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9 hours ago, elabx said:

Nice work! Just heads up you left ProCache debug on!

May not be @Sanyaissues' fault. I've had ProCache debug on and then unchecked the Debug checkbox to turn it off and debug stays on. Seems the empty checkbox isn't always respected. Just saying...

Nice site ?

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@Sanyaissues I see that there is used GD for the creation of the image variations, (at least some). Please, can you tell me which value you use(d) for "defaultGamma" in your $config->imageSizerOptions (or optional a options array passed to the variation creation)?

BTW, the image handling is perfect! Different source sets for landscape and portrait orientation, (native) lazy loading, WebP variations with jpeg/png fallback, - everything is in! ? ?

If you or the artist is interested in protecting the original images (the high quality 2000px ones) you may embed a .htacess snippet and the admin-image-proxy php from here.

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Thanks all for the compliments!

@horst Actually, I didn't add any values for defaultGamma, sharpenning, etc... I just set the quality to 90 in the $config->webpOptions.

$config->imageSizerOptions('webpAdd', true);
$config->useWebP = true;

$config->webpOptions = array(
    'quality' => 90, 
    'useSrcExt' => false, 
    'useSrcUrlOnSize' => true, 
    'useSrcUrlOnFail' => true

Thanks for the tip to protect the original images.


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