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  1. Well, I tested PW on OVH, and it's seem to be good, except for some issues x) I'm on it Thanks for your answer
  2. Hi everybody! I'm trying to use this form : But I have a issue. In the post giannisok says to put this line in "partials/contact/_controller.php" (I don't use the other option) require(dirname(__FILE__) . "/../../vendor/vlucas/valitron/src/Valitron/Validator.php"); It doesn't work. I have this message in my contact page instead : This error is in my development environment. I try to put the file in my ftp. The only difference is : I don't think this is the problem, but I'm not sure. Can someone help me please? Sorry I'm not good with PHP.. Thanks by advance !
  3. Sorry for the double post, I can't edit the first one. I have another question. I know this might be a ridiculous question, but if I host my website on OVH, am I safe? Is there any potential issue again?
  4. Hi everybody, First of all, sorry if the topic isn't in the right section. Then, I'm here because I did a website with ProcessWire in order to replace an old Wordpress website. The website is almost ready and I'm gonna host it on OVH. But I saw this topic and now I have some doubts : Also, since we already have a Wordpress site currently hosted, can there be any concerns about the database aspect? I mean if I put my ProcessWire site (so with the corresponding database), would I have any problems with the Wordpress database? Thanks by advance for your answers
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