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  1. Re: MongoDB support

    Thanks for the feedback Rick. I will need to have the web application developed by a Developer.

    I was counting on having it developed in PW, but I just found out that's not possible, so I'm stuck for now.




  2. Hello everybody, I'm in the process of preparing my database data for import into a MongoDB database. Since MongoDB stores records as documents, the retrieved data needs to be formatted before it appears on the screen of a user. MongoDB uses records in BSON (JSON) format. I have 2 questions regarding this: 1. How is this done in Processwire? 2. Does the layout I want records to have on the screen of the user, require me to do certain things or add stuff when I'm setting up my document (= record) structure for a certain collection? I'm not a developer and I do know how I want my data laid out on the screen of the users who are querying the database. Any tips/explanations are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys! Regards, Carel.
  3. Danke für den Tip Herr Martsch, I appreciate it! Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Carel.
  4. I was a bit confused and thought that how you arranged the fields in the backend, determined how they were going to look at the frontend, but fortunately that's not the case then.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. So for the frontend, does that mean I need to use CCS to position my fields and not Divs? Regards, Carel.
  6. Hello Everybody, I have found out how you can change the field length, but I don't know yet how fields are positioned on the page. Is it done by diving the page into Divs and placing the fields inside the Divs, or are there other ways to do it? Thanks in advance for your feedback, Carel;.
  7. Thanks for your replies clsource and szabesz! I'm glad there's plenty of material to study. This looks like a great CMS! Regards, Carel.
  8. Newbie question: I would like to have a CMS developed where users can search for translations and abbreviations (just retrieval of static entries from a database). Is it possible to work with databases in Processwire? I was wondering if there's a difference between displaying data on pages and displaying data in database records. I know the underlying database is MySQL or InnoDB, but it's not clear to me how database records are displayed: are records displayed by themselves or on a page? or are records just small HTML pages? or does it work some other way? Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance for the feedback (and for your patience) ;), Carel.
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