know the rules before you break them
  9. In the /site/config.php file around line 92 you can find $config->debug = false;.
  10. No need the apologize. You gotta start somewhere. You can find examples in the forums. If these won't work out, let me know and I will try help you otherwise.
  11. Same here. Couple of times a week it comes in handy!
  12. Looks good, works very fast. One minor point: when you click the icon to show the images the scrollbars disappear and the image adjusts a bit to the left. Perhaps it's an idea to always show a scrollbar so the image won't move.
  13. I ... am ... amazed. This really looks great. For me I can see the "Create quick [whatever page]" working really great on several large sites. Perhaps a list of new/unread contactforms entries would be nice see too.
  14. @soma, @diogo, This is what I've been looking for. Thanks you very much! *double like this* So in retrospect it was my way of thinking. I thought that with the $pages->find you can also find the fields. Now I see it doesn't make sense at all the way I was thinking. I dig deeper into PW with PageArray(). Thanks all for your thoughts!
  15. It does So it isn't possible to get the quotes itself (across multiple pages)?
  16. Thanks for your insights! Actually I was referring to your code. My apologies if I didn't make myself clear. echo $pages->find("repeat.email!="); Does this code grabs the pages on which the quotes are associated ? Or does this code grabs the quotes itself (across multiple pages)?
  17. @ryan, latest ProcessWire (check), not unpublished or hidden (check). Double check that you've got all the field names spelled right and in the same case, between the field definition and your selector (we all make this mistake on occasion, so just double check) (check). I did work it out, but the other way around. I thought $pages->find("repeater_name.field_name") would find the fields within the repeater itself. I just pulled the person I want the quotes from and then shuffled the list, grab the first and output the quote. My idea was to get all the quotes and shuffle then shift, but the client and I decided his quotes were fine too. I guess this might have to do with my thinking. Still learning everyday that PW is so simple in it's ways and my previous CMS experiences/thinking is way to complicated. Thanks guys for the help. Here is the code I finally used. $johnsonPage = $pages->find("template=employee, title~=Johnson")->first(); $quoteList = $johnsonPage->employee_quotes->shuffle(); $quoteList = $quoteList->shift(); $employeeQuote = $quoteList->employee_quote; EDIT: @diogo, I was thinking... This code actually grabs the pages the quotes are associated with right? Or does this code grabs the quotes itself?
  18. @Soma, thanks for your thougts. My first assumption was that the repeater itself works fine on the page where it is called. Only on the homepage I didn't get any output IF I was logged out. @diogo, also thanks for your thoughts! What I am trying to accomplish is to get one random quote from all employees on the homepage.The repeater field itself and the textfield is only used on one template and on 4 pages (4 employees). Like I said to @Soma on the page itself it works fine pulling random quotes. Your $pages->find("employee_quotes.employee_quote!="); won't give any results. It doesn't make a difference if I am logged or not. I also tried to get a list of employees and loop through all of them, but that seems like a bit overkill. I understand now that fields within the repeater are hidden pages. That does make a lot of sense. The question is: how to work my way around it?
  19. I have a repeater field called: "employee_quotes". I have a plain text field called: "employee_quote". The employee_quote lives within employee_quotes. I was thinking this might be a rights issue, because when I'm logged in it works fine. As soon as I log out it doesn't work. Is it not possible to call direct a field within a repeater?
  20. I've added a repeater to a website - unfortunately local - and the fields won't show up for guests. It works fine if I'm logged in as admin, but not for guest. $quoteList = $pages->find("employee_quote!=")->shuffle(); $quoteList = $quoteList->shift(); $employeeQuote = $quoteList->employee_quote; if ($employeeQuote) { $mainContent .= "<blockquote>{$employeeQuote}</blockquote>"; } I've looked at all the options, but I must be missing something. Any ideas? Thanks for your thoughts!
  21. Thanks Ryan for making this possible and thank you all for testing. This is something I've been looking for ages. Especially the flexibility with the API.
  22. Love the way the navigation changes - if needed for contrast - colour when a different image is shown. Very well carried out website diogo!
  23. I have never removed or slightly suggested that the stuff I use is made by me or the company I work for. Andy Rutledge also has a very interesting point of view regarding white labeling (and branding) and why it isn't really fit for the web.
  24. I suggest you read this thread too. Especially the part why not to use FTP, because of rights issues. Ryan outlined some alternatives which I use since then.
  25. Could it be that you installed PW on a domain on which you previously installed another site? If that's the case it could be cache.
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