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  1. BFD Calendar

    Thanks, I knew it would be simple, if you know where to look....
  2. BFD Calendar

    Another question about the standard ProcessWire search page. Is it possible to make a search for 'sara' and get results for 'sara' but also 'sarah'?
  3. BFD Calendar

    I had the same problem and used the solution above. The module works now without the error, but it just doesn't work. Doesn't send me an email when the form is filled and doesn't save the message as a page.
  4. BFD Calendar

    I'm sure some people will pull out a few hairs, but it works... $lendoutpages = $pages->find("template=lendout, student_name=$page->id, sort=-lendout_time"); if("$lendoutpages, count > 0") { echo "<br><hr><span class='verdana'><b>Lendouts (only on English page!):</b></span><br>"; }; foreach($lendoutpages as $lendoutpage) { if(empty("$lendoutpage->return_time")) { $return="<font color='red'><b>missing</b></font>"; } else { $return="<font color='green'><b>return ok</b></font>"; }; echo "<li><a href='{$lendoutpage->url}'><span class='verdana'>{$lendoutpage->lendout_time}:<b>"; $toolpages = $pages->find("template=tools, id=$lendoutpage->tool"); foreach($toolpages as $toolpage) { echo " | $toolpage->title"; }; echo "</b> -> {$return}</span></a></li>"; };
  5. BFD Calendar

    Returns an error Error: Exception: Unknown Selector operator: '' -- was your selector value properly escaped?
  6. BFD Calendar

    For some reason here I can't manage to see the title of the 'tool' $lendoutpage->tool->title, while $lendoutpage->tool shows the id. $lendoutpages = $pages->find("template=lendout, student_name=$page->id, sort=-lendout_time"); foreach($lendoutpages as $lendoutpage) { echo "<li><a href='{$lendoutpage->url}'>{$lendoutpage->lendout_time}: <b>{$lendoutpage->tool}/{$lendoutpage->tool->title}</b></a></li>"; }; 'tool' is a page reference field on the lendout page with a list of tool pages (template=tools and parent=tools).
  7. BFD Calendar

    I'm still wrestling with the upgrade troubles on hosting. I manually upgraded to PW 3.0.98 and Upgrade module 0.0.7. Checking upgrades gives me an "Error loading GitHub branches - - HTTP error(s): 2: fsockopen(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:1407742E:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert protocol version, 2: fsockopen(): Failed to enable crypto, 2: fsockopen(): unable to connect to ssl:// (Unknown error) - Check that HTTP requests are not blocked by your server.". Upgrading or installing other modules doesn't work either. I know it probably has to do with some provider setting on, but I've tried several things mentioned in the ProcessWireUpgrade support forum, all to no avail. Server is configured to use PHP 7.0. If anyone here is also on and knows a solution I'd be most happy to hear about it.
  8. BFD Calendar

    I'm using 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.26 (edit)
  9. BFD Calendar

    I'm trying to install the module on PW 3.0.42 but get an error: Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting '}' (line 182 of /var/www/clubmoral_com/site/modules/SimpleContactForm/SimpleContactForm.module)
  10. BFD Calendar

    Works perfect. Thank you.
  11. BFD Calendar

    Is it also possible to sort the selectable pages in a template in the admin interface? I have hundreds of pages that are 'works'. To add a list of which works were in an exhibition I have a 'works-id' page field in my 'exhibition' template where I can add them just by typing the title. After a while it becomes difficult to see if one is already in the list or not. Sort by name would be a great help. On the website they are sorted (chronological) in the template code:
  12. BFD Calendar

    What if it's not a new installation but a site that's been on for quite some time, where I want the default to be 'nl' instead of English?
  13. BFD Calendar

    @adrian Thank, I tried this but again to no avail.
  14. BFD Calendar

    Unfortunately my luck only lasted 14 hours... Upon logging in today the error is back.
  15. BFD Calendar

    Same provider - two sites - PHP 7.0 - PW 2.6.23 rc2 upgrades works - PW 3.0.42 upgrades gives error. But... there was some old .gitignore file that PW installed in the old days. Removed that and yes! Upgrades are back. I'll keep my fingers crossed and see if they stay...