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  1. I would say 69€/89$ is a bargain for the best lightbox available and for time sake I paid it by myself
  2. Great example of putting together a nice collection of fonts. Works really well.
  3. Thanks for thinking and creating the code. This is exactly what I liked to achieve. Also very kind of you for the heads up on getting the data later on. Things are getting more clearer to me now. I think I got the configuration part almost ready. Since I already worked out the syncing part, I'm now ready to figure out how to make the selected templates fields to the MailChimp fields. Exciting times. Thanks again!
  4. I will, ryan. I am getting stuck at this point right now. How do you use the FieldTypeTemplates in a module? Is this possible or can I only select inputfields? I am trying to select and save templates in the module setup page. The reason for this is that I would like to select templates, get their fields and map them to the MailChimp fields. Right now my code looks like this: /** * Options for this Module */ static public function getModuleConfigInputfields(array $data) { $fields = new InputfieldWrapper(); $modules = wire("modules"); $field = $modules->get("InputfieldText"); $field->attr('name', 'mailChimpApiKey'); $field->attr('value', $data['mailChimpApiKey']); $field->label = "MailChimp API key"; $field->description = "Copy and paste your MailChimp API key in the field below."; $field->notes = "Find or create your API key using the following steps: 1. Login to Mailchimp. 2. Go to Account in the main navigation bar. 3. Go to API Keys & Authorized Apps. 4. Create or copy your API key in the field adove and don't forget to click Save."; $fields->add($field); $field = $modules->get("FieldtypeModules"); // What to do here? //Code below will result in an error return $fields; } Recoverable Fatal Error Argument 1 passed to InputfieldWrapper::add() must be an instance of Inputfield, null given, called in /home/public_html/site/modules/NewsletterMailChimpSync/NewsletterMailChimpSync.module on line 323 and defined (line 102 of /home/public_html/wire/core/InputfieldWrapper.php) I think it has something to do with the InputfieldWrapper class, but I haven't got any clue how to fix this. Thanks for any thoughts.
  5. Thanks, ryan. Nice to know you are neighbours. I really find it usefull and most of the clients seems to be okay with it. More than any other Newsletter system I've used before. It is still a bit bloated with lots of options, but they are doing okay. Like Pete said the API is really easy given the examples provided by MailChimp. I just posted the module on GitHub. A whole new world opens there, so I hope I did this correctly. Hopefully I will find some more time to continue this week working on the project.
  6. Thanks Pete, I changed the name and used the include_once function. The $this->config->urls->NewsletterMailChimp converts to <link type='text/css' href='/site/modules/NewsletterMailChimp/newsletterMailChimp.css' rel='stylesheet' /> I think I grabbed if from another module, but this isn't correct behaviour? It does work, but do you have an alternative? See the code below. $this->config->styles->add($this->config->paths->NewsletterMailChimpSync . "newsletterMailChimp.css"); Right now I should setup a GitHub account so you can see the other files as well. Addon My idea: I would like to setup a fairly basic integration between PW and MC. This part is step 1 to sync data between MC and PW. Also I would like to delete entries on the PW site when they unsubscribed. Next up is showing statistics and perhaps after that is finished I would like to send e-mail and make it a complete set. Should I break this up in multiple modules or create one big module? That's why I asked in a basis state for some critisism to make a proper start. Especially since I've never really programmed before, besides some basis php stuff
  7. This is my first Module whatsoever and since I'm novice at PHP I would like some advise how to tidy this up. It was my intention to make a small module to begin with, but I'm afraid I'm a little bit in over my head . I 'borrowed' some code from other modules like ProcessGoogleAnalytics by wanze and ProcessRedirects by apeisa. I hope that's okay! Also I don't know if there is a reallife use, but I've learned a lot during the process so far. There are some points I'd like to fix: 1. Load the MailChimp API once. Since it's been loading a couple of times, it feels like overhead to me. 2. Post the invalid e-mailadresses (line 233) to the delete function (line 284). 3. Generally tips to improve the current code or tips to any pitfalls I'm running into. Do you guys can help me further or have any tips? EDIT: now posted on Github to make it easier to understand: https://github.com/arjenblokzijl/NewsletterMailChimpSync/ NewsletterMailChimp.module
