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Processwire Not User-Centric?


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Hi all,

I discovered Processwire a little over a week ago and have been playing around with it ever since.  Going through the tutorials, creating templates, pages, etc. and see what a nice system it is.  However, I'm led to believe that's it's not meant for user-centric sites, and by that I mean a site where you expect to have hundreds/thousands of users and expect them to log in, update their profiles, submit content, create galleries, message each other, chat in the Forum, get email notifications, etc. etc., you get the idea.  

I was trying to update the Profile page last night by adding fields for First Name, Last Name, Profile Pic, and a bunch of others and realized that it's not that easy to do.  There's not even a template.php file for the Profile page.   Am I just not seeing it because I'm so inexperienced with the CMS?  Or, is Processwire really geared more towards sites where not much user interaction is expected?



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Additionally, if you look at the link on the user template that says: To configure what fields a user can edit in their profile, see the profile module settings.

You will be able to choose which fields are editable by users themselves.

Like so:


When users log in, their profile will be editable like:2.thumb.PNG.35bb1552184e62176d4573ac3d4bf790.PNG

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Some more links you might also find useful:

Hope this helps too.

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