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  1. @abdus - With AdminOnSteroids you can enable the Alt + d shortcut to focus the search field. It doesn't work yet with the new AdminThemeUikit though. https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids/issues/56 There are other shortcuts as well like Alt + o to open the page tree in a panel. Cmd + s to save a page.
  2. I submitted the InputfieldCheckbox issue https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids/issues/53 to reduce the comments here.
  3. Sorry, it looks like those fields are collapsed ajax loaded fields, not fieldsets. So to summarize: Field Initially Collapsed - Field set to Open when populated, closed when blank = works good, span full width and tooltips appear when hovered Field Initially Collapsed - Field set to Open when populated + Closed when blank + Load only when opened (AJAX) = doesn't work, only spans the width of the label, tooltip doesn't appear when hovered. I think the type matters here as well, I think I'm seeing the problem only on InputfieldCheckbox fields.
  4. I noticed an issue when AOS is enabled. The collapsed fieldsets aren't fully expanded. In Chrome dev tools, you can hover over the "label" html element to see it. I think it has something to do with this rule: .aos_hasTooltip .title, .InputfieldCheckbox label { position: relative; display: inline-block; } I also noticed on those fieldsets, the AOS tooltip popup isn't working. Nothing pops up to show the edit field links. If I find a solution, I'll report back. Hope that helps, -Glenn
  5. @Hantsweb - could you elaborate more on how you used Authy with Processwire?
  6. Do you have an admin.php in you site/templates folder?
  7. I like the direction you are going with that module. It looks like it could be really useful.
  8. @dragan - Can you elaborate more on how you did this? I would like to implement something like this on my sites.
  9. Sorry, I'm still not able to reproduce this error. Like @abdus mentioned, try in a browser that doesn't have browser addons or extensions. Try on another computer if the website is already public. Try on a fresh PW install and see if it still does it. Try editing the page with a different admin theme. I'm using the default admin theme when I test. Make sure your modules are up to date.
  10. I tried, but couldn't reproduce the problem on my end using Google Chrome. You might want to specify in the issue what web browser you are using? I'm using the latest PW 3.0.72. You might also try with a reduced test case without multilingual, Google Maps, etc... to help narrow down your issue.
  11. @Mike Rockett Maybe you can convince @Mats to make it the default branch? https://github.com/madebymats/FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/issues/10
  12. @Mike Rockett - it looks like it is working to me. https://www.creeksidecleanup.com/cleanup-events/fall-cleanup-event-locations/ It prevents the desktop user's mouse from zooming in on the map when they use their mouse's scroll wheel. --Glad you solved your problem.
  13. Sorry to hear. I use linode.com with https://serverpilot.io/ which allows you to switch php versions I'm using the similar TemplateEngineFactory and TemplateEngineTwig modules. Here is my cleanup-location-index.php Here is my cleanup-location-index.twig Hope that helps
  14. Do you have any initialization code included on the page? From my example site <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { var mleafletmap1 = new jsMarkupLeafletMap(); mleafletmap1.setOption('zoom', 12); mleafletmap1.setOption('scrollWheelZoom', false); mleafletmap1.init('mleafletmap1', 32.5650134, -97.1253889, 'OpenStreetMap.Mapnik'); var default_marker_icon = L.AwesomeMarkers.icon({ icon: 'thumb-tack', iconColor: 'white', prefix: 'fa', markerColor: 'green' }); mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(default_marker_icon, 32.571438, -97.141617, '/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.1-town-park/', 'Cleanup Site No.1 Town Park', '<br/><a class="button button-primary" href="/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.1-town-park/">Register Now</a>'); mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(default_marker_icon, 32.568825, -97.135254, '/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.2-katherine-rose-memorial-park/', 'Cleanup Site No.2 Katherine Rose Memorial Park', '<br/><a class="button button-primary" href="/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.2-katherine-rose-memorial-park/">Register Now</a>'); mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(default_marker_icon, 32.568027, -97.134216, '/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.3-hardy-allmon-soccer-complex/', 'Cleanup Site No.3 Hardy Allmon Soccer Complex', '<br/><a class="button button-primary" href="/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.3-hardy-allmon-soccer-complex/">Register Now</a>'); mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(default_marker_icon, 32.566681, -97.122604, '/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.4-julian-field-serenity-gardens/', 'Cleanup Site No.4 Julian Field-Serenity Gardens', '<br/><a class="button button-primary" href="/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.4-julian-field-serenity-gardens/">Register Now</a>'); mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(default_marker_icon, 32.572479, -97.125290, '/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.5-james-mcknight-park-west/', 'Cleanup Site No.5 James McKnight Park West', '<br/><a class="button button-primary" href="/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.5-james-mcknight-park-west/">Register Now</a>'); mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(default_marker_icon, 32.575569, -97.120041, '/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.6-james-mcknight-park-east/', 'Cleanup Site No.6 James McKnight Park East', '<br/><a class="button button-primary" href="/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.6-james-mcknight-park-east/">Register Now</a>'); mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(default_marker_icon, 32.586960, -97.102921, '/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.7-oliver-nature-park/', 'Cleanup Site No.7 Oliver Nature Park', '<br/><a class="button button-primary" href="/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.7-oliver-nature-park/">Register Now</a>'); mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(default_marker_icon, 32.582439, -97.128456, '/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.8-hog-pen-branch/', 'Cleanup Site No.8 Hog Pen Branch', '<br/><a class="button button-primary" href="/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.8-hog-pen-branch/">Register Now</a>'); mleafletmap1.addMarkerIcon(default_marker_icon, 32.586273, -97.084381, '/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.9-philip-thompson-soccer-complex/', 'Cleanup Site No.9 Philip Thompson Soccer Complex', '<br/><a class="button button-primary" href="/cleanup-locations/cleanup-site-no.9-philip-thompson-soccer-complex/">Register Now</a>'); mleafletmap1.fitToMarkers(); }); </script>
  15. Hi @Mike Rockett Are the scripts in the head? Are they loaded in the correct order? It's working fine for me at https://www.creeksidecleanup.com/cleanup-events/fall-cleanup-event-locations/ You can check the source for the correct order.
