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  1. BFD Calendar

    I finally solved the problem by setting PHP 7.0 from 'development' to 'production', it had nothing to do with my Mac.
  2. BFD Calendar

    @adrian Ok, works again with Lister disabled in the Batch Child Editor. For some reason the site hoster doesn't want to upgrade PHP. Thanks
  3. I get a sudden error when trying to edit a page: Error: Using $this when not in object context (line 907 of /var/www/clubmoral_com/site/modules/BatchChildEditor/BatchChildEditor.module) It only happens with pages where the parent is hidden, pages are used for selectlists and don't need to be seen elsewhere. PW 3.0.98 PHP unfortunately 5.3.10
  4. BFD Calendar

    Well I have over 4500 pages with map references (, so converting them to anything else than MapMarker and/or Google should be something that can happen sort of 'all at once'.
  5. BFD Calendar

    Bernhard, yes this is definitely useful! For instance, I'm redesigning a calendar page for a modelbuilding workshop where I want to add appointment slots for lasercutting. I'm using the Recurme calendar module, but I need a title and page name for every new page while the only things that matter - and need to show up in the calendar - are the student's name, the machine they want to book and the time slot. Student's and machine name are page reference fields and time slot a recurme field. With RandomPageName I don't need to bother to invent a new (original) page name all the time.
  6. BFD Calendar

    Thanks zoeck and Peter. Leaflet also uses Google, so I presume you'll run in the same problem sooner or later, no? For the Here maps, I assume it needs a bit of working under the hood of MapMarker to get it working? In the mean time it turns out everything now works after 48 hours of patience with Google and my provider (OVH)....
  7. BFD Calendar

    Since Google introduced billing for Google Maps I get an error "This page can't load Google Maps correctly" on my maps. I have a working API key and enabled billing, do I need any changes in ProcessWire as well?
  8. BFD Calendar

    @dragan I was only using this to check if it showed the ID of the page I wanted the title of. But in the meantime the problem is solved. Any idea how to mark a topic as 'solved' by the way?
  9. BFD Calendar

    Ha! Found it in the 'details' tab, I was looking in the 'input' tab.
  10. BFD Calendar

    Page Auto Complete, set to multiple pages but change to single page makes no difference.
  11. Scratching my head, this works on a few sites but not on this one $features = $pages->find("template=concert, sort=-concnr"); echo "<ul>"; foreach($features as $feature) { // LOCATION FROM PLACES PAGE $placepage = $pages->get("template=places, id=$feature->place"); echo "<li><b>{$zeroconcnr} / <a href='{$feature->url}'>{$feature->title}</a></b> on {$fullstartdate->format('d M Y')}{$festival} in {$placepage->title}, {$placepage->city->title}, {$placepage->country->title} (ID={$placepage->country}). <i>{$video} ---{$feature->pagecounter}</i></li>"; }; echo "</ul>"; 'city' and 'country' are page fields on template 'places'. The title shows up, and '$placepage->country' shows id but '$placepage->country->title' doesn't show the title. Anything to do with the PHP version (5.4) on that site? It's the only thing that's different from the ones where it works fine.
  12. BFD Calendar

    Indeed Vincent, I contacted OVH about it and it turned out that 'stable' instead of 'legacy' solved the problem. I hardly use the .ovhconfig anymore since OVH opened up more settings in the client interface.
  13. BFD Calendar

    Yes, it's PHP 5.4. It's a free fast unlimited hosting but they don't want to upgrade. In the meantime I used Ryan's new import/export module and already finished very well what I wanted to do (copy pages from one site to another). I don't think I'll need it on this site, but thanks anyway.
  14. BFD Calendar

    Installed this module and didn't get it to work at first, now I'm stuck with an error "Error: Using $this when not in object context (line 907 of /var/www/clubmoral_com/site/modules/BatchChildEditor/BatchChildEditor.module) " when I go to the parent page from which I want to export children as csv. PW 3.0.98 Module version 1.8.12
  15. Does anybody know how to format the end time of an event? 'timeFormat' => '%H', does the job fine 'timeEndFormat' => '%H', does nothing so timeEnd keeps the standard setting of 11:00pm where I want it to be 23u (Belgian/Dutch).