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  1. Great work! Nice to see a PW logo at the bottom. Love it.
  2. arjen

    Tour dates

    Thanks, which saves a couple of clicks!
  3. arjen

    Tour dates

    Hmmm, I always assumed that to sort any field (except title) it has to be autojoined. Thanks for the info!
  4. arjen

    Tour dates

    Edit: welcome! First off, create a template tourdates and a template tourdate. Setup appropriate family construction in the template under "family" so that the tourdate template is only addable under the tourdates template. Then you create a datetime field called tour_date_start. Add the field to the tourdate template. Setup a page called /tours/ with the tourdates template. Make sure you setup the field correcty under the details tab. Create an couple of pages (basicly dates) under /tours/. Create a file called tourdates.php and loop the content as following: foreach ($page->children as $tourdate) { echo $tourdate->title; // this is the title echo $tourdate->tour_date_start; // this is your date } If you want to show them at another page, i.e. the homepage you can do the following: $getTourDates = $pages->get("/tours/")->children(); // Get the parent and loop through these use the above example. If you want to sort them by date turn on autojoin at the field page in the admin - it's under advanced. Then you can sort them by tour_date_start like: $getTourDates = $pages->get("/tours/")->children(sort=tour_date_start); // Get the parent and loop through these sorted use the above example.
  5. Thanks Ryan. I guess that's true, but these kinds of awards do shine on your CMS even if it's only a nomination. So a couple of more votes will let others know ProcessWire is a CMS to consider in their toolbelt. That's why I'm bringing in the family .
  6. We need one at the top of every f**** page! We're falling behind in both categories. Still an honor to be listed, but since we're on the list it would be great to win in at least one category! I will spam my family to vote as well. Pay it forward!
  7. That should work. To minimize the code you can also try to turnaround the statement using an ifnot (!). if (!$page->id) { // do stuff }
  8. If I understand you correctly, you can get the first item using this: $page->repeater_field->first() A repeater field is returned as a PageArray.
  9. I think you can check against $page->id instead of $page.
  10. This is a site I released a couple of years ago, but since their previous hosting provider couldn't upgrade her plan to mysql 5 (!) I somehow managed to get all kinds of weird textpattern messages when editing the different photoalbums. I moved her to another hosting company. Kudos to Textpattern for working on a server which was never updated since the early releases by Dean of TextPattern. Just for the photoalbums I converted the site to ProcessWire in two nights. Props for TextPattern for not infering with my code so the transformation process couldn't be done any quicker. Props for Ryan for making the other end possible. Lisettemartens.nl Game on. Got a couple of sites to convert too. Now it's time to buy that form thing.
  11. Good to hear! And welcome to the forums!
  12. Just an idea: it looks like you name you file with an Uppercase (Semphome.inc) and include with a lowercase (include("./semphome.inc"). Maybe that's the problem?
  13. Thanks, smd! I will definately put this on the todo list.
  14. You're right, Pete. Most lawyers seems to have that unapproachable image. It's great to hear that your impression of this office is contradictory to that image!
  15. Offcourse I agree with you, but I would rather test it on a staging part like staging.website.com than on an actual livesite. If you get those kinds of errors you should revert back to what you got. I wouldn't recommend anyone to perform those kinds of tests on the actual url itself. It's like debugging and the whole world could watch you.
  16. Thanks for adressing the issue. It only happens when the viewport width is small and the height is very large. On most phones, tablets it should look fine! If you have other experiences it would gladly like to know!
  17. Thanks Diogo! I changed it a bit. Should be more readable now.
  18. Micta (Mensink ICT Advocatuur) is a lawyer office based in Groningen, The Netherlands and specializes in internet law, intellectual property law and general IT law. You can safely press the accept/akkoord/accepteren button, it's a Dutch cookie thing. Link: micta.nl
  19. Site for my girlfriend who likes to paint. Since a couple of people kept asking for a website I made one for her. Some image are a bit blurry and will recieve a quality bump soon. Got some installations issues since it's installed in a folder with a .htaccess redirect, but soma and ryan helped me out fixing the issie. So thanks for that. The link to the site is here: annemieboer.nl. There will be some additional functionality like switching backgrounds, select a paiting by colour, size or frame. Those will be added later on.
  20. Thans guys! I included $config->urls->root = '/'; at the top of my main.inc template. Then I changed $page->path; to $page->url; and it seems to work fine. I didn't have to use symlinks, since the paths are accessible at '/'.
  21. Yeah, but sometimes I'm working for really small clients and integrating disqus is really easy = therefore no time charged. Commenting systems like PW's comments are really great, but sometimes more functionality is needed. Since disqus covers most functionality you can image in a commenting system, my advise would be to use that one. But if you want to be in charge of the data being saved and don't want to rely on a thirdparty other options are more robust and often better. Sometimes it just comes down to the clients budget. Corporate companies are often more focussed on saving own data than a small blog.
  22. No worries, just looking for some options here since I can't alter the vhost. I will give the page->path a go tonight when I'm at home. Will report back.
  23. I would consider budget an issue here. Lots of money: own system with facebook / twitter login or default sign up (or not) to comment. No money: Disqussion ends here. It also depends on the need, on the targetting audience, on the goals and on the types of users who will visit the website. Personally, I have used it once and it is really easy to set-up, but I always get a strange feeling if the clients content is on another system.
  24. Thanks for the detailed explanation. It seems the folder name isn't in de $event-return variable. It I echo $event->return (see code below) it didn't return the folder title, but the page name like /contact or /over-mij. Where does ProcessWire include the path? Maybe I can str_replace something there? public function replacePath(HookEvent $event) { echo $event->return; }
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