  16. I also had some interest in setting up a living style guide with Patternlab and Processwire using the TemplateEngineFactory module and TemplateEngineTwig module. I haven't gotten around to creating a custom module to add the twig namespaces. Here is where I explain the ideas behind it. There seems to be a lot of talk about it right now in the Drupal community.
  17. Hi @ryan, I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic updates you've included. I recently had to export/import some pages from prod to dev for testing using the new module, and it all seemed to work magically. Great job! I'm looking forward to using this more.
  18. Here's the documentation on that http://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.43-core-updates/#new-filecompiler-options Without the /*NoCompile*/ it would probably cause unneeded additional processing. I think Processwire would also probably try to add namespaces to those third party libs which may cause random problems. The code above looks correct, I'm not sure why it is still compiling.
  19. Not sure how to help you, but you might be better off creating a TemplateEngineMustache module that extends the TemplateEngineFactory module: There is already sub modules created that you could look at for other template engines like Implementation of Twig: https://github.com/wanze/TemplateEngineTwig Implementation of Smarty: https://github.com/wanze/TemplateEngineSmarty Implementation of Jade (by dreerr, thanks!): https://github.com/dreerr/TemplateEngineJade https://github.com/dreerr/TemplateEnginePug I personally use TemplateEngineFactory with TemplateEngineTwig. Hope that helps
  20. @onjegolders Maybe you can try templates/views/ with the trailing slash? Also like Wanze is saying you need a php controller file in /site/templates/ and you need a .twig file to go with it. Ex. calendar-list.php and calendar-list.twig. In my .twig file I extend a base template with {% extends "./partials/one-column-layout.twig" %}. I like to keep my php controller files in the same directory as my .twig files so that I don't have switch between directories so much. @Wanze Did you happen to see my post above?
  21. For modules you could use the module toolkit module. Though it would be nice to have one place to go to export everything.
  22. Hi @Wanze, I'm interested in somehow adding twig namespaces. I'm not sure if it would be best to do this in a custom module via hooking initTwig, adding to this module, or the adding to the TwigExtensions module? The reason I'm interested in this is because I would like to use PatternLab(http://patternlab.io/) with Twig and Processwire. Basically I would like to use my PatternLab components created with Twig and include them within my Processwire Twig templates. The benefit is that you can have a styleguide that is always in sync with the website's templates. I would like to add something like @molecules, @organisms, and @atoms namespaces to specify what directory my Frontend twig components are located in. The components usually live under the PatternLab's directory in your site/templates/Patternlab/source/_patterns folder. This @styleguide namespace would allow me to easily change the paths to my components folders if they ever change. The new symfony.com also uses a @icons namespace to easily include svg icons. http://symfony.com/blog/refactoring-symfony-com-front-end {# Twig namespaces create concise and beautiful templates #} <i class="icon">{{ source('@icons/arrow.svg') }}</i> For background reading of why to do this: https://www.fourkitchens.com/blog/article/component-based-theming-drupal-8-video-series/ http://www.evanlovely.com/notes/pattern-lab/integrating-pattern-lab-into-drupal-workshop.pdf - good presentation that shows how your CMS needs to use the same twig namespaces as PatternLab and why https://www.drupal.org/project/components - similar Drupal module that allows creating Twig namespames https://www.mediacurrent.com/blog/component-based-theming-drupal-8 https://www.mediacurrent.com/blog/integrating-components-drupal-8-part-1 http://jordanpagewhite.github.io/drupal-8-front-end-architecture/ Implementation I'm thinking I just need to add a textarea field that allows the user to enter a namespace and the path to the twig templates on a new line separated by a delimiter of some kind. The markupSEO module doesn't this in it's config settings. To add the namespaces to Twig: According to https://twig.sensiolabs.org/doc/1.x/api.html, I think you can do the following: $loader->addPath($templateDir, 'admin'); //adds an @admin namespace I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this. I really like working with Processwire and Twig, it really makes code so much cleaner and easier to read.
  23. @Macrura Sounds like something similar to the CraftCMS relations picker https://craftcms.com/features/relations in the video. Indeed, that would be good a feature for Processwire.
  24. What version of Processwire are you using? I think there was also an image upload issue with 3.0.61. Maybe try 3.0.62 dev? You can read the latest few commits here https://github.com/processwire/processwire/commits/dev Hope that helps
  25. I think I tried a quick test not to long ago to update the external libraries, and I believe I ran into the problem with the map not showing and javascript errors displayed in the console. I haven't had any time to investigate further.
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