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  1. Silence is golden! Let's close the forums! I guess that we have all the human rights here to spit a little acid about all the other CMSs and the sites that let them win over us! Even if they are those that let us win over them in the past. Arghh? I am just kidding and want to make it explicit. CmsCritic is "cool" as it brought me to Processwire. And it is half full of banners. I sometimes use this site to demonstrate my clients what are sidebar banners and how they could look (and that is no kidding). So CmsCritic is "cool" anyway: as a way to opensource world and as a online banner ad demo . I think that we really should be more tolerant to untolerance because that is the greatest tolerance there is and the way to freedom of thought . Let's keep this as ironic as it gets and spill no blood here.
  2. Damn, I have not managed to move them to PW yet .
  3. I have to say Joomla is making really good effort not to loose its position in the big 3. They rebranded, moved to github, started to redesign code to be more modular. Maybe they deserve it this year. And yes, this the known flaw of democracy, as crazy commies from the place where I live not so long ago, and Plato a little earlier warned us about .
  4. 1) Here is the collection of APIs to insert different Google+ pieces into your site. Do not have time to dig into this, but should be easy. 2) This is the official tutorial how to place those social share buttons on your site. It can be done in any the template file. Anyway, there are tons of those social sharing pieces around the web.
  5. Great topic! And really nice to see that everything that has been outlined and planned got its way into reality. I am trying to update russian translation right now and find it difficult to find the file with the string I want to translate. Am I completely missing the search and find capability, or is it not in place? If it is really not there, I think it would be great enhancement to find translatable string by text in default language.
  6. I am using sass a bit, but never tried Susy though. I think I should give it a try. Wanted to link to some really nice interactive online presentation about building grids with sass, but did not find it. But this is probably the same, but on slideshare. I do not have an own opinion on the best breakpont widths. But I've read, that content should determine that. If so, sass ans susy (or less equivalents) are the tools to be used. But I have an opinion on twitter bootstrap breakpoints: it certainly misses Joss' #2 and #3 (or at least one of them).
  7. Please help me on this! I followed your links, Adrian, and it seems like in validateFilename function there is already a possibility to get the transliterated name for a file by passing "TRUE" instead of "Sanitizer::translate" to filename method. $value = $this->wire('sanitizer')->filename($value, Sanitizer::translate); I am so unexperienced in this, that I may be completely wrong. And if I am not, I still do not know how to hook and change that constant. But if there is a way to transliterate a name for a page there must be a way to transliterate a filename. We just need to find out how )))
  8. Just guessing: the module renames only those characters it is aware of. So "未命名-1.jpg" gets renames to something like "____-1.jpg" and if there is no other files whick got renamed to same kind of nonsense name there would be no filename conflict. So you can upload "未命名-2.jpg" to the same field, but not "名未命-1.jpg". Probably there is a way to include some transliteration table/array for simlified chinese to the module, but Adrian has to step in here (as I may be wrong about all this).
  9. This is made by design to avoid problems with handling files on wide range of server OCs. At least, this is how I inderstand it. You can solve the problem by renaming files on upload with this Adrian's module. Have not tried it myself, so please report back if you choose to go this way )) Actually I would like to read more about this myself, if someone could share some links.
  10. I think you should do it like this: echo "<td>" . $page->promoting_club->title . "</td>"; or echo "<td>{$page->promoting_club->title}</td>";
  11. Found this topic and wanted to ask a few questions to revive it: The module has not been updated since version 2.2. Is it still usable? If it is shoul the compatibility be updated? What about LinkMonitor? Has it ever been released? Is there a recomended solution for moving sites from subdirectory to root (excluding search and replace in db dump)? Thank you!
  12. If you also need some nice eased scrolling from section to section it could be done with jQuery like this. Probably it is possible to open the long article page and then scroll down smoothly to the desired post.
  13. I found the answer to my question in another topic. Linking it here for seekers to come )
  14. Your link does not work for me, Peter. Could you check it out.
  15. There was a few topics about this kind of options. Not sure there ever was a conversation about flat files, but this is one about SQLite: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/858-sqlite-has-ftt-could-it-be-a-viable-alternative-database-backend-for-pw/ The answer to your question is no, it is not possible now (at least as I know it).
  16. This is a module that shall bring thou great honor, Mr. Knoll!!! How does it work? Does it create fields for those tags? I guess, you still have to insert the markup into the template files yourself? Or is it "more userfrendly" already and does everything for you?
  17. Did you do it with the new module or the old way? I guess the places that we are may seem weird to others. PW is updated from thousands of weird places all over this crazy little spinning piece of rock.
  18. http://tjmahaffey.com/blog/cron-legacy-scheduling-a-mysql-query/ is, probably, a different template, than a blog. Are URL segments on for that template too?
  19. Yes, now you have to handle the URL segments data in the template file to change what gets output. You can learn how to here.
  20. Need some more data to help you. How do you know URL segments are not working? What is you code for managing URL segments in the template file? Is there any ?
  21. Could you please explain how to embed form without the iframe (no. 3 in the list above)?
  22. Performing replacement in database dump is a working solution. But still, Is there a way to configure RTE to insert relative links instead so the replacement won't be even necessary? And make them relative to site root? I used to do it this way in Joomla, but it does not work in PW. If I manually correct the link to not start with "/" it becomes relative, but relative to the current URL, not the root. Can the desired be accomplished?
  23. This is really great. Functions like it should. If you have time for it, I could suggest a few enhancements for UI: "Cosmetic" - it is not clear how to use it, as the module does not create any menu items; maybe a menu item would be preferable - it is not clear you have to check both boxes to even get a list of images; maybe 1 checkbox (checked by default) will be enough? - i can imagine the list getting really long, so it would not be usable to see it in the message area at the top (maybe make a list below the submit button) - it could be more clear to call the "submit" button something like "clear image cashe" or "clear image variations" "Core" - in joomla and some of its plugins you could see the list of pages and/or images which would be removed while clearing the cashe and check/unckeck them - could be beneficial for this module and make use of something alike page lister - it would be great to have an opportunity to clear image variations from the page admin on per-page or (wild dreams) even per-image basis I am not expecting you to start on this right now, you already "made my day", horst. Thank you! People waited since 2011 for the solution like this, and I got it in just one night. Isn't it a miracle? P.S. I think this module should make its way to the directory.
  24. Cool! I just wanted the alike functionality for image field. In the grid view I have not found a way to trash an image. This grid should do it. Does it work with file field only or can it work with images (preferably displaying thumbnails as icons)?
  25. I am here for the same reason. I scaled my images to be 600px high, but did not know upscaling is always on. So I want to re-resize my images from the originals. Is there a wau to do it? Is there a module or some other way to clear the "image cashe"?
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