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  1. Howdy @cstevensjr This sounds familiar in that I seem to recall similar symptoms mentioned in the forum (but cannot locate it) which I believe turned out to be related to permissions. I think it was due to the host running a script that inadvertently changed the permissions. I'll post the topic if I can locate it. In the meantime, can you verify if set_time_limit has been disabled on that account?
  2. You aren't saving the redirect_last field. Also, I don't think it is necessary to test the counter prior to redirecting. Try this and see if it fits your needs. if ($input->urlSegment(1) === 'redirect') { $page->of(false); $page->redirect_last = time(); $page->redirect_counter += 1; $page->save(); $session->redirect($page->website_url, 302); }
  3. Well then I'll remove ovh option. ? I haven't used ovh, it was the only other European provider I could think of at the time. Nice site!
  4. I recently started using EthernetServers based in the UK. Talk with George and he will get you setup quickly. You can also look into ovh (which I believe is based in Sweden???) but like ES have datacenters around the world.
  5. Holy cow! This is freakin' awesome! Thanks @Wanze and @flydev ??
  6. Howdy @darkanglesima(Seema) and welcome to the forum! You'll find this community very active both in development and in strategy. Feel free to ask any questions. There will be many to contribute. As for me, I'm an old-school programmer since the 70s. I currently work primarily as a SaaS developer so I don't design web sites per se as there are many far more skillful people that do a much better job than I. I've contracted with IBM, Strategic Air Comand (B-1B), and various federal financial organizations. I am a diver, pilot, amateur radio operator, fisherman, and drinker of fine scotches. Not necessarily in that order. ? Again, welcome and enjoy!
  7. @adrian. Just an fyi, I just upgraded tracy. Looking at the Adminer settings, it presents the check for update option. However, selecting that option returns the following error: ProcessModule: Error reported by web service: That module is not currently tracked by the modules directory Is it necessary to have the check for update option for adminer?
  8. Hi @johnstephens, The reference to 11067 in your path represents the page id, so you can't create your own identifiers for the folder names and have them each refer to the same processwire page. But since your application is using the current page ($page->id) you could either create unique filenames or add a unique identifier as a tag to each file, then reference the filename (or tag) for inclusion in the attribute. Using tags might be the simplest route if there are no other tags being used. If there are other tags, you might want to use a custom field for those files as your reference point.
  9. I haven't worked with mongo in years. From what I remember it is not a SQL type database, rather a document (json) type database. As such there is no "driver" to connect the database to ProcessWire as with PDO (Unless things have changed in those years). That being said, you could write a json parser to import the documents from mongo to create pages in PW. You say that you are not a developer, so this task will be quite complex, depending on the document references. I would not recommend you take on such a project. Is it possible to hire a developer to accomplish your task? (Assuming you want to migrate from mongo to mysql).
  10. I'm not sure where to post this so I've placed it here. I'm currently trying to clean up an application. By clean up, I mean removing all php notices, warnings, blah blah blah. When uploading an image, php uses a tmp_name without an extension (but does include the dot) eg, abcfedphp. This produces a php notice from Pagefile.php relating to the missing extension reference on lines 216 and 219. I'm not going to be changing any core files. How would you address this?
  11. It's not that you need to learn at least one programming language, rather that you start with the concepts (ie, Object Oriented Programming, server configurations, etc.). Once you have a good grasp on the concept, the programming language you choose will feel effortless. You will be in a better position to decide which language best suits your project. Just my $.02
  12. If you have a whole ass gallery (not sure, but I think that is a lot ?) you may want to consider batch processing your images outside of Processwire. I have a few *nix shell scripts that watermark my whole ass gallery. Not poking fun, that is just really funny. Let me know if you would like to take a look at them.
  13. Hi @brandy and welcome to the forum. First, no one laughs. Second, take a look at this older post. Lastly, just an FYI, you can better search the forum content by typing this into your browser: site:processwire.com/talk {search terms} or you can use /blog rather than /talk to search the blog articles. You'll find that everyone here is both knowledgeable and willing to help, so please ask away!
  14. Demo Form Expired error in FF if you elect to go back (no cancel transaction option) rather than complete the stripe form.
  15. I'm an old fart. Thanks for reminding me. ?
  16. Dagnabit! ^ My best Walter Brennan impression.
  17. I have an image field with SVG as one of the allowed file types. However, when I try to upload an SVG image in page edit, I get the following error: Error Call to undefined function ProcessWire\simplexml_load_string() File: .../www/cre8aplace/wire/core/Pageimage.php:533 523: * @return array of width and height 524: * 525: */ 526: protected function getImageInfoSVG($filename = '') { 527: $width = 0; 528: $height = 0; 529: if(!$filename) $filename = $this->filename; 530: $xml = @file_get_contents($filename); 531: 532: if($xml) { 533: $a = @simplexml_load_string($xml)->attributes(); 534: if((int) $a->width > 0) $width = (int) $a->width; 535: if((int) $a->height > 0) $height = (int) $a->height; 536: } 537: Other image types load fine. I haven't seen a post relating to this issue, so I assume it's pilot error again. ? Is there some special field setting I have missed or is this an actual bug? Is it a continuation of the git issue regarding dimension attributes? <svg id="e532202f-8294-4472-8a94-ef01c23bf434" data-name="Layer 1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" width="1111.01" height="589.53" viewBox="0 0 1111.01 589.53"> There is no attributes section in the file. The dimensions are included in the header as shown.
  18. I've been using unsplash for a while, but I hadn't realized their history or progress. Really liking undraw. Thanks for the tip!
  19. I found this random picture generator the other day but kept forgetting to post it here. It's basically lorem ipsum but for photos. They have quite a nice feature set too.
  20. I didn't actually find a solution to the issue of the admin displaying text while the front-end displayed correct data. I've never seen that before. So I uninstalled php and reinstalled php and now the backend works.
  21. I upgraded my ubuntu version to 20.04, which install php7.4. I have php parsing other files such as a phpinfo file, but when I try to access the processwire admin, I get the index.php text dump. The front-end appears to display correctly. Any ideas what I am overlooking? Thanks in advance!
  22. Mobile first is a front-end concept. It really doesn't matter which back-end CMS you use to serve data. Obviously ProcessWire is the best solution. ? Personally, I prefer the blank profile to start most projects. The responsive approach is in the name, mobile first. Start with whichever CSS you prefer (Bootstrap, etc.) and design from mobile upward. I find it easier to sketch the mobile interface on a whiteboard, then sketch at the additional breakpoints, noting the changes for each. A clear map up front will save you many headaches later. It's all personal preference as to which CSS framework , profile, javascript library, etc. that you want to use.
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