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  1. Are all the associated template files present and spelled correctly? The view option does not display when their is no corresponding template file.
  2. Works for me with/without https. Which you might want to adjust to https only.
  3. Works for me.
  4. It appears that the upgrade to the latest stable version was corrupt. A clean install has it working again. Although I fail to see the reasoning behind having non-usable field names displayed while advanced mode is enabled. I don't recall if the prior version I was running had this "issue" because following the article example simply worked.
  5. I think this issue is one of those gotchas. I haven't located the area in the source where this field name is created. Any hint would be greatly appreciated.
  6. You may also want to take a look at vscodium. It's the same as vscode but without microsoft's tracking. It is free also.
  7. That is the problem. My field shows title_fieldname_UUID as the file name when I hover over the collapse toggle. I've deleted the page, template, and field, then re-created a new one. The problem is persistent with every attempt. If it works for you, but not for me, then I obviously have something configured incorrectly with my PW installation. I have no idea what that might be. ?
  8. When editing an image (your colin-watts... pic) what does the field name display when you hover over the collapse toggle (on far right of field)? Mine shows the name format I posted with the UUID. Does yours display only your field name?
  9. Hello all, I am creating a single custom image field as per the 3.0.142 post. However, when attempting to edit any image, I found the custom fields have been renamed. This also breaks any template code that tries to access those images. The field names have this pattern: title_fieldname_UUID, where title is the title field in the custom template, fieldname is the field name in the custom template, and UUID is a randomly generated ID. The custom field entries in the database are correct, that is, page references, image name, image size, dimensions, etc., are all correct. All other field names (non-custom) on the page are correct (advanced mode on). I see that other forum posts regarding custom image fields have not referenced my issue, so I assume it is pilot error except I don't see the current master version referenced elsewhere. Ubuntu 18.04 PW 3.0.164 Master PHP 7.2.24 Apache 2.4.29 Can someone provide more clues as to how I can track this down. I appreciate your help.
  10. Hello @Ralph, 1. The developer tools (Inspect Element in FF) shows the font size set in your main.css file on line 1760 for screens wider than 768px. You will need to search for other media queries to set the font size for other screen sizes. See here for more information. 2. The developer tools shows your link definition in main.css on line 1107. See this reference for more information about styling links. 3. You will need to edit your "<div id="header-wrapper">" to include whatever logo image you wish. You will most like likely need to add css styles to make the logo appear as you wish. 4. The text "', 'auto'); ; ga('send', 'pageview');" appears to a remnant from a previous copy/paste. The developer tools shows this text immediately after the <body> tag. You can edit the template where the body tag is located and delete this extraneous text. 5. A google search for changing your site's favicon will give you sufficient results to accomplish this task. Hope this helps.
  11. Even though I don't run windows laragon looks amazing.
  12. Hi @NooseLadder, and welcome back! There are a number of xampp related posts on the forum that will help get everything set up and running. You can find them searching google like this: site:processwire.com/talk xampp Filezilla would be used to copy (sftp) files to a production server. You might use whatever IDE you prefer to access your localhost document root until such time as you want to go live. Hope this helps.
  13. Hello @Roych, Ryan was working on a multi-step/page enhancement to form builder here. I don't know what the status is since I haven't used form builder. Maybe this is a good starting point for your requirements.
  14. This is great stuff! Got a question. Who is maintaining the PW Demo site? It would be nice to have these new features incorporated into the skyscrapers. Also, the demo is still on version *.101 and not using ssl.
  15. Hello @Greg Lumley, From what I understand (and I am not an expert as are the others here) there are two ways to process an ajax request: 1, create a page with corresponding template and php file (preferred/common method), or 2, create a php file outside of the site folder. Which method you choose has different requirements. The common method is to create a php file (in templates folder) named ajax_contact.php to handle the ajax request, assign that file to a template named ajax_contact, and create a page for that template named ajax_contact. Your ajax url them becomes the name of that page, ie, /ajax_contact/. Note that the page should be published or PW will ignore it during your request. Method two I think requires that you initially load PW (index.php) in your ajax_contact.php file since you are outside the document root referenced during the processwire installation. In this case, your ajax url would be the actual php file name; ajax_contact.php. I don't know which method is preferred, but I use the first method simply because that is the way processwire handles normal page request. I think you have both methods implemented in your script at the same time when it should be one or the other. I hope this helps. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will provide you with a better answer, and hopefully correct me as well.
  16. Thanks @adrian, that was indeed the issue.
  17. Howdy @adrian, I created two custom image fields, both type integer. This image field has two images while the other field is empty. I do not get this error when running stand alone adminer. I have deleted and recreated this field with the same results. Any ideas why this error only shows for this custom field and not the other? Thanks for your help!
  18. Did you try giving the LazyCronLock.cache file 664 permissions?
  19. I draw the line at what is necessary for the module to begin functioning and what is produced during the normal functioning of the module. I put the former in the config while the latter is generated during runtime.
  20. Hello @eri, Apologies for the delay in replying. I am recovering from a surgery last week. All is well. I will send you a PM with my contact details if you wish to discuss this further.
  21. Hello @eri and welcome to the forum. What you are describing is definitely doable with ProcessWire. In the simplest terms, you create a page for each product. Then you present those products on a main page where the user can select one or more products. Each selected product can be stored in a session or cookie. When the user is finished (Clicks the RFQ button) your page sends an email to you and the user (confirmation) listing all selected products. Also, there are many design options available to "fancy-up" your interface. It all depends on how much time you want to spend on it. Hope this helps
  22. I like the site. Nice job. Just a few things that caught my attention: 1. The header mouse-over shadow causes it's position to jump vertically, which feels odd. 2. Two languages present at the same time is strange since I can barely read in one language. ? 3. The login/register oscillation makes it awkward to read -- You have to wait for it to re-display before selecting an option. 4. The volunteer page has no header or menu option. It looks out of place with the rest of the site. (Also mixed languages) 5. On the resources page, I would add a description for each of the textbook links so the visitor understands what they are selecting. Nice artwork on the site.
  23. Doesn't that pro dev tool thing have a feature to show user activity. Couldn't that be intercepted to accomplish your goal? I'm just thinkin' out loud.
  24. This is the only part where I wasn't scratchin' my head ? No. You may have multiple fields of the same TYPE, but you must have unique names, similar to files and file names within a folder. You can create a common field that is used within different templates, but you cannot use the same fieldname multiple times within the same template.
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