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  1. Hello @rick I tried everything you advised, and I was able to fix most of the things I wanted to fix, but I couldn't remove the ' 'auto'); ; ga('send', 'pageview');' text that is on the header. The analytics code was installed in the blog-head.php file, but it isn't even in the body tag; it is in the head.
  2. Hi guys, I need some info on how to go about these: 1. I'd like to increase the font size of the texts on my website for better legibility especially on mobile devices where the texts appear way too small. 2. I want every link I add on the website to be automatically formatted to a specific color (cyan). 3. I want to add a logo to the header of the website. 4. There is this text that appears on the header of the website from an installation of Google Analytics tracking code that I will like to remove without removing Google Analytics code itself. You can take a look at the website here. 5. How do I change the favicon of the website? Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot, I'll try that now and see how it goes.
  4. First, I realized that when I used to install PW using Softaculous, my site was always only accessible via www.mysite.com alone without me setting up any redirect but after doing a manual installation, my site is served from both the www and naked versions of the domain. I tried adding some code to the htaccess file as suggested by my hosting provider but that didn't work. How can I set this up without setting up a 301 redirect? I want the traffic to only be to and from the www version of my website for SEO purposes. The second issue is that I want to add fields for author's pic and profile to every blog post but I can't seem to figure that out. The site profile I downloaded doesn't have those fields. How can I do that? The third is that I want to be able to add meta description to every page for SEO purposes. Any help with all these will be greatly appreeciated. I'm not a coder but I'm willing to learn
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