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  1. hi, is there a module where you can push custom notifications – through the inbuild notification system – to the other users for a limited time? (i can't find any through google nor the module page) use case: admin just reworked »page x« , which is now available to the other editors. besides sending an email to the client, he wants to make sure all editors know that the change took place. maybe he wants the notification to be alive for 7 days or 2 weeks. best, ocrb
  2. hi, long story short: please make another official demo. one demo for developers and one more ui centered for editors. i know http://demo.processwire.com/regular/processwire/ but its not official. i also think that reno is a bit stronger if the colors would be also as light as in the demo. — so i been talking to a client, who showed ProcessWire to a programmer-friendly friend. This friend knows some Wordpress and together they had a look at the demo page of ProcessWire. Mainly they wanted to see how the backend looks and how it feels. So what i experienced is that the demo page is a show off on how to treat a lot of data. It gives developers an insight into page, template, field and module structure. But they said its too complex editor-wise, so i had to explain to them the idea of the demo and that there are possibilities to make the backend feeling more modern and pure/simple. (the new wordpress backend looks really slick) The default admin theme works well, but in all use cases i use the reno theme, because it feels alot more modern. i also remove access to setup / modules and access to focus the editor towards pages. (probably i will do a black and white / one-color version of this in the near future to get rid of colors not fitting the project, or probably there is some?) — (the website processwire.com is »from developers for developers«. it would be great though to have a bit more direction towards »from developers for editors / clients«. because processwire is really easy to use and easy to adopt for editors / clients. this could be more focused.) best, ocr_b
  3. ocr_b

    The only thing that logs is the image sizer: GD Resized: aj5a5418-lv-cover-haare-b-1.jpg => aj5a5418-lv-cover-haare-b-1.0x260.jpg (0x260) 1.0484 secs 690761 => 11702 bytes (quality=90, sharpening=soft) This does not log with debug set to false. I don't know what to read out of that. Network is the same: ?id=1&InputfieldFileAjax=1 POST 200 xhr InputfieldImage.min.js?v=120-1499176758 1 1.5 KB 2.77 s Well, the thumbnail is 260px height, that's the log, and the console states me that W is an unexpected token in JSON, see first post. So W stands for width and means that there is a parse error in the javascript when no width is given or is set to zero? ps. the only two modules on both processwire installations that are running are »all in one minify« and »reno theme«. both should not affect the image upload. ps2. i already tried to reproduce it with a local server or a different provider, but the error does not occur. i am still curious what makes this provider special that this wont work? is it even a provider issue? all processwire installations i tried are basically the same...
  4. ocr_b

    suddenly means that i uploaded some images, waited one week for the new images from the client and changed nothing in the meantime. meanwhile i found the error. the only thing i changed was: $config->debug = true; so i changed it back to $config->debug = false; and the upload works fine again. any idea why this wont work with debug mode? with the same provider i tried a different website from a different client: going into debug mode disables the image upload. so where can i post bugs and which information do i need to provide?
  5. So i simply wanted to add an image to an image field, like i always do, like it's always working. Suddenly a wild console error appears and the loader icon won't stop spinning. PW 3.0.62 as well als PW 3.0.65, Client side resizing as well als Server side From Firefox i get this: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data[Weitere Informationen] JqueryCore.js:2:13582 parseJSON http://...com/dev/wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryCore/JqueryCore.js:2:13582 uploadFile/< http://...com/dev/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldImage/InputfieldImage.js:1433:21 From Chrome i get this: VM132:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token W in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at Function.parseJSON (JqueryCore.js:2) at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (InputfieldImage.js?v=119-1499692884:1433) parseJSON @ JqueryCore.js:2 (anonymous) @ InputfieldImage.js?v=119-1499692884:1433 Any Ideas ?
  6. Thanks for that! It enables me to add more textfields, which I can use instead of the description field, Is there a way to add something like a checkbox?
  7. hi, today i got asked by a client if it's possible to hide/unpublish images within the gallery field so he doesn't have to delete the images. thought about a workaround with a certain word as description ("hidden") to sort out those images. any other solutions? thanks in advance