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  1. SQL Error? Solved by making my own selector string. Can you also explain a bit this a bit deeper? From the docs: »Include pages that user doesn't have access to view.« — Why is the user not having access to the pages even though it has user-admin permissions? — How is it possible to give the user the rights to see the pages without check_access? Thanks!
  2. I have the exact same problem. I have a page ref field for user selection, and no role, but the superuser, can find users. Under »Input« I have »Users« withing the »Parent« section of »Selectable Pages«, and a »custom find« to to the special role gives no entries for the logged in user (as OP) (Roles Name Equals Reseller | @roles.name=reseller | it matches 10 pages.) Is check_access the solution for this, and how would I implement it within the page field? thx
  3. yes. to clear it up: for me it works only if the custom page module gets a dedicated permission, otherwise if the user has no superuser role, he wont have access. but with the permission it works good. you want to reinstall the module to install a permission and you want to refresh the modules cache after you add a permission to another module. it does not install a permission with a simple module cache refresh. thanks for the quick replies bernhard, much appreciate.
  4. thats what i thought, but it didnt work. i had several custom pages and all been not accessible. then i added a permission to one(!) of them and reinstalled the module to make pw install the permission. i don't fully understand what happend, but now every page is in default visible like you said, even if i remove the permission again. (solved)
  5. Hi, which rights does a user role needs to have to access those pages? — i have multiple user-roles, which can login to the backend and should work with custom pages. but if they try to access such a custom page, they get a 404 error, because they dont have access to it — it works if they have the superuser role though. but i dont want them to have superuser rights. — did i overlook someting?
  6. you really know every post in this forum. i am so impressed 😄 no really, i am impressed... thanks for another good hint. i will take your advice and after i finished the work i will come back here and tell you how it went and what i did, maybe somebody else will find a solution in this too. :) thanks!
  7. thanks for you reply. i really do consider working with the backend. i didn't think its hard to bring in the functionality, i am concerned about the outcome dealing with my custom design. what i loved about processwire, when i changed some years ago, was that you do not have to strike down code you didn't wrote, but can modularly build up your own template, simple and easy. your crm looks really powerful, but the design is mostly the one from the pw-backend. my design doesn't look like this at all, so i would have to tweak the complete admintheme(uikit), which doesn't even have a css preprocessor (does it?), going into code i didn't wrote. if i would decide for a frontend application i would just have to write the ui for what i have there, while tweaking the admintheme may break something, because css classes overlap. (what i hate is to get a template [for example wordpress] and have to change some "minor" things, these sometimes taking much longer then just rebuild everything with pw) hard to tell for me how this turns out, maybe i am wrong, maybe right. i think i will follow your lead and do it with the backend.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't quiet clear about what the user has to do, because I didn't want to give too much unnecessary information and bother with your time 😉 The website is more like an application, where there are 3 types of users, and everything is hidden behind a login (or create account): reseller, admin and production. the reseller is able to order assets. the admin is able to upload assets and the production will receive those assets. also there will be email notifications after successful actions. pages will have a different output to which user-role is visiting it. e.g. "orders" page: reseller – sees only what he ordered, admin – sees all, production – sees all, and also can change the production status. Also dedicated designs for every page. — so i thoughts its easier to build a frontside site and use the formbuilder, rather then redesigning and hooking with modules into the backend. thanks also for the link, i must have missed this update and will have a look. any more feedback is welcome.
  9. Hi, i will build a small site with around ~100 users. they will have an account page with details like address etc and are able to edit pages like change text and do uploads etc. i want to use the formbuilder pro module for all kind of editing they have to do. i wonder: how do you manage the users in processwire? • would you modify the user template so it can hold the information? — or make a new page called accounts, with children-pages for each user, which are then connected to the pw-user? • the users should never see the processwire backend, would you then use the pw-login and redirect them, or build your own login? • any other advices, best practises? looking forward to read your thoughts! thanks!
  10. Hi, i am looking for an italien hosting company to run a small/mid-sized processwire application. it should be managed, shared is fine for now. any recommendations? thank you!
  11. Hi, i changed one line in the JS code of the InputfieldRepeater.js in /wire/modules/Fieldtype/FiletypeRepeater to have this field behave like i want: instead of appending the new items to the container it should prepend them, so every new item is on top instead of at the bottom. $inputfields.prepend($addItem); // $inputfields.append($addItem); how would i make this change update proof? can i just copy the file to /site/modules/(...)? or is there any smooth way to hook into this javascript function? best, ocr_b
  12. I striped out any filecompiler entry in caches, I think those have to remain, otherwise Processwire will not know which modules are installed etc? Will try tomorrow. Thank you.
  13. Okay, thank you! I think we already tried to empty all the caches. But I will give it another spin. Basically I can remove the complete site/assets/cache + site/assets/logs + site/assets/session folders and PW will cache everything new at the first call of the page, right? It endlessly waits, so I guess its loading something. It does not end. (or takes 2 hours??). Debug is turned on. They said they cannot see anything in the server error logs also the pw logs are empty, thats why this is so hard to debug... My guess is that the file-compiler is not having the right permissions (but they said its 777 for everything) or missing some php functions, or timeout? BUT, a fresh installation works: Maybe file-compiler does not do anything on a new installation?
  14. Do you mean the old or the new server with other / second server?
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