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Various suggestions for the Comments field


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I thought I'd list a few suggestions that I feel could be useful additions to the comments field. I know most of this can be done via the API, but these additions would make it easier :)
It would be nice if we could have role-based moderation settings. In other words, the ability to set up stricter moderation settings for less trusted user roles (roles created for new members etc), and more lenient settings for trusted members (moderators, editors). The same could be applied to the spam settings. That way comments made by trusted user roles could be automatically posted, while other roles could be checked for spam etc.
Text Formatters and Inputfield Types
Although I'm aware of the security implications, it would be nice to have the option to choose text formatters and the type of field, i.e plain text area or CKEditor etc for the text field.

Again this could also be based on role-based settings - trusted users could use CKEditor while untrusted users could be limited to the standard plain text editor.
Comments form
Easier form customisation, i.e to be able to choose which fields are displayed. If members are logged in, do we need the e-mail address field showing? A simple comment box and submit button would be fine.
Also, the additions made to FormBuilder regarding CSS Frameworks were great, and I'd love to see it extended to the comments form.

// prepare a form for output
$form = $forms->render('comments');

// in your document <head>
echo $form->styles;
echo $form->scripts;

// somewhere in your document <body>
echo $form;

And voila, a UIKit comment form.

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I am currently working with comments and wish there would be an API function to quickly get all comments with an selector, like for example:

<?php $pages->findComments("sort=-created, limit=5");

That way it would be easy to display for example the newest comments on a page.

I have read, that this is currently possible using an SQL query, but I don't have much experience with SQL. :lol:


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8 hours ago, AndZyk said:

I am currently working with comments and wish there would be an API function to quickly get all comments with an selector

There is this:

If you are looking at doing more specific searches with FieldtypeComments::find() be aware of this issue.


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