How to create custom admin pages (aka ProcessModules) - yes, it's that simple!

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OK, I think I'm really confused right now.

For some reason I was working with the default  classic or Reno admin theme. h1 isn't used (or shown) there. With the latest UIKit admin theme, everything's OK.

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clarify "classic" vs. "default" theme...
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Bernhard i wrote it and i repeat it you are really my hero - the admin/backend was always a ? to me since i was flashed about all the options on the frontendside with the API, creating some little modules or changing some or using small hooks to get some results are the level i was before i read your tutorials and examples...:)

Wanna share a really cool example im playing with this responsive calendar plugin:

in an easy process module i get some results like this (with some CSS tweaks):



This is with the example data from but it works like a charm and is seemless responsive within the PW admin.

Code i used on the PW side is really easy:



  public function ___execute() {
    $out = '';
    //load css and js files
    $this->config->styles->add($this->config->urls->siteModules . $this->className() . '/calendario/calendar.css');   
    $this->config->styles->add($this->config->urls->siteModules . $this->className() . '/calendario/custom_1.css');      
    $this->config->scripts->add($this->config->urls->siteModules . $this->className() . '/calendario/jquery.calendario.js');
    $this->config->scripts->add($this->config->urls->siteModules . $this->className() . '/calendario/data.js');   
    $this->config->scripts->add($this->config->urls->siteModules . $this->className() . '/calendario/script.js'); 
    //container for the calendar
    $out  = '<div class="container uk-card-default"><div class="custom-calendar-wrap custom-calendar-full">';
    //render navigation buttons
    $out .= '<div class="custom-header clearfix">
                        <span id="custom-month" class="custom-month"></span>
						<span id="custom-year" class="custom-year"></span>
                        <span id="custom-prev" class="custom-prev"></span>
                        <span id="custom-next" class="custom-next"></span>
                        <span id="custom-current" class="custom-current" title="Got to current date"></span>
    //render calender
    $out .= '<div id="calendar" class="fc-calendar-container"></div>';
    //end container
    $out .= '</div></div>';
    $out .= '<hr class="uk-divider-icon">';
    return $out;

now i'm getting hands dirty on trigger some booking data and some actionbuttons...

Thank you for sharing your knowlegde!

I wish you a healthy and successfull year - best regards mr-fan

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