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  1. This is a cool idea. I will start creating a course, but it has no the contents, but in the following weeks I will start uploading videos.
  2. Hello friends here a small config for quickly using composer and processwire https://github.com/joyofpw/docker ?
  3. Happy Holidays to All! $log->save("??");
  4. Hello, Normally ProcessWire api does not change at all. Personally I think is one of the most stable apis I have met in a software product. So any new version contains either a bug fix or a new feature, but not a change in how things are used. So if you want a detailed changelog mostly it would be bug fixes and new features. In my opinion is not needed since the documentation, blog posts and commits in the dev branch are enough for a detailed overview of whats new and fixed. And the forums are a great way of obtaining info about the hidden gems of the API. though, I do not know if a CHANGELOG.md file really exists. Hope it helps ?
  5. Seems like a cool and smart son. I currently do not have any C64. But maybe if he likes chiptune music these projects with arduino could help https://github.com/stg/Squawk https://github.com/blakelivingston/DuinoTune And this tracker for gameboys https://www.littlesounddj.com/lsd/index.php ?
  6. Well is true that non technical clients could have some trouble understanding this language. But I believe they often have a technical counter part that could understand this. Though tools that generate documentation pages and maybe even migrations scripts?. would be cool to have ?
  7. Hello Robin, Is not meant to be a programming language. Is more like a prototyping language. maybe in the future tools can be written to generate files or similar. The objective is to create a document that can show pages, templates and fields relationships in a eagle view fashion. Before you start creating the templates in PW you can prototype in this document like a scratch pad to clear ideas and see different options before investing time in programming.
  8. Hello friends, I participated in a project that needed lots of relationships between fields and pages. and I struggled on how to arquitech such complex scenario. So I figure out and documented this little idea. A CSS like language for data relationships. https://github.com/joyofpw/solidwire Hope you find it useful and all ideas and contributions are welcome ? Thanks.
  9. Hello you can use the translation module to create a page for users to translate https://processwire.com/api/multi-language-support/code-i18n/ ?
  10. Its easy to integrate ProcessWire if the systems you are using are compatible with composer. So you can for example save information in ProcessWire and all the cart logic could be delegated to woocommerce, opencart, prestashop, etc. $ composer require processwire/processwire Then on your phps something similar to this use \ProcessWire as Pw; $pw = new Pw(); $pw->config->dbHost = getenv('MYSQL_HOST'); $pw->config->dbName = getenv('MYSQL_DATABASE'); $pw->config->dbUser = getenv('MYSQL_USER'); $pw->config->dbPass = getenv('MYSQL_PASS'); $pw->config->dbPort = getenv('MYSQL_PORT'); $pw->config->dbCharset = 'utf8mb4'; $pw->config->dbEngine = 'InnoDB'; $pages = $pw->pages;
  11. Padloper is the one. But you can always integrate PW with other systems based on PHP. Just a composer command away ?
  12. well you can always read the database directly or use the wordpress rest api ?
  13. It surely can be done. Although it would take some time. You can see a REST Api Module here https://processwire.com/talk/topic/20006-module-restapi/ Another option is to create a "Fake Woocommerce" site and use PW inside their handlers in order to save the data into PW. ?
  14. Hello, this line would only get one item. $items = $pages->get("template=portal-files")->portal_bestanden; may be with this would work $items = $pages->find("template=portal-files"); foreach($items as $item){ foreach($item->portal_bestanden as $document){ echo $document->name; } }
  15. As an early adopter of Padloper I´m glad it will continue to be supported, specially by a loved member of Processwire community @kogondo May it brings happy times for us all. I wonder why change the name from padloper to processwireshop I know is more straightfoward but I liked padloper too :) Nevertheless congrats :D
  16. Hello, I know this is not a course but a series of userful books https://goalkicker.com/ These are some that could become handy with ProcessWire https://goalkicker.com/PHPBook/ https://goalkicker.com/SQLBook https://goalkicker.com/MySQLBook https://goalkicker.com/GitBook https://goalkicker.com/JavaScriptBook https://goalkicker.com/jQueryBook https://goalkicker.com/HTML5Book https://goalkicker.com/CSSBook
  17. The Authorization Header is eaten up by Apache in some configurations, for avoiding that is recommended that you send another header like X-Auth-Token with the same info "Authorization": "Bearer API_KEY" "X-Auth-Token": "Bearer API_KEY" Then you just check if the auth is empty then fetch the other header as a fallback. Hope it helps
  18. Hello, maybe you could be interested in this post Basically the JAMStack is just a Website with JS and a REST or GraphQL API. Wich can be easily done with PW if you need to. A JAMStack is not needed for every project though
  19. Not really at the moment. Just an idea JWT is just a communication system. If you look at the profile is the Processwire auth system that is used at the end. Instead of using oAuth or Basic Authentication JWT can be used for getting user roles and data without requiring to log in the user on every request, saving server resources
  20. Seems great. Awesome Job!. Thanks for sharing. I think the JWT Auth may become a module on it´s own. For folks who don´t know about JWT. It´s a standard for Authentication Using Json. https://jwt.io/
  21. I think comparing PW to Django is like comparing PW to Laravel. They are different beasts with different use cases. All of them are Awesome (Althought I prefer Flask, Yarrrg for pirates!) Maybe comparing PW to https://wagtail.io/ or https://www.django-cms.org/en/ could be more fair since they are CMS just like PW is. I think the bottom line of chosing a toolbox is down to simple questions: 1- I like using it? 2- What use cases can I fulfill? 3- Makes my team and clients happy to work with? So just use what is best for the requirements, restrictions and overal context of the project at hand. Not all projects can be done with Laravel, Django or PW. Maybe you can mix both and have the best of them :).
  22. That's a totally valid point. I should see elixir so I can move away from Laravel to create rest apis and systems. The only benefit of Laravel (And other PHP Frameworks) is they can interact with the ProcessWire API directly (Using composer and namespaces). But that can easily be solved with a simple Rest APi although requires more work
  23. Hello, Upon reading these articles https://dev.to/maxlaboisson/an-introduction-to-api-first-cms-with-directus-open-source-headless-cms-9f6 https://snipcart.com/blog/jamstack-clients-static-site-cms I was thinking that PW can be used for a Jamstack or Headless CMS with no changes at all. You can easily create REST Api with PW or use the GraphQL module https://github.com/dadish/ProcessGraphQL So ProcessWire is an Open Source Headless CMS since 2010
  24. Technically PW Admin uses the API available. It's just a front end. So if someone wants to create a totally new admin front end that uses some js libs like https://vuejs.org/ https://mithril.js.org/ https://preactjs.com/ http://www.celljs.org/ It's totally possible. But keep in mind that many third party modules depends on jQuery. So if this is implemented in the core it should be ProcessWire 4 or something indicating a huge change.
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