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  1. well, i thought it WOULD be easier to implement. it is no problem showing the multilanguage-input on the frontend via api-forms, but i have no idea how to save the values the correct way. right now, i am implementing different things, also in the DB: multilang headline&copy fields and also a zoom-factor field for each hotspot. for now, i having 2 fields (headline/copy) for each language, which is a terrible implementation, though. shame on me.
  2. Nice Work again, Kongondo! still, i have a feature request: it would be great if there would be the possibility to add an editable multilanguage-descriptions to the markers (in renderRow()), similar to the % values of x/y.. maybe even without having to "add" a new marker via asmpageselect, but with a simple "add new marker" like in repeaters. This would be helpful for building simple hotspot-pages where it is no need of physically linked pages.
  3. i have the same problem with pages i generate via API.. is there a way to solve this? they seem to have the right status in the backend...
  4. hey! i ran into a problem with image-description fields - its limiting to 256 chars, am i right? is it somehow possible to use another value here - or use more than 256 chars? i am using it via the Plugin MediaManager - but this uses the internal imagefield, i guess... thank you!
  5. sounds good! one question: is it somehow possible to search for image-descriptions through $pages->find("mm_image%=asmallpartofdescription") somehow? i would like to get my descriptions available in my general page search..
  6. haha. WTF. ok! for now i simply copy-from-image-media and overwrite the description for variations on save, which works... but it would be REALLY great, to have native multilanguage-support in the image-description (like it is in the core), i think. maybe, its something for the roadmap. beside that, it's a pretty solid work!
  7. Hey kongodo! I still don't get how the form for the variation-description is rendered.. i need to implement a multilanguage-solution, like i did for the original image...: $languages = $this->wire('languages'); $this->wire('user')->language = $languages->get("default"); foreach($languages as $lang) { $this->wire('user')->language = $lang; $this->wire('user')->language = $languages->get($lang->id); $out .= '<label for="media_description_'.$lang->id . $mediaID . '">' .$lang->title . '</label>'; $out .= '<textarea class="lang" id="media_description_'.$lang->id . $mediaID . '" name="media_description_'.$lang->id.'">' . $m->description . '</textarea>'; } but i have no clue...
  8. i set it up by myself, to be honest, more like hacked it. PW stores ML-Description as JSON {"0":"defaultlangtext","1022(aka LanguageID)":"anotherlangtext"}, and handles this internally. i added a textarea-field for each language in the "edit" template, and hide your default "description" textarea. In the "save"-event in JS i simply create the json out of the contents of the different textareas and copy it over in the default-textarea before saving the $page. Not the best way, but it's working. you could also add different Fields like ("year", "artist", etc.) with this solution very quickly - by using other "ids" in the JSON. the only problem i have right now is to populate the fields correctly, but i will try it by bypassing the language-hook today.
  9. yeah, but i already use it all over my site. i just want to disabe the pre-formatting of this field ...
  10. hey! i want to read a value from a $page which is a multilanguage-field. it is important for me that i get that field NOT language-filtered, so the whole JSON string '{"0":"abdc","1063":"rguer"}'.. is this somehow possible without switching the fileld to not-multilanguage? because i need the filtered output at other places... is there a possibility to read the RAW data? thanks!
  11. and one more question: i might be wrong, but shouldnt it be possible to have multilanguage-descriptions?
  12. hey @kongondo, that does the trick. Thank you! maybe it is an option to make the selection obsolete, when the field is set to 1 Image only, and select it directly on click of the thumb? also, i would suggest to let the "add Media" Link be visible if the maximal image count is reached - and then simply replace the image instead of first having to select & delete & save the image /page to add another media. i know, its not THAT simple, but i guess this would be a big improvement! great module, though!
  13. EDIT: solution found, thanks @kongondo Hi! I have a problem with this Module. I cannot select a single image to make changes in the description, etc, because it is always the FIRST image in the array selected (seen as the big image on the right). if i choose another one (yes, even, if i only select one instead of more) , i can INSERT it, but impossible to get it "selected" and shown on the right side to make changes. i have to use the filter to search for the image so that it will be in FIRST position on the left, only after this it is possible to select it. i'm on PW2.7.2
  14. is there any limitation? I'm worried that the PAGE-ID Field is (might be?) a INTEGER and can not be used with >65k pages.. or if there are any other limits in the core... (Currently I'm running a system with 25k pages, but there are chances to break the 100k limit... therefore i want to be prepared..)
  15. thanks! but actually, i try to find an alternative for kirby - which fits for very small projects - but i would love to replace it with PW...
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