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  1. As far as i know, responsive design is now a mostly frontend thing. Processwire fields logic works only on a server side. And server does not know almost nothing about the device. So there is probably no consistent way to have specific fields for different types of devices. But you can define conditions in the front end via js or media queries to reveal different hidden parts of the page, which could be formed using "device-specific" fields. But i wouldn't do that . In case of "interchange" plugin you still have several html files which could be genrated using different PW fields, but PW still does not know nothing about the device. It is js and media queries who handle the logic. You could organise "device specific" fields via tabs in admin for better usability and thats about it. If you only need specific images served to specific screen widths or something, you could look at srcset, but browser support is still poor.
  2. I was and still am a joomla user. After trying to fix joomla with something like Seblod and reading about Drupal complexities and performance issues on shared hosting, started to look into MODx. Actually i liked it a lot (except the thing that you have to store all your templates in DB or something like that). The intro videos to MODx and documentation were quite attractive. But i never got into it too deep... I found a link to PW on AlternativeTo website, as it was something like the 4th opensource item in the list for the CMS tag. I watched Ryan's intro video and thought like "Could this really be the one?" I am still not "fully converted" to PW, but it is "the one" i wanna be "converted to". So my answer is http://alternativeto.net/tag/cms/. By the way, go there and rate PW so more of my kind could find their way.
  3. Nope. Still doesn't work. Latin titles are ok. Cyrillic titles don't work. Pages just do not get created at all. If i put a list with some latin and some cyrillic titles, only pages with latin titles get created. And a little inconsistensy, as I think. If you do not choose any of the edit modes in module preferencies, you get the module output in page setup with a blank dropdown. Maybe get some defaults or turn off the output if nothing is selected in edit modes options. But that is for when it's time to polish.
  4. Now everything is becoming clear: https://translate.google.com/#auto/en/reiska
  5. Tried it out, Soma. Import Pages from CSV files (I guess this is what you have been talking about) does the job well. To batch delete the pages I used this great ProcessBatcher module.
  6. When i create a new page the name gets transliterated from the cyrillic title. So it works in PW in general. But when i change the name and try to save with your module on only latin titles get converted to names. Cyrillic titles (i guess all UTF chars) are not converted. If i mix latin and cyrillic letters in title only latin get their way to name - all cyrillic get stripped.
  7. Cannot create child pages with cyrillic titles. Probably names are not generated through transliteration.
  8. Thank you! Both ways should work. Adrians module seems faster to use in my case as it does not require preparing csv file. But it has some complexities in working with. You cannot add a list of pages to a page which already has children with subchildren. Or maybe i am getting it wrong. I will ask in the apropriate thread, if you don't mind, Adrian. Great to have many ways to go.
  9. This module is great. And when you see something like that you start dreaming of more and more... I used Batcher to create a list of new pages. Could it be possible to import actual list of page titles (one title one line) in some textarea and get those new page inputs populated with those? We should choose a template for all those somehow too... Maybe make the "title" field in crete tab a textarea and apply all the other settings to the list (name autogenerated)? Thank you for the timesaver anyway.
  10. i was just kidding. Don't know nothing about Estonian gods. As i got it, Reiska is someone like Tim from Home Improvement in US context. Only less funny and more of a jock (if i'm using the word right). Someone who fixes things and looks good doing that.
  11. Oh, i can relate to that ) But why and how is that connection? I am pretty much sure they don't show that on TV in Atlanta.
  12. Seems like the main processwire site now uses that engine too: http://processwire.com/apigen/. Maybe old news, but i have not seen a link to that usefull resource anywhere.
  13. Couldn't find any translation for Ryan's member title. What is "Reiska"? Google shows some weird Estonian pages... I guess, it is something like "The god of all heavens" or "Megamacho" in suomi, but i would like to fully understand the title of our "beloved leader and godfather of all wires and processes" .
  14. Thanx, Adrian. I tried it out. It works perfectly with latin titles, but fails with cyrillic. Could you please check it if you have time.
  15. Thank you Soma, It worked like a charm. Now i am trying to understand how ) I want to add these classes just because i am trying to follow some css recomendations like SMACSS, OOCSS and BOM. They suggest not making those nested css rules, at least not making them too deep. If one uses ""ul ul ul" type of rules, he has to redefine each next level. So if not putting special classes in ul tags i would have went with "ul > li > ul" rules instead. Anyway, level placeholder could be used frequently. Of course i really suggest adding it to the core as i need it, but it is because i need it of course ) By the way, i couldn't find any documentation on those template strings and placeholders, which could be used in them. Please lead me to the light if you will.
  16. Thank you! Two pieces of code is much more than i could expect. I will try them out. I am aware of the importance of consistent urls. I want to use that function mostly while developing. The pages get renamed and i want urls to change accordingly. Simply renaming default "about" page requires that.
  17. I also have a need to shange the name after the page is saved. For me it is because i need to re-transliterate titles from russian language. I am coming from using Joomla. In that CMS you could delete the old alias (name in PW) and save the page. Then the alias would regenerated from the title field. In PW admin interfase if you delete the old name field you just cannot save the page. Is there an easy solution? Maybe a module adding a "regenerate from title" capability? It is a little thing but it annoys me, because i can't just type in a name like all you latin-writing people.
  18. Good day! Could you please suggest how to implement a structure like this: <ul class="nav-level1"> <li> <ul class="nav-level2"> <li> <ul class="nav-level3"> </ul> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> I guess the option should be something like: 'inner_tpl' => '<ul class="nav-level{ }">||</ul>'
  19. Testing this bugfix on XAMPP on Windows 8. The 1st level menu gets translated, but not the 2nd. Can we do something with it?
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