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  1. Using Padloper on a daily basis at our University Modelbuilding Lab to sell materials and charge for laser cutting (https://www.mekano.info/en/materials/). The actual shop part is only accessible to our staff members as we only sell stuff at our counter. At busy times we sell over 100 products a day.
  2. @Jozsef Used Ryan's TexformatterVideoEmbed and it works now. Thanks for guiding me there.
  3. Anybody using this module succesfully or willing to test if it works?
  4. As of today the module doesn't embed YouTube videos anymore. I made a new page with a video embedded and the video didn't show. Previously I had two pages where the video was alright. Since I cleared the video cache in the module they don't show up anymore either. PW 3.0.98 Module version 1.2.5. Sample page that used to have a video: https://www.performan.org/works/hit-the-deck-robin/
  5. Simple, but nevertheless many thanks! Should be if($user->hasRole('student')) {
  6. Alright, and how to introduce this into my setup where I want to echo "x" if role = 'admin', echo "y" if role = 'student' and echo "z" for everybody else?
  7. Can the access roles be used in an 'if - else' condition as well then? I like your module because it's a simple login and protection, we have 2000 students and I don't want any of them getting near the admin interface. Maybe not for our 'materials' shop, but for some online courses and tests I'll probably continue using it.
  8. I was wondering if it's possible to have a 'protected' and a 'non protected' version of a page. Now I'm using this code: if($user->isLoggedin()) { // SHOP FOR ADMIN echo "{$materialsimage} &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href='{$p->url}'><span class='verdana_14'><b>{$p->title}</b></a> - <span class='verdana_14'>{$p->pad_price} &euro;</span>.</span><br>"; echo $modules->get("PadRender")->addToCart($p, $askQty = true, $page); // $p is the product, we do ask quantity, we redirect back to current page echo "<hr>"; } else { // SHOP FOR STUDENTS echo "{$materialsimage} &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href='{$p->url}'><span class='verdana_14'><b>{$p->title}</b></a> - <span class='verdana_14'>{$p->pad_price} &euro;</span>.</span><br>"; echo "<hr>"; } I want to change that into sections SHOP FOR STUDENTS and SHOP FOR VISITORS, where visitors can view what we sell but only students (logged in with PageProtector) can actually buy things. Is it possible in the Page Protector $options? Or what should go into the if() else() part to make in work?
  9. We have a website with information about our modelbuilding workshop for students, https://www.mekano.info. Until now reservations for several things are done by staff in the admin area. The Padloper webshop is also only used by staff, students can see the list of materials but not 'buy' since we sell at a counter only. Because of health safety measures we want to change a few things and have students do more from individual accounts; online courses and tests, reservations for workshop use, tools and equipment, lasercutting, 3D-printing and so on, and buying materials from the webshop, which they can pick up safely when paid. We already have about 2000 students in our website, those pages are used to do all the above by staff and also to check if a certain student finished a course before being allowed to use specific equipment. Some questions; will ProcessWire handle 2000+ user accounts with various privileges (lasercutting:yes, 3dprinting:yes, cncmilling:no, ...), letting students only acces pages/forms (Formbuilder module) for which they have the right privileges, have a simple login without getting into the admin interface (Page Protector module?). Can privileges update automatically when an online test was successful? All not too much burdening our website as it is quite slow with over 30000 pages now. Any other modules that could be helpful.... Thanks for advice!
  10. For some reason I couldn't upload a picture/screenshot - keeps queued forever.... The fonts are considered as pages and they are all in the top 10, although nobody sees them as a page. Anyway these are the top pageviews in a week time: /index.html - 382 - avg time 0:02:39 /site/templates/styles/fonts/optistymie-boldcondensed.ttf - 507 - avg time 0:00:05 /site/templates/styles/fonts/NobelRegular.ttf - 502 - avg time 0:00:17 /site/templates/styles/fonts/CentSchbookBdCnBT.ttf - 500 /site/templates/styles/fonts/NobelBold.ttf - 235 /site/templates/styles/fonts/NobelBoldCondensed.ttf - 123 Total pageviews is 32.343 - avg time 00:02:07. Can I find info here on how to use Google fonts in PW? Thanks,
  11. OVH hosting is sending me a message that "We have noticed that your web hosting plan's resource quotas have been exceeded on several occasions, as the "Resource limit exceeded" chart in your Control Panel shows." Of course it's nice that more & more people check my Birth(+)Fact(x)Death(-)Calendar. But when I look at the page stats it shows that the fonts are generating most of the traffic (see image). I use a few .ttf fonts to get an old newspaper look on my pages. The index page has 310 views while five font pages have over 1800 views, while they're not even viewed in a way. Any idea how to solve this? Help much appreciated.
