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  1. I think you should create a thumbnail on after saving the image with a hook. see https://processwire.com/api/hooks/captain-hook/?filter=image <?php // hook to this method protected function ___fileAdded(Pagefile $pagefile); $this->addHookAfter('InputFieldImage::fileAdded', $this, 'createThumbnail'); // create the thumbnail public function createThumbnail(HookEvent $event){ $file = $event->return; // new thumb $page->image->width(200); } with that you create the thumbnail right away on image uploading. I think that would work. But haven't tested that code.
  2. I hope now it does not shows any more warnings Please get the latests changes in the github repo thanks
  3. I was using PHP 7.x maybe thats why I didn't see those errors. I'll check with 5.6.
  4. I should check those. What version of php are you using? What is your config for error reporting? Thanks
  5. Odd. Well you can always change the admin password $u = $users->get('ghost'); $u->of(false); $u->pass = 'your-new-password'; $u->save(); put that in the _init.php or another place. (later remove it when its done )
  6. See if the htaccess is active. normally Processwire installer transforms htaccess.txt to .htaccess About that line if (!$canonical) { $canonical = wire('page')->httpUrl; } maybe I should change to isset or not null?
  7. Now you can see a fully functional website using this profile http://ninjas.cl
  8. What are its contents inside the english and german languages? What its the url that echo $language->lang_icon->url returns? May be something in german language its causing the english flag to not having the right path
  9. Seems ok. The lang_icon field is set as multilanguage? maybe the contents are set in english but in german are wrongly set.
  10. I think that should work for small projects. But on bigger ones will become hard to manage. maybe using will be handy on those cases.
  11. Hello, I made this clone of the Ghost Blog System (http://ghost.org) for demo of the Wire Render Pattern as well as a multi language site and menu system. https://github.com/NinjasCL/pw-ghost As always MIT licence.
  12. clsource

    Jumpitt Labs

    They were really happy with the Newsletter site of the week and they posted in their website http://labs.jumpitt.com/news/jumpitt-labs-site-of-the-week/
  13. I sent the merge request https://github.com/caddyserver/examples/issues/10 so the official examples have processwire
  14. I recommend using Flarum http://flarum.org/docs/api/ and its REST API for accessing the data inside processwire.
  15. Hi, you could use digits https://get.digits.com https://github.com/mgufrone/digits-php Cheers
  16. Thanks for all your kind comments
  17. This is a really good tool. Thanks for creating a PW driver
  18. we should add caddy example file for processwire I think
  19. Hello folks I made this simple tutorial of explaining my methodology when creating a PW system. https://medium.com/@clsource/understanding-processwire-templates-fields-and-pages-201aecd0a1a4#.osipvjevk
  20. I think https://processwire.com/about/sites/list/cms-critic/ should be removed from the list of pw sites :C
  21. Hello friends, I saw the great videos tutorials that Processwire got in English and German, but not in Spanish. So this is my first video, also was a good practice for learning ScreenFlow and Video Edition. This video covers a simple Installation on a local server using MAMP.
  22. I think they should have hire a in house developer. Its very important in any business to have the right people, sure wordpress its fine for publishing content but that should not be the main reason for ditching out processwire. At least they helped Processwire grow, Hanna Code was made for their use case of migrating a wp site to pw.
  23. clsource

    Jumpitt Labs

    Here my friends at Jumpitt Labs used Processwire as the Main Framework for their website (because I recommend it to them) http://labs.jumpitt.com They are nice folks and make mobile apps and applications in Valparaíso, Chile. I didn´t make their website, I´m just post it to show it here Verification http://isit.pw/?url=http%3A%2F%2Flabs.jumpitt.com Image
  24. Hello folks I have updated the code in my rest helper. Since It was created nearly 2 years ago! Now its much easier to create rest endpoints in Processwire You can download the code here. https://github.com/NinjasCL/pw-rest This is and example simple login code. $response = new Response(); $params = Request::params(); if (!Request::isPost()) { $response->setError(MethodNotAllowed::error()); } else { $username = $params['username']; $password = $params['password']; if ((!isset($username) || $username == '') || (!isset($password) || $password == '')) { $response->setError(Login\Errors\InvalidCredentials::error()); } else { if ($username == 'hello' && $password == 'world') { $response->output['data']['name'] = 'Tony'; $response->output['data']['lastname'] = 'Stark'; $response->output['data']['job'] = 'Ironman'; } else { $response->setError(Login\Errors\InvalidCredentials::error()); } } } $response->render(); Will render something similar to { "data": { "name": "Tony", "lastname": "Stark", "job": "Ironman" } } Any questions or comments are welcome
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