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  1. New module that lets you insert a galleria image gallery in your posts. Text format: [galleria]image url 1, image url 2[/galleria] you can have as many image urls as you want, just separate them by a comma. Galleria.zip
  2. hey, try opening up wire/modules/inputfield/inputfield.module and change this line if(!is_writable($this->destinationPath)) return $this->error("destinationPath is not writable"); to if(!is_writable($this->destinationPath)) return $this->error($this->destinationPath." is not writable"); and see what the error is.
  3. Hey, I think I was loading js the wrong way, I'll fix that and it should be good to go. Basically what it's doing is if it's a mail to link it adds GOSPAM infront of the link, and removes it with js. If it's text, it just reverses the text and reverses it back with CSS. Create function was new for me too as of yesterday- it just makes a termporary function for use by the file it's made by. Okay, now it should be good to go- including js via the last method, simplest for others to use.
  4. hey, I agree, there are definitely some issues with the current approach (like the mailto links). I'll upload a new version later, but this is my "standard" test for a cms- if I can do something like this easily, I'll continue, if not, I'll drop it. Very easy in processwire, looking forward to helping out. --- okay, just figured out how to add js to modules so I'm back with an improved version. Leave feedback if you find any bugs. Adam: Please no double posts, thank you.
  5. A simple module that'll automatically obfuscate all emails found on the page. Emailobfuscator.zip
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