  12. I'm also getting a lot of spam lately. Due to previous issues my code is a bit different, and not so clear where/how to add the honeypot field. This is the contact page template code: $scf = $modules->get('SimpleContactForm'); $options = array( 'emailMessage' => "{$input->scf_name} from {$input->scf_location} with IP {$input->scf_ip} sent this message: {$input->scf_message}", 'emailFrom' => $input->scf_email, 'emailSender' => $input->scf_email, 'emailReplyTo' => $input->scf_email, 'markup' => array( 'list' => "<div {style='width:75%;'}>{out}</div>", 'item' => "<p {attrs}>{out}</p>" ), 'classes' => array( 'form' => 'form BFD_contact', 'list' => 'list-item' ) ); echo $scf->render($options); Thanks for any help.
  13. And three days later the exact same configuration but now PW 3.0.123 gives an error once again.
  14. And a day later working here as well. Must be some interstellar problem....
  15. I'm having the same problem again. PW 3.098 PHP 7.2.19 (or other versions) with OVH hosting. At the root of the server is this .ovhconfig file: app.engine=php app.engine.version=7.2 http.firewall=none environment=production container.image=stable
  16. Apparently the setting takes time to settle in. Two days later I'm not logged out at random anymore. Fingers crossed.
  17. /** * sessionExpireSeconds: how many seconds of inactivity before session expires * */ $config->sessionExpireSeconds = 172800; /** * ADDED - session.cookie_lifetime: how many seconds of inactivity before cookie expires * */ ini_set('session.cookie_lifetime', 86400); /** * sessionChallenge: should login sessions have a challenge key? (for extra security, recommended) * */ $config->sessionChallenge = true; /** * CHANGED - sessionFingerprint: should login sessions be tied to IP and user agent? * * More secure, but will conflict with dynamic IPs. * */ $config->sessionFingerprint = 2;
  18. Since a few weeks I have problems staying logged into ProcessWire admin. Behaviour is quite random, sometimes I can't even edit one field without being sent to the login page. Sometimes I manage to stay logged in for a few minutes, sometimes longer. It happens with different browsers, computers, operating systems. On same computers my other sites work fine. ProcessWire 3.0.98 at https://www.birthfactdeathcalendar.net
  19. Thanks all. I'll be working with a long time PW community member on this. Case closed.
  20. What do you want to know? We have about 1800 students, about 350 have attended a Lasercutting Workshop. Between Jan-Jun 2019 there were over 800 laser sessions on two machines. Eventually the reservation system can be extended to two CNC machines and one 3D printer. As soon as someone makes a reservation - only by staff at our desk, not by students online - it should show up on the calendar so we know a slot is taken. Reservations are standard one hour ex 9-10 or 15-16 etc. Ideally the form also checks if the student has attended a workshop and if the slot for that machine is free for a given time/date.
  21. We're looking for someone who can make an addon for our website using Formbuilder and publishing the pages to a Google Calendar instantly. The use is a setup for laser reservations for a modelbuilding lab, see www.mekano.info to have a bit of an idea. On the 'calendar' page you'll find a linked Google calendar that lists all events per day. These events are now all added by staff members in a shared Google calendar. Underneath the calendar is a list of recent use of our lasercutters, generated by a form where user, machine and start time are entered and duration is calculated by editing that form. I have a likely form to add a reservation to enter user, machine and time/date but we want them to go into our shared Google calendar 'immediately'. If you look at early June in the calendar you can see how it should look like. I know there are simple solutions to make this happen but haven't figured a working out. We want Google calendar so all our staff can subscribe and see the calendar on all their devices. On the other hand we want to keep a list of students who made reservations because at some point they are limited. If you're interested I can give you a login to see a bit more behind the curtains. Part of the website is public for students and guests, quite a few functional pages are only visible when you're logged in.
  22. I'll install it and pm you when done.
  23. Great. I can give you a login and you can export what's needed.
  24. The hosting is by OVH. I have five sites there, two with a lot of pages and three 'simple'. In the last year they moved servers to new locations which caused a few problems but apart from that I'm satisfied. At birthfactdeathcalendar.net all images apart from a few exceptions are linked to other sites like Wikipedia and such. This probably makes pages load slow as well. And the code used to make the a-z listings for 'people' and 'places' are maybe loading a lot that isn't used. As mentioned some of the resources are copy paste and definitely not optimised for Processwire. Any help or direction to improve things is most welcomed. The site is still growing, I'm close to 29.000 pages now, means that I added about 4.000 in eight months time....
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