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  1. eri

    Webpage with RFQ- function

    Or how about building an template for me and implementing Snipwire/Snipcart without the pricing- function?
  2. eri

    Webpage with RFQ- function

    Hello Rick Many thanks for your quick response! Your idea sounds actually like a very easy and interesting solution! May I ask about a bit more support, as I'm a real beginner.... Do you have a probably also an idea about where I can get template? Many thanks
  3. I'm looking for a shop or e-commerce- suite, for about 200 products. And as the business is mainly B2B, I don't want showing some prices, instead I would like, that possible customers could fill a chart with the different products and send the chart to me qith "Request-for-quote". Do have somebody any idea, if and how suxh a function is possible?! And i much it would roughly costs?
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