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  1. Ok, thanks - i logged out and in again, and everythings works fine! Thanks a lot!
  2. Ok, I understand. The problem earlier was that the style wasn´t shown in the toolbar - now I changed the mystyle.js and I can´t see the changes - what do I have to do?
  3. Hi! I want to set up an own style for my customer in the CKEditor. I did it like shown here (Custom Editor JS Styles Set): https://processwire.com/docs/fields/ckeditor/ But they don´t show up. I already have refreshed the plugins and in PageRender there is no Page cached! I added following line: { name: 'new Style', element: 'span', attributes: { 'class': 'text-shadow: 0 0 15px #eacd4b' } }, Thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks a lot! Sounds good - my customer has a contract with Sixx Saferpay - I think they have a quickcheckout method too? Do somebody has experience with that? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi! My customer has numerous sites, which have similar contents on different systems with different adresses. I want to sum this up and want to make one big portal where the different subsites are accessible with different domains, but the administration happens on one point. The only thing is, how do I show a subpage with its template on the Home-page? Ok, should work with page reference. But then it uses the template from the Home-page, which is not necessary - it should use its own template. I just want to define the appropriate page in Home! Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks a lot - I already checked the Snipcart-option. As there should be only three bookable products, and maybe no onlinepayment is necessary (my customer´s still checking) , I also thought about a simple form, which sends the important customer-data and the ordering process is completed - everything else should happen "offline". My only concern is the submission of credit card data or bank data - is this safe via FormBuilder? The site uses SSL. Would it be better to send the ordering-mail via SMTP then?
  7. Another idea was to make a Prestashop-template with only the products, the booking module and the checkout. The products on the Processwire-site are linked to this page, where you can set your booking.
  8. Hi! I have a customer, who wants to sell three bookable products on his website. We made the site some time ago in Processwire. First I thought we should switch to a shopsystem like Prestashop. But it would be complicated to adapt the design to the shop and it would be a very large solution for only three products. So we won´t touch the Processwire-page - my idea was an external checkout with booking - do somebody know something like this or has an idea where to get something like that? Thanks a lot!
  9. And how would you center some lines of text in the div?
  10. Wow, this is it. I read about clip-path and wasn´t sure, if this is a possibility for this problem! Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi! I´m trying to make 2 centered divs with inclined sides and I got stucked. I have two divs (2a, 2b) which are inclined, positioned in a div (2) with the width of the two inclined divs. I put one div above, which cut everything at the width of the viewport. This is what I got - it´s working how I want it - The only thing is, that the second div (2) should center in the "main"-div (1), so that the inclination-line is in the middle and the divs (2a, 2b) cut off at the sides. <div class="1" style="width: 100%; overflow: hidden; text-align: center; "> <div class="2" style="width: 2000px;"> <div class="2a" style="transform: skew(20deg); height: 500px; background-color: red; width: 1000px; float: right;"> textytext </div> <div class="2b" style="transform: skew(20deg); height: 500px; background-color: blue; width: 1000px;"> textytext </div> </div> </div> I hope you understand! Thanks a lot!
  12. Man, I just googled about a solution to bring a Processwire-site and a Prestashop together and found this module... I have a Prestashop-site, but my customer wants to start with a small website. The shop including ordering booking products should come later. As I want to save time, I just want to make one way. I can make a site with processwire and bring the ordering process to Prestashop later, or I rebuild my whole Prestashop once now an again later. Is this possible to link only the ordering process with this module?
  13. Thanks a lot, Jan Romero! I thought it would be a simple way, but I didn´t know that would be that simple! Thanks a lot!
  14. Or the easier way: How do I check if the grandchild has at least a children? It should like something like this: if($page->$child->$child->hasChildren()) { ... } I know the syntax above is totally wrong - how do I can reproduce this right?
  15. Can I change the tag $pages->count("has_parent=$child, template=tops, projekt_top_vermietet=1") so that the template is "tops" OR "tops_2"? Short: I want to count the grandchildren with two different templates. Thanks a lot!
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