  8. Did you enable pagination on the template?
  9. Which is true. Currently I'm converting some old Textpattern websites with lots of unlogic logic to ProcessWire. Perhaps I should make them html5 too
  10. Just a small notice. I spotted when including the .js file the script gots included as: <script src='/site/modules/EmailObfuscator/EmailObfuscator.js'></script> When validating the site in in the w3c validator I'm getting an error message: The attribute given above is required for an element that you've used, but you have omitted it. For instance, in most HTML and XHTML document types the "type" attribute is required on the "script" element and the "alt" attribute is required for the "img" element. Typical values for type are type="text/css" for <style> and type="text/javascript" for <script>. Nothing real important, but if you have the time could you fix it? I've done it myself, but I don't know how to use github or git (yet). Thanks!
  11. This is great! Really cool stuff going around lately!
  12. Thanks apeisa! It seems I understand this somewhat better now with the examples. Will try this on a couple of sites I'm going to convert from Textpattern to ProcessWire.
  13. Thanks for the answer. It seems like a really clean and neat way to create templates. Would you be so kind to post the contents of items.php or carousel.php? So I can relate those as well?
  14. I should've mentioned it is still running in beta, but the way you can create your own grid relatively easy and that you are in total control (of the grid) is second to none in other frameworks. Perhaps it still produces huge css, but I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I already really like it. You indeed shouldn't use this is in production yet.
  15. Thanks for your detailed post! I'm studying the blog profile as well and I can't seem to wrap my head around the TemplateFile class. What does it do exactly? Do you create a temporary template? Or a template as a variable? Why and when do you use it?
  16. This opens up a new door. I have to study...
  17. Not much of a framework, but you might want to look at gridset by Mark Boulton Design. It's a tool to create grids and generate css only for your own grid. It is very flexible. You basicly have to build your own grid. Perhaps it's the equivalent of ProcessWire in the grid world.
  18. Great work! I even spotted some I haven't noticed before. Thanks!
  19. Looking very good! Nice logo too! Really like how to design is incorporated in the website like the cut logo on the top of a page.
  20. Great idea about the checkbox. Just let them decide.
  21. Another option I learned on the forums here is to use a do while loop if you want to display the first item differently than the following. $newsItemList = $page->children; $newsItemListCount = count($newsItemList); $cnt = 0; do { $cnt++; $newsItem = $newsItemList->shift(); if ($cnt == 3) { // do stuff } else { // do stuff } } while(count($newsItemList));
  22. Hi, perhaps the excellent redirect plugin by Apeisa could be an option since the .htaccess may get replaced when you upgrade PW to a newer version.
  23. That's very sincere of you. You have such an open mind when it comes to solving problems. Great work and I think SiNNuT and I and potentially others have some food for thought right now. In my case there were no riders, but Korfball players for one club. It might be interesting to follow their progression throught a career. This would be next to impossible in Textpattern, but I thought about it a lot. Your thoughts should work too. I never even started the project because I was afraid of the potential pitfalls I might run into. But this was before my PW days, so I might give it another go. Thanks again.
  24. Wiggins was on a roll today! On topic: Let's assume a rider has a permanent location (/riders/rider-name) and currently no team, because he retired last year. How would you structure this so you can output a list of former teams? And how would this be done so a team can show it's former members as well? Perhaps a checkbox 'retired' and assume the first (or last) team in an array would be his latest? I thought about this a while ago, but never came to a satisfying solution.
  25. Looking great vknt! Great character too! One note: right under Mark Graham Dunn in the testimonials there is some encoding issue in Firefox on Windows 7. Seems like one character is a bit off.
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