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  1. There are really cool additions to processwire nowadays, which allow database backup and upgrades from admin. They can make upgrading even an easier process. I have to say that I had some issues with restoring the upgrades on a not so up to date MySQL server (so i decided to go with phpMyAdmin exporting for now). Have not tried the "core update" module, but the video looks really promising.
  2. That looks cool, but I have no idea, what it means. If you could expand a bit about what SNI means for us, sitebuilders, and why is it used in China and Iran, it would be educational. I am really sorry for not knowing a thing about it .
  3. I did not get into all this, but maybe: $myfile = $page->documents->get("name={$myfile}"); But why not limit "Maximum files allowed" and output it like this: <?php if($page->documents) { echo $page->documents->url; } ?> If you plan to have multiple files uploads, you should leave "Maximum files allowed" option as it is and do foreach.
  4. Ivan Gretsky


    Check out these: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/407-processing-contact-forms/?hl=%252Bcreate+%252Bsimple+%252Bcontact+%252Bform#entry3208 https://processwire.com/talk/topic/2089-create-simple-forms-using-api/ http://modules.processwire.com/modules/form-builder/ And try to search the forum before you ask .
  5. +1 for making it configurable. I personally feel better if not "1" but "-1", "-001" or even "-{$page->id}" gets added. Same for the 1 step page adding functionality. I think it worth putting into roadmap.
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    Good day Frank! I think that there are not enough non-English resources about Processwire on the web. This forum is the best place to start and ask questions. And it is in English, as you see. But I think it is worth your time to learn more English and more Processwire, because it seems like modern web technologies just cannot be mastered without those two )) If you need a mentor or some other help in your native language and you are ready to pay for them, you could ask for it in this forum branch. But you always will get the best help in the whole wide Internet for free right here. Just ask substantial questions in the appropriate topics. Welcome! P.S. Try this online translation service.
  7. I am not an expert either, but you can try this solution from clever people at stackoverflow. In short, "try as the server name instead of localhost".
  8. @pwired: Please share a link to your forum guide. I've found it once, when I was for doing something similar, but never again)) What's the use of forum guide if it can't be found itself )) Seems like everybody's going for some .pw sites now. Why don't you start something like pwforumguide.pw? It might be easier to contribute to than those snippets ones, as you only have to share a link in a carefully constructed tag or category structure. I personally would use it, because I seem to never find the right forum post when I need it. I just know that "the truth is out there".
  9. Maybe you could put this code in the Event template file: $page->children("sort=-created")->get()->render(); ...or something like that. Have not tested it )) Of course you should handle cases when there are no children.
  10. Quick answer - all of that can be done in PW. You should start thinking out your data structure: what templates do you need, how are they interconnected. There is a good forum post by kongondo here somewhere about it. Hope someone will help me out on that... Here it is.
  11. I visited you site and checked your issue. Could you please tell a bit more about your site. Does "Site Info" page use the same template as "About me", for example? If not, check if the code that generates the link is the same. If it is, plese post the code here, so we can see it and make further suggestions.
  12. I hope it supports transliteration )) Remember, you made a similiar little module just for me "on the fly" a couple of months ago. Glad it is now some bigger and more customizable one for a wider audience. I will try it out and report back.
  13. They are either included in template files with the php include statement or autoincluded in site config file. You can read this wonderful tutorial to get all the nuts and bolts quick. They also can be included in the admin in the FIles tab of the template edit page.
  14. Your select fields are most likely page fields. They hold reference to another page. Those numbers which you see are page ids. To output fields of the referenced pages you should do something like: <p> <?php echo $page->Battery_Manufacturer->title; ?></p> Here is a nice video tutorial about this type of fields. But you probably already know it if you're using it.
  15. You know that feeling , when you know it should work, but it doesn't, and you're tearing your hear off... But as soon as you post to the forum, you find those silly tiny echoes missing. But maybe you don't, because I have not seen none of those by one of you . Maybe there should be some "trashed" forum branch to bury those and keep our fountain of knowledge clean. Anyway, to make it at least finished if not helpful: I could not find those missing echo statements because I was inspecting the code through firebug and it autocompletes hrefs with the current page url (or is it the browser itself?) Looking at the source html output cleared the picture (but only after some debuging with outputting $page->url here and there). Thank you diogo for trying to make some additional benefit of this by showing some nice refactoring techniques.
  16. How can I get the url of the base page without the url segments? I am tring to make tabs on a page. The problem I'm trying to solve is here: if($input->urlSegment2) throw new Wire404Exception(); if($input->urlSegment1 == 'spros') { $selectSpros = TRUE; } else if($input->urlSegment1) { throw new Wire404Exception(); } else { $selectSpros = FALSE; } <?php if ($selectSpros) { ?> <ul class="nav nav-tabs dx-s-p-choice" role="tablist"> <li><a href="<?php $page->url; ?>">Предложение</a></li> <li class="active"><a href="<?php $page->url; ?>spros/">Спрос</a></li> </ul> <?php } ?> When I get the page with url segment $page->url shows the url already with the segment so it is added twice. Am I doing it all wrong here?
  17. I read about it here, but did not find where to get it from. Is it in the core package or is it an additional download?
  18. Better be carefull! A few pixels just started a media virus spreading across the planet.
  19. Actually I thought it would turn out that those masks indicate the testers of Apeisa's new shopping cart and it is some clever marketing stuff going on... But this whole topic led me to pathetic thinking about the ProcessWire community instead. I think it is great that we, the people of different countries, nations and races can joke around while making something important together instead of oppressing each other with warfare, sanctions slander and such. This type of communication can make real progress in establishing some understanding and mutual respect instead of suspicion and hatred. I am thakthul to this community and it's spirit. Not a master with this kind of language, so pardon my grandiloquence. I usually prefer irony. I havе no television at home, but yesterday was visiting someone who has )).
  20. Oh! I should make some mask on my facebook avatar too if it helps privacy! Guess mr. Snowden already got his one somewhere in the boundless space of my dear Motherland. I hope it's safe to talk about it here with no mask yet though.
  21. I can make some rrrrrrrussian accent include to make it more controversial and politically incorrect. It is international after all. Why proper english - a bit of suomi and the langue de allemandes should fit right in.
  22. Joss, your's ain't Zorro - it's more like a sleeping mask )) But you're right - it's probably some weird css cashing . At least noone reveals his involvement in the plot...
  23. I swear I saw netcarver and horst in black masks before this topic. That's why I asked. The mystery is still unrevealed to me))
  24. I think there is a way to exclude by ip in analytics, but that won't help with mobile devices. As for me I just consider those visits a constant and do not bother about it. If you traffic is greatly influenced by those numbers, you should try hard doing your SEO .
  25. I got my own tiny plastic one always on, you see )) Don't have to draw it. Have not learnt the answer, but I guess it is something related to this one. When I grew up we did not have this capitalist plague spreading around the TV yet and our heroes were like this instead . Real heroes did not have to go under cover . Anyway, I am glad everyone considering himself a guru had a chance to play around.
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