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  1. Hi everybody! I have an issue with Sassify. When I want to compile my .scss file in .css, I only have an import of the .scss file into the .css file. But before the SASS was really compiled in CSS, and I don't understand what happened in the meantime. Can someone help me to resolve or understand this? Thanks by advance!
  2. Thanks @Ivan Gretsky and @BillH! I'm gonna use the first method with the templates. I see the interest about tags, but for my project, I have to use the templates
  3. Hi everyone, I'm not sure it's possible, but I'm asking. Maybe someone has a solution. Is it possible, when you want to create a template in the Processwire dashboard, to specify a template file from another folder which is different of the Template folder? In fact, I don't want to change the actual source which is the folder. I just want to find a way to recognize my templates which can be in a folder which is in the template folder, and use the find() function like this : <?php $childChildren = $pages->find("template=templatesWhichAreInTheSpecificFolder, sort=sort"); ?> I don't know if you understand my demand, but if you want more details, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks by advance!
  4. Ok I found the solution about this database's issue. I didn't see before but I had an error about one field, so I delete it of the sql file and import again it. It works now. I just have to recreate this field manually.
  5. Ok, I found the solution. I had to execute this to lines : That seem ridiculous but yeah, I had php 7.4 but I didn't have the PHP module (libapache2-mod-php) for my Apache webserver. Now I can have my project in a local environment... But I still have an issue ;( This is about the database. I made an export of my website in production which contains a .sql file. But when I import it in my local database, I don't have the datas displayed on the website. I use My SQL Workbench in order to manage the datas. When I do a simple query like SELECT * FROM website.field_body; I have a result. So The import was correct. This is I don't know why it cannot display on the website If anyone can help me on this issue, thnaks by advance again!
  6. I checked it. All of php tags are already written with: <?php ?>
  7. Eydun, thank you for your answer. But I didn't find a log file somewhere else than in the apache folder. I don't have Tracy, but thanks for this. I'll install it when my issue will be resolved. I try another way with an apache configuration instead of using MAMP. Let me explain: I created a virtualhost in the '/etc/apache2' folder. Here is my .conf file <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName dev.mywebsite.com ServerAlias www.dev.mywebsite.com DocumentRoot "/mnt/d/Websites/mywebsite" <Directory "/mnt/d/Websites/mywebsite"> Options +FollowSymLinks AllowOverride all Require all granted Options Indexes </Directory> ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/error.dev.mywebsite.com.log CustomLog /var/log/apache2/access.dev.mywebsite.com.log combined </VirtualHost> I modified the 'hosts' file with this two lines dev.mywebsite.com ::1 dev.mywebsite.com Then I reloaded the service apache2. But I still have a problem. Indeed, when I go to 'dev.mywebsite.com', I have a page with the code of the index.php, and I don't know why. I thought it was because php, but I have the version php 7.4.3. This is another way in order to resolve my first problem which is to launch my project locally without no longer working when I shut down my computer. Can you help me? Thanks by advance!
  8. Yes, there is no error.log file in the apache folder. Neither in the logs folder, nor the error folder
  9. Hi everybody! A few days ago, I wanted to recover the site I have in a production environment on a local environment. It's done ... or almost. First of all, I use WampServer. Then, when I recover the site and install it for the first time, everything goes well, I can navigate on the site and develop as I wish. But as soon as I turn off my computer and turn it back on the next day, I can no longer access it. I have an error with the message: I looked at the log file, and I saw that I was still logged in as a guest and not as an admin. How can I fix this? Is there another solution that would allow me to continue to develop my site? Thanks by advance!
  10. Hi everyone! I almost did it. So I'm gonna share what I did for people who can have the same issue I checked my log first, and I saw that I was connected with the guest user and not the admin user. Anyway, I uninstalled the project and reinstalled a new one. For this, I created a new project with the master version of Processwire (with the multi-language option). I replaced the content of my database by the database that I have for my website in production - same tables, same fields, just content which is new. Then, I put the templates that I have on my Gitlab plus modules and assets. I used the 'ProcessPagesExportImport' module and saw what I had to do for fields and templates before to import my pages. Almost all of my pages are on the website in the local environment. But I still have a problem. This is the error that I have. So yeah I installed the FieldtypeTextareaLanguage module, and used it for a field, but I don't understand why I've got this error. I installed the repeater module too, and there is no problem with it. Maybe someone can help me for this? Thanks by advance
  11. Thank you both to answer me. rick I tried your solution but it doesn't work 500 Internal Server Error ? even after have changed my config.php szabesz I already saw the propositions of people who participate at this discussion
  12. Hi everyone! I have a website in a production environment and I want to duplicate it in a local environment. I exported the content of the website (with the 'Site Profile Exporter' module) but I cannot use it actually. I've got an issue with the database. I imported this one in MAMP then. I also exported the pages (with the 'ProcessPagesExportImport' module), but I cannot import it to my local website because the fields don't exist. So I created this fields, but I have this error : How can I use the elements that already exist and are presents in my database? How can I duplicate correctly the templates, fields and pages? Thanks by advance PS: Sorry if my english is bad
  13. Well, I tested PW on OVH, and it's seem to be good, except for some issues x) I'm on it Thanks for your answer
  14. Hi everybody! I'm trying to use this form : But I have a issue. In the post giannisok says to put this line in "partials/contact/_controller.php" (I don't use the other option) require(dirname(__FILE__) . "/../../vendor/vlucas/valitron/src/Valitron/Validator.php"); It doesn't work. I have this message in my contact page instead : This error is in my development environment. I try to put the file in my ftp. The only difference is : I don't think this is the problem, but I'm not sure. Can someone help me please? Sorry I'm not good with PHP.. Thanks by advance !
  15. Sorry for the double post, I can't edit the first one. I have another question. I know this might be a ridiculous question, but if I host my website on OVH, am I safe? Is there any potential issue again?
  16. Hi everybody, First of all, sorry if the topic isn't in the right section. Then, I'm here because I did a website with ProcessWire in order to replace an old Wordpress website. The website is almost ready and I'm gonna host it on OVH. But I saw this topic and now I have some doubts : Also, since we already have a Wordpress site currently hosted, can there be any concerns about the database aspect? I mean if I put my ProcessWire site (so with the corresponding database), would I have any problems with the Wordpress database? Thanks by advance for your answers
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